No More Glasses, Many See Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

We are tasting of the powers of the age to come!

What we are witnessing is awe-inspiring. These past several days I have been experiencing the Holy Spirit quite strongly, in a very tangible manner. The results of this is quite evident. Many souls are actually testifying of seeing the risen Jesus, thousands of evil spirits are being expelled and many are encountering powerful miraculous healings. That last day at New Bethel Church in the city of Scarborough was INTENSE! The training was well attended but the evening meeting was out of this world! In all of my many meetings in Canada I must say that this service was very special in the amount of miracles that took place! 

The sanctuary was completely filled. In fact there were people coming to the meeting that were placed in an additional hall to accommodate the many souls that had arrived for ministry! I must admit –I was tired (having only slept a few hours), I felt physically weak however my spirit was quite strong! I ascended the platform and within seconds demons were manifesting throughout the sanctuary. There were loud cries, there were screams, there were convulsions, there were threats by demons, there violent shaking of bodies, demons were throwing people. In the midst of it all, Jesus prevailed mightily! In fact, at one point a demon-controlled individual started arguing with me about the Scriptures. We spiritually had to bind up the individual’s tongue so their lies wouldn’t be spoken as she yelled at me wanting to argue. We are seeing more of this of late —infiltrators who seek to disrupt our services.

As I shared from the Scriptures, God’s people rejoiced and were enthusiastic. This is something else we are seeing in our many meetings –a deep hunger for deep teaching on the subject of our authority in Jesus Christ in the context of spiritual warfare as there are so many misconceptions being taught from the pulpits across the globe that needs to be corrected. 

The sheer numbers of demons we dealt with was stunning! Many were experiencing deliverance as I commanded demons to depart in Jesus name! Moreover, many souls were testifying of actually seeing the risen Jesus, as He appeared, to so many! I would conservatively estimate that we have heard from more then a several hundred or so individuals, over the past few years, who have testified of actually seeing the Lord Jesus. This is an amazing aspect of the mission that is perhaps under-reported but nevertheless very real and occurring quite frequently. Jesus is touching so many with His awesome love and healing power. 

In the sanctuary as I ministered the Holy Spirit moved quite powerfully in our midst and one lady who attended the meeting with her husband experienced phenomenal deliverance. This dear couple had traveled to New Bethel as they couldn’t locate any ministry willing to assist them. The husband did what he could but he recognized he needed some assistance so they reached to us and met with us. Over the course of several days we battled numerous evil spirits within this woman that had been tormenting her all of her life as a result of the occult, abortion and many other evils. Not only was she liberated, healed from dissociation, but she also experienced such release that she began to preach to the crowd that had assembled. 

It was stunning to witness. Here was this woman, Linda, perhaps in her late 40’s, who had just been freed from a very powerful spirit named Moloch and now was ministering deliverance to others. This my friends is NEW TESTAMENT equipping of the saints. This isn’t your classroom kind of training but hands on training that the Body of Christ so desperately needs!

So after Linda’s deliverance I asked her if she would be willing to minister to another woman who we had brought up to the platform to minister to. The reason why this woman was brought to the front was because she had shared with everyone that when the spirit of Moloch was expelled from Linda it had flown into her into her womb. Reason? Because she too had gone through an abortion that had not been properly resolved. This is why we must deal with sin seriously. Sin is demon food and thus attracts demonic activity. Unresolved sins will allow demons to invade your life. We must ever be on guard.

One look at Linda and you could easily tell she was ready! Her freedom was so complete that she was completely confident in Jesus to minister. Her and her husband were ever so ready! She enthusiastically said YES! Within seconds of praying over this other woman, the Holy Spirit so powerfully showed up, that not only did the woman she was praying over fell down but also Linda’s husband who was assisting her. In Jesus name Linda confronted Moloch within this woman and began to cast the demons out. With vile contortions and great amount of violence the Moloch spirits were sent to the pit! Not only was Linda freed but she assisted in exorcising the same kind of spirit that had been tormenting her all those years from this other young woman! 

To better understand their story please click here to listen to their testimony.

For many hours I battled and battled numerous demonic spirits within dozens of people. Many were set free by Jesus! Many hearts were healed by the power of God! Dr. Devon Laird and his precious wife were incredible hosts and desire for us to return to conduct more meetings! I am also planning on conducting another public meeting in the French-speaking province of Quebec soon as this region is especially steeped in the powers of sorcery and spiritualism. Please pray that we can locate a meeting hall that will seat many hundreds as I’m believing for many hundreds be exorcised of demons in our next meeting in Canada!

I finally arrived back to my room around 5am. By 6am I was heading back to the airport with virtually no sleep. When I arrived into Denver, Colorado, several hours later, I was dazed, exhausted and horribly oppressed. The entire Western region of the United States is enslaved to very powerful demonic powers. No wonder I was I oppressed. You could feel it almost immediately. It was quite intense. There is absolute need for apostolic ministry in this part of the nation. Thus my traveling to California and Washington State in a few days for many more meetings.

