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Tasting of the Powers of the Age to Come

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

These last two North American missions were intense. We truly tasted of the “powers of the age to come” (Hebrews 6:5) and I rejoice in the many souls that were miraculously touched by our Lord Jesus Christ! I have safely made it back home and last night my family gathered around the table for the reading of Scripture, prayer and partaking of the Holy Communion. Grateful for all your prayers and support as it sustained us.

I have received a very special email report from the mother whose 16 year old son was healed –from many demons and from a form of blindness– during our most recent meeting in Atlanta. 

“Hello Jay, I just wanted to tell you thank you again so glad to meet you! We are praying for you and your family and can’t wait to hear how Richmond went. We are going try to do a testimony video and send it to you as Josh is still standing tall and NO GLASSES. Praise The Lord!”

I’m receiving many testimonies like this and this brings great joy to my heart. It’s been our mission for over a quarter of a century –to proclaim the fullness of the gospel which includes preaching Jesus, casting out demons, healing the sick and those broken in heart, and equipping the Body of Christ! You can get a glimpse of the awesome ministry there in Georgia by simply listening to this brief video testimony:

From Georgia we traveled onward to Richmond, Virginia for more meetings. I was exhausted. I might have slept a few hours the night before and here I was scheduled to minister for many more hours. Prior to services I prayed: “Lord Jesus, I just ask that you give me your strength so I might be able to serve you and may many souls be delivered from the powers of the enemy.” God is faithful as He answered my prayer. Not only did Jesus give me strength to minister (the meetings lasted for more than 12 hours) but He also graced us with His holy power. 

One of my spiritual gifts is “miraculous powers” as seen in 1 Corinthians 12:10 and have seen incredible signs and wonders as I travel throughout the earth. I have raised the dead, driven out evil spirits by the millions, seen multitudes supernaturally healed such as those with blindness, muteness, and deafness. Moreover, I have been used to bring forth extraordinary miracles such as using consecrated objects to heal and to deliver, power to remove animals and cursed objects out of bodies, and other unusual acts of the supernatural. One area where many saints believe I have been gifted in is utilizing holy angels in ministry. 

Hebrews 1:14 is clear: Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

God’s angels are “ministering spirits,” who have a mission to serve us. I have noticed the angels really enjoy being called upon during the ministry of deliverance as they are here to assist us and are ready to be called on in battle. I have seen hundreds of angelic miracles. Some pretty astounding miracles at that. When I served the Methodist Church I witnessed stunning angelic miracles during our weekly deliverance services. I even wrote a small book on my many experiences there titled, “Exorcisms in the Methodist Church.” Some of the miracles were hard for many to believe as they never witnessed anything like it before. However the angels assisted us greatly in restraining those with strong demon powers within their bodies. Remember are not all angels ministering spirits? They like ministering!

Well, while in Richmond I called upon them and they came! I’m going to share some of our experiences with them in a moment.

Our meeting was well attended despite the fact that it was holiday weekend. Families drove in from other states and cities to be delivered and healed. Some traveled many hours just to be present.

In the beginning of the service demons started to manifest in some very aggressive manners –one Catholic man, seated in the back of the meeting hall, manifested animal-like spirits that growled like a wild beast– disfiguring his face grotesquely. During our entire meeting demons were manifesting and were being confronted in the name of Jesus! Many souls were FREED from demons on this night.  

One of the first individuals we ministered to was a 18 year old girl named Nadia from Eastern Europe who was brought by her parents. Adopted at age 3 from an short staffed orphanage she was filled with rage and sadness. Not knowing anything about her biological parents brought immense pain within her life. Unfathomable pain. All she knew was rejection and abandonment. Her pain led her to cut her own body with a screwdriver and to threaten her adoptive mother with knives. Counselors of all sorts were unable to bring inner healing into Nadia’s life. She so she suffered silently. Obviously the Baptist church they attended was ill equipped also. So, they turned to a friend who knew about our work in the area of deliverance and inner healing thus their arrival to our meetings in Richmond.

The first thing I noticed about Nadia was her eyes. Her eyes were indwelt with evil. They stared me at me with murder and rage. They darted around the room wildly. I looked beyond the evil and saw a little girl who was in deep pain. A orphan who was crying for help.

We are rescuers and as such we intervene in Jesus name! However the Holy Spirit prompted us to minister to her adoptive mother first and she had been invaded by demonic powers who held captive parts of her broken heart. These parts were released and the demons removed. As I ministered to the parts, Nadia, stood up and walked swiftly out the door, slamming it on the way out. Her adoptive father chased her down and brought her back to the room. 

