Miraculous Healing in British Columbia

Dear Friends in Jesus ~

Last night, here in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, was remarkable! At 5pm the small conference room we were holding the public meeting was jammed packed! We tried to fit more chairs in the meeting hall but ran out of room so the hotel staff recommended we move to a much larger ballroom. It was in this ballroom we ministered to the sick, the tormented and those broken in heart. 

I am really humbled by this move of the Holy Spirit in our midst. In fact, hours before the public service people started arriving to the hotel where we held the meeting. When I arrived I was greeted by a a dear brother who attended my last meeting here in Vancouver. This dear brother, who was deeply involved in the occult at one point in his life, shared how he was still serving Jesus after his powerful deliverance from demons in that last meeting and that his wife was still maintaining her miraculous healing that she received that night also. Just thinking about this brings joy to my heart!

While greeting everyone I realized with the exception of a few people all of those in attendance were newcomers who have been following the work of this mission for some months now. Several came as a result of being faithful listeners to our radio broadcast, “Deliverance with Jay Bartlett.” Many were excited about learning more about the deliverance and inner healing ministry and obviously many were desperate for a deliverance from the powers of darkness that have been tormenting them. 

At the beginning of the meeting demons were surfacing among those in the room. I just knew God wanted to love on these dear souls. After nearly 4 hours of teaching on the subject of spiritual weapons and dissociation I began to minister to those in attendance. However, I should note that nearly everybody wanted me to continue to teach. I truly believe a vast majority of the people in the meeting would have stayed ALL NIGHT just for the teaching alone. What a great need to bring light into these subjects. Disciples are hungering for this. We ought to meet the the spiritual needs of the Body.

The first few people I ministered to were INSTANTLY freed from evil spirits. I was astonished myself to see the people obtaining liberation so quickly. They were testifying of the healing power of Jesus. Several were instantly healed of various pains and torments. 

One dear saint in her 50’s, originally from Queensland, Australia, surfaced several dissociative identities –very young little ones. I spoke with them and invited them to experience Jesus which they did. They even revealed they were actually seeing Jesus and that He invited them to sit on His lap. Isn’t that amazing! We are seeing so many who testify of seeing the risen Jesus in our meetings. A number of fear and terror spirits had been holding these little ones them captive. They were forced in the name of Jesus to release the little ones. Moreover I battled them and drove them out in the name of Jesus!

This dear lady testified of how GREAT she was feeling and that she had been waiting for a deliverance and healing for more then 40 years! God healed her broken heart and set her free from those terrorizing spirits.

Another woman originally from Ghana came to the meeting seeking a physical healing. What was special about this dear lady was that she actually traveled recently, a very long distance to Dallas, with the hopes of meeting up with me. Unfortunately, I was traveling at that time and was unable to meet her but because of her persistence I finally met up with her in the meeting last night. I was able to command various intense pains from her back resulting in the pain leaving her body in Jesus name. 

Another disciple of the Lord, a man in his 30’s, testified that as a result of me ministering healing to others he was experiencing great healing himself. What a wonderful God we serve. This occurs often in our meeting where people will get delivered or healed by simply being in this environment of faith and authority. 

A special time of ministry was conducted for a former Mason who came to the meeting for a deliverance. He had never taken off the noose, the blindfold, the apron, the hood and other Masonic paraphernalia that so easily binds up those who were formally involved in the Masonic lodge. Though this dear man is now a follower of Christ he had never taken off, spiritually, these cursed Masonic items. As I led him to take off the noose he had great difficulty as there was some demonic resistance as those Masonic spirits did not want him taking those off. I assisted him cutting off the noose by the use of my sword (the Scriptures) and my crucifix. These are powerful weapons to rip off these nooses. Immediately, he testified of being able to breathe better and as soon as we took off the blindfold he testified of being able to see more clearer. Many Masonic spirits were commanded off of him in Jesus name!

Though there were great victories there were also many demons that resisted me. I truly had to battle many evil spirits and many of these fought me back. However, this does not change the fact that these resistant spirits still bow at the name of Jesus! So many were refreshed, equipped, and supernaturally healed by the power of God. We are seeing this ministry received enthusiastically here in British Columbia and hope to return soon for even a larger public meeting. 

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