Children Set Free From Demons!


Pains, Various Kinds of Physical Afflictions, Sickness, Curses Vanish in Jesus Name

Thousands of Demonic Spirits Cast Out of Dozens in Public and Private Meetings

Spirits of Jezebel, Insanity, Madness, Infirmity, Freemasonry, Death Defeated by JESUS

Recently Delivered Disciple Casts Demons Out of Many

Saturday Meeting Jammed Packed Resulting in Moving to Larger Conference Hall

Spiritual Weapons: Holy Angels, Holy Communion, Holy Water, Crucifix, Power of the Name of Jesus Brought Forth Power

Woman set Free from Lesbianism Satanic Curse

Trained Disciples Casting Demons Out of Many

Violent Spirits Kick, Punch and Curse but Jesus Wins!

Many Broken Hearts Supernaturally Healed

Precious Saints Testify of Seeing the Risen Jesus During Meetings

MASS DELIVERANCE: Dozens Testify of Feeling Release from Demonic Spirits during Curse Breaking Prayers

Extraordinary Miracles: Holy Angels Restrained, Ministered and Served while Encountering the Demonized

I’m currently in Central Texas conducting more then a dozen private and public meetings driving out thousands of evil spirits in the name of Jesus! Not only were we ministering to the demonized but also those whom we have been training in the area of the deliverance ministry. It was beautiful to see trained disciples of the Lord driving out demons (including a recently delivered disciple who perhaps ministered to more then a dozen, driving out many demons in Jesus name). An massive spiritual army is rising up throughout the earth to conduct miraculous ministry. Do not be dismayed. Yes, the enemy is active but our God is very much alive and raising up servants to destroy the works of the kingdom of darkness. 

I was equally touched last night during our Church of the Cross public deliverance service as many souls were liberated and healed including precious little ones. 

In His earthly ministry —Matthew 17:14-21; Mark 9:14-29; Luke 9:37-45– we see Jesus casting evil spirits out of children and it is an aspect of the deliverance ministry that is needed as these precious little ones are very special to our Savior (“the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these”) and we should not hinder children from experiencing the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Pastor James Beason and I were deeply touched (to the point of tears) by the spiritual needs of the children that were brought to the meetings needing a loving touch from God. 

Last night during our public service as I was ministering to a woman who had been demonized as a result of ancestral Freemasonry participation –had her remove the Masonic noose and hood– her precious little 10 year old daughter manifested spirits. While removing this Masonic noose and hood off her neck and head, this precious girl was experiencing convulsions and horrible demonic attacks that deeply touched everyone in the conference room as who likes seeing a little one being attacked by the powers of the enemy. Some of the believers assisted me as we commanded the demons that were afflicting this little girl to release her. The demons fought back. We broke off the generational curses off her life and with the assistance of her mother, who was experiencing freedom herself and we told the demons to go to the pit. All of these evil spirits from the mother and child were sent out of their bodies and they were free!

While this precious mother and daughter were being delivered from demons and experiencing healing. Another mother and daughter were experiencing demonic attacks. We quickly ministered to this family. The demons growled, groaned and moaned in agony as they were placed in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ! The little girl –perhaps 8 years of age– laid her little hands upon her mother and was driving out the demons from her mom. Again all of us were deeply touched in our hearts by this amazing love. Both the little girl and the mother experienced incredible deliverance and healing. I just love seeing Jesus touch little ones. They are mighty in the kingdom!

We are seeing some truly remarkable miracles in our small public deliverance meetings. We have noticed an increasing hunger for deliverance as in our first public meeting we had to move to much larger conference room to accommodate all of the individuals and families that traveled in from other towns and cities to receive a miracle. One man rented a taxi from a city more then 2 hours away (costing him more then $200) to attend this meeting. Another man traveled by bus for three days. Yet another person traveled by bus for two days to experience freedom. Moreover, a group of pastors from New Jersey traveled in. We see this all the time —people who travel great distances to attend one of our meetings.

In that first public service many were delivered from demonic spirits, generational curses and other satanic bondages including one precious lady who was freed from the chains of lesbianism. Two young ladies formerly involved in sorcery and demon worship experienced significant deliverance from many spirits. In one meeting, with one of these ladies, we drove out many thousands of spirits of divination and broke off numerous satanic curses from ancestral devil worship and occultism.

Though we conduct these public meetings, where we invite everyone, we also conduct many private meetings where we meet with hurting individuals who are bound by evil spirits. In one such meeting we ministered to a precious sister in the Lord who had been experiencing some demonic attacks. One demon spirit that surfaced was named, “Perversion.”

We are here with envy, rape, strife, greed, lying, lust,” the spirits revealed to me. 

Why did you enter her I demanded to know!

We entered her because she attended a Bible Study where a man laid his hands on her back and transferred us in,” the demons confessed.

Did not the apostle Paul warn young Timothy about being hasty with the laying upon of hands? We need to be careful in this regard as unholy laying upon of hands can transfer demons into individuals. It is a gateway to demons if the one laying hands upon is demonized.

Those demons were driven out but more spirits surfaced including the demon of Jezebel. He had been in her family for more then 13 generations. As our sister in the Lord renounced these generational curses these Jezebel spirits were cast out. We also ministered to a number of pieces of her broken heart who were miraculously healed by Jesus!

In yet another private meeting, a man was set free from numerous evil spirits including those of infirmity, insanity, abuse, and of death. One spirit of fear that surfaced held captive a little toddler part.

“Ha! We came to his crib at night when he was young and scared him. He tried to cover himself with a blanket but he was still fearful and we entered him,” the demons boasted to me.

This vile spirit of fear was commanded to release this little part and was sent to the pit! The little heart part experienced deep healing and was released from the inner terror. 

So many meetings and so many miracles to report!

My brothers and sisters in Jesus, so many were miraculously healed and delivered by the power of Jesus!Evil spirits sent to the pit! Hearts healed! Bodies healed! Saints equipped! Jesus glorified!

More meetings today. Appreciate your love and support for the gospel work around the globe.

The Lamb loves you!

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