After seeing her adoptive mom healed and liberated we began to reach out to Nadia. Within minutes, Nadia broke down and began to sob like a baby as little baby parts of her broken heart were surfacing as was some toddler parts. All of them were taken to Jesus and were supernaturally healed by His gentle love. As these little ones were surfacing they wanted to be cradled and called upon Mommy. Along with the numerous little parts, many demons were surfacing and they were driven out in Jesus name! 

Nadia’s face was drastically changed. Her disposition was one of utter peace and happiness. Her eyes were no longer darting around but had experienced stabilization.

“Jay, my heart really feels good, I have never felt this good before,” she shared with me, “I feel so light and restful.”

This former orphan found peace with God. What a beautiful time it was as her face simply shone like a holy angel. God loves orphans and rescued this precious girl from demonic torment. 

What was truly exciting was Nadia and her parents stayed for the duration of the 12 hour meeting watching so many other find freedom in Christ! She even gave me a hug. This from a girl that looked at me with anger, mistrust, and doubt. For a time, I had the sense she thought I was simply crazy for the things I was teaching on.

“You thought I was nut job for a while? Didn’t you, Nadia?” I asked after her deliverance!

“Yup!” as she laughed, “I really thought you were crazy.”

Not only did Jesus set her free from many evil spirits but also brought deep inner healing into her life –merging untold numbers of her broken heart! 

After ministering to this family I proceeded to pray over some former Hindu devotees from Guyana and as I did powerful Hindu demons surfaced and battled me.

“We hate you deliverance ministers!,” the demons screamed at me, “We really hate you a lot.”

Many of these Hindu spirit surfaced hoping to stay within these bodies. One fierce spirit named Kali battled me and spoke proudly.

“We will never leave, she needs us, she calls upon us,” the spirit informed me, “We are here because of ancient blood covenants, by her ancestors, that were made many generations ago from thousands of years ago.”

She was working in conjunction with Jezebel. She is considered one of the fiercest of the Hindu spirits. She is often pictured with her one foot on her husband, Shiva. That speaks volumes of her connection with Jezebel. Kali was determined to face me down.

“We really hate you!” she warned me, “Could you just leave us alone, as we want to hinder her ministry.”

It turns out she was a powerful minister of the gospel in her right who worked heavily in the deliverance ministry. No wonder she was a target of the enemy.

“There’s many of us, some of us entered because her pastors laid hands on her and we transferred from them into her.”

We are seeing this quite often. Many are submitting to ungodly pastors and allowing these people to transfer demons into their lives by allowing them to control them. This precious lady revealed that the pastors often warned the congregation that if they were ever to leave God’s judgement would be on them. How sad!

Moreover, these pastors refused to recognized this dear woman who worked so powerfully in setting the captives free and as such caused a great amount of pain to develop within their spirit. Her heart was shattered as she just wanted to be affirmed and loved. This happens all too often. Many pastors are hindering many fine ministers of the gospel and thus quenching the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s time for the Body of Christ to affirm, respect, and honor precious disciples who are called into the gospel work. We ought not to discourage but encourage the workers of the Kingdom.

Demons took advantage of the inner pain and took captive many heart parts. They explained to me clearly they would not be letting them go.

I began to ask the holy angels of God to surround the demons and to strike them with their mighty swords and as they did the demons moaned in utter defeat and were greatly weakened. I again battled the demons and they were resigned to the fact they were greatly outnumbered in this particular war with darkness.

Along with Jezebel, there were Hindu spirits such as Kali and many other Hindu spirits, there were also spirits of the water spiritual underworld that literally took many of the parts of her heart and forced them to participate in unholy initiation rites for demonic marriage purposes. There is a spiritual reality found in the deep waters of the oceans of the world. Much could be said about these spiritual dark kingdoms. However I know of the power of Jesus to set the captives free as I have been freed from a Masonic curse that brought horrible torment in my life. Jesus rescued me while growing up in these mind controlling sects. 

The demons, within this woman, were relentless and wanted to battle. So, I continue to ask the holy angels to battle alongside me and they did with great power.

“I told you man of God, we have her,” these demons boasted. 

Though they made these claims I had this deliverance worker reject the lies and to formally renounce the many rituals and covenants that were entered into by her ancestors and by some of her parts. These were specifically broken in Jesus name and freedom was found. The peace, the inner joy was very evident upon this woman as the Holy Spirit worked to bring liberation in her life.

