Holy Spirit Fueled Miracles in Australia

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

The sheer amount of miracles we are experiencing here in Australia is stunning! I cannot even keep up with recording them or even remembering them all. Hopefully, my sister Joan, will graciously provide a proper report in the coming days as so many deliverances, healings and miracles occurred! There are so many being healed and delivered. Many dozens are being supernaturally repaired by our loving Savior. In every meeting –public and private– souls are experiencing the power of God. We preach Christ but we demonstrate His power in performing miraculous signs and wonders.

Just earlier this morning, here in beautiful Perth, I preached at the local Lutheran Church where I drove out demons in Jesus name! As soon as I concluded my message there was a line of people waiting to receive a miracle in their life including one man who for 60 years waited to be healed. 60 YEARS! Amazing! Where is the Body of Christ to intervene? Why did this man have to wait 60 YEARS for healing? Hosea 4:6 gives us insight. “My people perish,” God says, because they lack knowledge. The church didn’t provide this dear man the information on how to be free and healed. They didn’t intervene so he suffered endlessly. Within minutes this man was deeply healed because we dared to intervene and perform an exorcism.

This 60 year old man was very desperate and serious and God met his deep spiritual needs. Here’s his story.

At the tender age of 4 he was taken to the hospital due to some medical concerns. He just knew he wasn’t suppose to be there so he fought to get out. He revealed that it took 5 men to hold him down on the hospital bed. He kicked. He fought them. He just knew he needed to quickly get out. But when the sixth man (note the number? Six is quite significant in the spiritual realm. We see this quite often) entered the room they overwhelmed him and restrained him. They sodomized him. They violently abused him. These men were evil. These men conspired to torture this boy resulting in his heart fracturing into many parts. The deep pain, the trauma, the hurt was too much for this little boy to carry and his heart suffered as a result. Moreover, these evil men inserted powerful demons within his body that have been tormenting him for more then 60 YEARS!

In Jesus name I confronted the demon of sodomy and commanded him to release this man’s heart. Parts of his heart surfaced including that 4 year old little boy who held all of the pain from the sodomy and they were immediately taken to the Lord Jesus. These precious parts SAW the Lord Jesus and was healed by Him. I have ministered to many dozens on this trip with fragmented hearts and in nearly every case all of the parts SAW Jesus and was healed supernaturally by Him. Generally, these encounters were quite dramatic and quick. Jesus came quickly to these parts and healed them. It was stunning to so many in these meetings to see the swift action by our Lord Jesus to meet these hurting parts and to appear them in His great awesome love!

As the parts were being healed and held by Jesus I began to drive numerous evil spirits from this man. They were quickly expelled and immediately the man exclaimed, “I feel so good, I have been waiting for this for 60 years.”

While writing this report to you, my heart just simply hurts to hear of this! The Body of Christ MUST wake up. Billions suffer from a broken heart and so few are capable to minister to the broken heart. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted!

Prior to praying for this man. We ministered to a middle aged woman who had been experiencing incredible demonic terror. Her body shook violently. Her body contorted. Her body was driven by demons. They screamed out of her. They vomited out of her.

There were numerous demons of human sacrifice, witchcraft, devil worship, the occult, spiritualism, operating with her life. These were ancient spirits going back many generations. There was Baal demons involved. Very powerful spirits and as I was ministering to this precious woman guess what occurred?

One of the ministers (not the pastor as he was quite gracious and supportive of our meetings) rushed over to where we were and yelled at us.

“What are you doing? What are you doing? This is the House of God. Stop it!”

I simply ignored him as I knew exactly who was involved —demons within this Lutheran minister wanted to shut down this public exorcism– he was completely controlled by Satan. The enemy was furious that we would dare to drive out demons in a very conservative church during the morning service.

My organizer for our Western Australian meetings, my dear sister Joan, turned around and then rebuked the minister: “In Jesus name I rebuke you Satan!”

The “minister” left. Moments later the man came back and yelled again at us to “STOP! Why are you doing this?”

Think about this for a moment. Why would a minister stop a public deliverance? Why would a minister attempt to hinder a dear woman from being set free from demon powers?

Answer: This minister was surfacing his demons and his demons didn’t want me to continue to send all of these demons, within this woman, to the pit! We see this kind of internal attacks within many religious institutions. Satan has his demons (who attach themselves to ministers who are open to them) in these institutions to hinder the work of the Holy Spirit. I see it all the time! Today was no different.

As this demonized minister tried to hinder the ministry and I just kept on! So many demons were driven out. So many curses broken. With loud cries –while ministering in the main sanctuary– devils were defeated by Jesus! The lady was so happy afterwards. The healing, the deliverance, the spiritual release was intense for her and so much peace could be seen on her face!

Others were delivered from evil spirits during this time of ministry within this Lutheran congregation. In fact, while I commanded demons to departs during the morning service so many people were experiencing freedom and healing! It was beautiful to behold. But the anger! The extreme fury on some of the members was intense. Some of the people were despising me and the demons within them hoped that would just simply shut up!

I didn’t and demons were cast out in Jesus name!

The past week, we held nightly meetings and the meetings were well attended. Every public meeting involved dramatic confrontations with the powers of Satan. In one meeting a demon spoke to a young man and urged him to come up the front to physically assault me. Those demons were cast out in Jesus name! In another intense meeting, Jezebel surfaced and battled me. One dear lady surfaced more then 24,000 Jezebel spirits and they furiously fought me. These were driven out! Every meeting involved those with various kinds of torments, pains, afflictions, broken hearts, and generational curses finding true freedom and miraculous healing.

Souls were saved by Jesus! Marriages were restored! Saints were trained. Demons cast out. Hearts healed. Bodies repaired. It was an amazing time here in Perth and the ministry isn’t over yet! Tonight another public meeting in a different church and we are expecting powerful manifestations of God’s power to be present. Thank you for praying and appreciate all of the emails. I hope to get to the emails in the coming days.

I’m getting amazing reports from our time in the Philippines! The raw exorcism footage will be stunning to watch and hope to send it off to everyone in the coming days!

Hundreds were deeply appreciative of this ministry, here in Perth and said so publicly. The testimonies and the reports of miracles have been numerous. This morning, for example, nearly everyone stood up and dedicated their lives to serving Jesus! We are training thousands around the globe and so many are being deeply impacted. The world needs to hear! Jesus SAVES!

The Lamb of God who has ascended and who is LORD!

Jay Bartlett

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