By the time I got to my hotel room in downtown Denver I was completely exhausted. I slept, perhaps, for an hour before having to get right back up for more meetings. Though I was operating with less then a few hours of sleep I was feeling supernatural energy. For another 9 hours or so I battled more demons in Jesus name. I performed numerous public exorcisms –placing demons as public spectacles. 

In this Denver public meeting, it was jammed packed! It was standing room only thus forcing us to move into a larger meeting hall! Quickly, this meeting hall was filled up too! As in our Canadian mission many more souls were freed from powerful demonic spirits including numerous Jezebel spirits, Baal spirits, murder spirits, violence spirits and death spirits. For nearly 3 hours I taught from the Scriptures. Again not one soul left the meeting hall. Everyone was captivated by the Bible teaching. I was feeling strength where I could have taught for another 3 hours, easily! Jesus was giving me amazing power to minister. Many remarked that they were shocked to see how the Holy Spirit was empowering me despite a few hours of sleep and so much traveling.

While confronting generational curses a 46 year old woman named Julia manifested demons. These spirits revealed they were bringing all forms of sicknesses and infirmities into her body including heart disease, blindness, insomnia, cancer, hormonal imbalances and bringing great amount of stress thereby weakening her immune system. In Jesus name we commanded many demons to depart and they exited. The amazing transformation could easily be seen on her face and she quickly lightened up. It was beautiful to behold. Furthermore, we ministered to her adopted 11 year old daughter who was terribly afflicted with various kinds of vision problems where she needed glasses to see otherwise she wouldn’t see anything very clearly.

While praying over her daughter a spirit quickly surfaced named, “Vision.” He had been there a long time in fact many spirits within this pre-teen had been in the family blood line upwards to 13 generations. 

“We are here to blind her! We are here to hinder her gifts of healing. We are here to take her to hell,” the demons boasted to me. 

In Jesus name, I commanded the demons to obey God and to release the eye!

“No! We are never leaving the eyes,” the demons said to me.

“What does Jesus say about that?” I inquired.

“Jesus says, she will have perfect vision, that she is loved, very loved by Him and doesn’t need any glasses.”

What a remarkable statement as these demons were in submission to King Jesus! 

So, by faith, I told her mother to take off her glasses. She took them off.

I had great faith that she would see without any usage of the glasses! 

As I battled the demon named Vision I often asked what percentage of the eyes he still held onto….went from 95%, to 75%, to 50%, to 25%, to finally 5% until these spirits released the eyes (and then I expelled the spirits of vision that were blinding her) and when they did my 11 year old sister in Jesus resurfaced (she didn’t recall anything happening during the exorcism) and recognized she was without her glasses! She was shocked but more importantly she was shocked to realize she could SEE PERFECTLY without them! She looked around and could SEE with NO problems whatsoever! 

There were some young people in the meeting hall and I could hear them saying, “That is really amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

What a powerful witness to God’s power to deliver and heal! Here was a girl who could not see without wearing her glasses now joining me to the front and stepping on her glasses as she had no need for them as her sight was perfect. She was crying with great relief and joy. Here was a young adopted girl terribly demonized now finding total release and healing in Jesus! Watch the video clip to hear of this amazing miracle!

We are seeing a number of individuals in the past several months who are being healed of various forms of blindness and vision problems. It’s been astonishing! Jesus did it all! I simply obeyed by believing! 

In this meeting hall –I encountered thousands of demonic spirits. Some going back hundreds of years through the family bloodline. I encountered some very strong demons including Baal, murder, violence, and many others. They were driven out in Jesus name. I also encountered numerous dissociative identities. Many were supernaturally healed and again some were testifying of seeing Jesus! Furthermore, many were physically healed from various kinds of afflictions. There were so many miracles!

We also ministered to some little children and they were set free from demons. In a few of the cases the demons left pretty quickly!

Even well after the meeting concluded people were approaching me for prayer. One lady, in her late 40’s, who approached me started weeping and immediately a little girl by the age of 3 surfaced. This little one was led to Jesus and for a better part of an hour sat on a nearby chair rocking in the arms of Jesus! When this woman finally came to…she was testifying that she had never experienced such peaceful rest in her entire Christian life.

My question is: Where is the church to minister in authority to these hurting souls? Where is the church to confront demons? We confronted numerous demons in the lives of so many that boasted to me: We have been here hundreds of years and not one single believer or minister confronted us!

This MUST change. 

We will continue on in Jesus name! Thank you dear brothers and sisters for praying for me. I have felt your prayers! 

The Lamb of God will not be stopped! Jesus is LORD!

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