While ministering to these ladies others were being miraculously healed and delivered. This happens in many of our public meetings as the Holy Spirit begins to liberate those who are in attendance who are open to His work in their lives. 

By the way, we are going to be offering special courses at our Freedom Fighter International School on how to identify these kinds of dark kingdoms (and it’s specific spirits) –spirit husbands and spirit wives– at work and the means to defeating them. Be sure to sign up TODAY so that you might be equipped to minister effectively: Furthermore, if you are in the ministry we desire to make these courses affordable and have a special discount for those ordained into the ministry. Please email me for more information.

The very last part of the meeting included the ministry to a youth pastor who has suffered greatly as she experienced abuse (along with racial hatred) by multiple family members through the years including enduring through sadistic violence at the hands of her step father. My heart was deeply burdened for this precious saint who truly loved Jesus! While praying a demon rose up from within her and immediately I called upon the holy angels of God to pick her up off her chair and to bring her to the front of the meeting hall. Without hesitation (and without human aid) the holy angels obeyed and picked her and placed her in the chair I placed in front everyone. It’s interesting to note that after the deliverance, this youth pastor, questioned how she needed up in the front of the hall as she did not recall walking to the chair and sitting down. We explained that she went into a demonic trance and that the angels had picked her up and ministered to her.

Without even being near to this lady I asked the angels to minister and they quickly restrained the evil spirits and reached out to the many parts of her broken part that needed healing. I asked the angels to war against the demons and they did as they struck the demons with their swords. Furthermore, the angels of the Living God utilized healing oil and water to pour on the precious parts that need a refreshing touch of the love of God. The angels also gave gifts to the little parts and many of the parts testified of seeing Jesus. Many, many demons were commanded to release this young woman and they entered the pit. In these last two North American missions I have witnessed dozens of these kinds of angelic miracles where the angels appeared and worked on our behalf. This is amazing aspect to our mission that one rarely will see anywhere in the world. We are seeing this often.

After the demons were driven out and the parts healed, this precious lady testified of feeling incredible peace and joy. The light shining off her face was tremendous. Everyone gave her applause for fighting the enemies and for pressing forward in God. 

Obviously, I’m somewhat tired after these two long missions but am grateful to our God for His wonderful grace and mercy. I have a few public and private meetings over the next few weeks however over the Summer I will be conducting several extensive missions to Africa and 2 trips to Australia –to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. More details forthcoming.

For Jesus Christ is Lord over all!

Numerous Miracles on American Soil

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I am sitting here in awe!

North American Deliverance Mission II

More than 12 Cities, Nearly 40 Meetings in 10 States

Average Ministry Day: 12-16 Hours of Teaching & Casting Out Demons

Dozens Healed of Various of Infirmities, Curses and Afflictions

Jesus Wins: Dozens Exorcised from Evil Spirits!

Hundreds of Thousands of Demons Expelled in Jesus Name!

Witnessed a Demonic Stigmata

INTENSE Manifestations of the Demonic in Meetings

16 Year Old Teenager Healed of Blindness

Numerous Hindu Spirits SCREAM: WE HATE YOU!

Virginia Public Meeting: Holy Angels Descend Warring Against the Enemies

Orphan Healed of Dissociation

Encountered Human Interjects, Ancestral Dissociation, Dissociation, & Animal Demons

Souls FREED from Hinduism, Witchcraft, Illuminati, Masonry, the Occult, Cults and So Much More

Jesus HEALS Dozens of Broken Hearts!

Partaking of Holy Communion Caused Numerous Demonic Disruptions as Evil Spirits Surfaced

In the past 40 some days I have been on the road for 27 days traveling to proclaim Jesus to various kinds of public and private meetings all across North America. For the past 11 days I have ministered on an average of 12-16 hours seeing the Holy Spirit free dozens of souls from deep demonic bondage. Moreover, we have seen many miraculous physical and emotional healings. On top of all of this we have witnessed some truly extraordinary miracles. Earlier this morning (well after 1am) I finally concluded my last public meeting of this most recent mission. In Richmond, Virginia, we witnessed the power of God in a strong manner in particular with the ministry of His holy angels. More on that later in the email. 

Just in the past few weeks I have visited West Palm Beach, Miami, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, San Diego, back to Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Richmond. When I last updated everyone I was in Southern California. From San Diego I traveled across the continent to Atlanta, Georgia where we held a series of public and private meetings resulting in amazing miracles. We are enthusiastically supported in Atlanta and was joyful to be back to teach, to cast out demons and to heal the sick!

