Miracles on the Hawaiian Islands

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus ~

I’m currently on an small island off the coast of Perth, Australia, visiting with a South African family. The past several days, here in the Perth area, I have been conducting various private and public meetings and have seen the hand of God upon this mission in some truly extraordinary ways. There have been miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance. Moreover, a major Australian television network arrived to the meetings to film the public exorcisms I conducted and to interview me. Much more on that very soon. Suffice to say we are in position to reach millions in this great nation for the gospel. Furthermore, I have been formally invited to be a keynote speaker at the University of Western Australia’s “Festival of Light,” event in 2013. Much more on that very soon too. I have also been invited to minister in New Zealand and in various cities throughout Australia in 2013 so I am planning these missions and believing God for powerful miracles in our midst in each and every meeting.

I have had very little time to correspond with you and as I have some time now I would like to briefly share with you the events, or I should say the amazing events that transpired on the Hawaiian Islands prior to arriving here in Australia.   

 Those few days in Honolulu, Hawaii were powerful as I witnessed some mighty works of healing and deliverance in our midst. Mind you, I have never conducted a public meeting on these islands before so I wasn’t expecting a large crowd. To be honest I was thinking perhaps a very small group would arrive. I was proven wrong. The meeting we conducted was completely filled to capacity. Here I was thinking perhaps 10 or so believers would attend. Not so! The  meeting hall was completely filled as the hotel staff was require to bring extra chairs to accommodate the needs of the people. The word spread quickly and this event was quickly becoming a major spiritual event. There was a hunger for the deeper things of God and some truly fired up disciples seeking to be trained under this mission to preach the gospel, to drive out evil spirits and to heal the sick.

On this most recent mission I have seen amazing participation in New York City, Newark, Vancouver, Honolulu and Perth. Every public meeting has been jammed packed and filled to capacity. God’s hand is upon this mission. 

 For many hours deep into the night I taught from the Holy Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion, and ministered to those enslaved to the powers of hell. So many were delivered from various demonic torments and afflictions. Many generational curses were destroyed by the power of Christ. Many evil spirits were driven out in Jesus name, hearts were healed, and bodies spiritually repaired. As I led everyone to some conduct some generational curse breaking a young lady in the crowd manifested powerful demonic spirits. As I brought her up to the front of the ballroom the evil spirits manifested violently and battled us.

“I’m rape and she was raped, that is why we are here,” the demonic spirits revealed to me, speaking from this dear woman.

In Jesus name I had the Body of Christ stand it’s ground against these spirits and they were forced out of this woman’s body. I also encountered a little dissociative identity that was very young. I led this broken heart piece to Jesus and some remarkable inner healing took place. This little part even got to see Jesus!

As I continued on with the curse breaking many others were manifesting evil spirits. By forceful commands many demonic spirits were expelled from those in the meeting hall including some church leaders. Moreover, many broken heart pieces were surfacing as they felt same to surface to release their hurt. I was taken back by the sheer numbers of people who were suffering from dissociation. Many little parts were surfacing and being healed by the supernatural healing power of Jesus. Many of them testified of seeing angels and seeing the Lord Jesus.

One disciple in the meeting was a lady who was married to a direct descendant of the famous evangelist Smith Wigglesworth (it was documented that he raised more then 20 people from the dead in his ministry). She manifested powerful spirits of sorcery. It was revealed that she had been a victim of some strong witchcraft curses and spells. There is no doubt in my mind that these powerful occult spirits were sent by the enemy to destroy the godly generational line of Smith Wigglesworth. It was stopped by the power of the blood of Jesus and these spirits were commanded out with much vomiting. The freedom, the healing, the release was beautiful to witness.

Unbeknownst to many is that though the Hawaiian Islands are quite stunningly beautiful it has deep pagan roots that have affected millions of families on the islands. So, as we broke these generational curses many miraculous wonders took place in the lives of so many native Hawaiians in the meeting room. Many testified of experiencing healing, deliverance and spiritual release. I was also very impressed with the some of the younger disciples of the Lord Jesus who were present that were fired up as a result of seeing the fullness of the gospel in operation. This is an important aspect of this mission as I desire to be a example to future generations of the power of God over evil.

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