Not only were many set free from evil spirits there were some astounding miracles including seeing a 16 year old teenager healed of blindness. When I first began ministering to this teeneager’s mother, a demon surfaced that revealed all of the names of the demonic spirits within this young man including the demons attached to his eyes (for he wore glasses as he could not see otherwise). We confronted these spirits and expelled them from the mother and son resulting in the teenager being able to see without the usage of his glasses. In fact, it was refreshing for me to see him well after the public meeting where we ministered to him still not wearing the glasses. This is the 3rd time in recent months where a young person was liberated from the spirits of blindness and healed in our meetings. We are seeing God move powerfully in our midst!

It was satisfying to see this teenager free (his face was lit up with joy, peace and deep satisfaction) as he already has a divine call upon his life to the gospel ministry. God has gifted him with an unusual ability to see into the supernatural realms and shared in one of our meetings that a demonic lizard like creature hopped onto our Holy Communion table and tried to shut my Bible close (I always have my Bible displayed for all to see) and as it it touched the Bible the spirit was burned however it did not depart. It simply crawled around the room looking to enter someone attending the meeting. This young man also shared that there were many holy angels in the meeting hall including two angels with me protecting my crucifix and the Scriptures.

Yes, the enemy was present in various forms but Jesus prevailed in each instance. Our Atlanta meeting was special in that I was able to ordain into the ministry yet another disciple –pastor Robert Jones– who leads a home church in the Atlanta area. He has been a following the mission for a long time –reading our many volumes, listening to our radio presentations, and watching our videos and has such a heart to minister deliverance to the captives! It was our honor to ordain him, formally, into the gospel ministry. 

What was remarkable was some time back his wife had a dream (prior to coming across me) where she witnessed seeing her husband in a small church being ordained by a fair skinned man. Mind you, Robert did not of a fair skinned man as he was involved in a predominately African-American church and did not have fair skinned friends. God truly connected us and it was a privilege of mine to see this man of God honored in this consecration service.  

So many souls were delivered over the course of the few days I was in Atlanta –many from Jezebel! One lady I ministered to was deeply involved in a deliverance ministry of her own. For years she knew there was some deep demonic bondage however did not know how to proceed to confront it. As I prayed for her numerous dissociative identities surfaced including one that was an ancestral dissociative identity that was born in the 9th century B.C. I spoke to this ancient part.

“I hate Jesus! I was sacrificed in a witchcraft ritual in 810 B.C. I do not know of this Jesus you proclaim.”

I explained to this ancient part that he could not stay and thus was forced out with numerous spirits including more than 800 spirits of sorcery. Not only did this woman experience this form of freedom, she also experienced wonderful healing of her broken heart that had been shattered in various pieces. I spoke to these parts and they saw the risen Savior! They merged and the heart was healed. Others experienced amazing liberation from the powers of darkness and others experienced a physical healing as pains, afflictions and diseases vanished in Jesus name!

For hours I taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. Just the simple act of partaking the blood and body of Jesus caused an immediate demonic reaction within several in the meeting hall. The power of the sacraments and the power of the signs & wonders were on display this past weekend. Satan was defeated in so many lives.

Another interesting case we encountered as a little pre-natal part named Julia who was only months old. She had died in the womb and her little brother Bruce experienced great pain as a result. He missed his little sister, Julia. Fast Forward 40 some years, Bruce is still sad but was never truly understood why. He had a sense he had a little twin brother or sister but didn’t know for sure. He has suffered for so many years. He has sought spiritual assistance but obviously no one was equipped to assist. So the search continue on for years. So many demons of death held captive Julia thus ensuring that they both could not connect thus creating even more intense pain as the years went by. The pain was unbearable. 

As I began to pray for Bruce, I forced the demons of death to release all heart parts and a little Julia surfaced. She was so tiny. She could barely speak or move. She moved her little finger in a ever slight manner trying to reach out but was experiencing death. In Jesus name I spoke life and forced the demons of death to release the little pre-natal part. Julia spoke to me. I prayed healing for her however powerful dark forces manifested and laid claim to Bruce. 

Due to his Masonic background, there were numerous strong spirits that battled. Though they battled me, Jesus still intervened and allowed me to speak with his precious little twin sister!

More work needs to be done in his life however the journey has began and now some measure of closure can occur as he now is aware of Julia.

As I mentioned at the onset of this update the miracles were witnessed were stunning –untold numbers of evil spirits expelled, hearts healed, bodies supernaturally repaired and so much more! God was ever so gracious to me as His servant and I praise Him. It was so beautiful to meet all of you. I feel much love from you! You are my brothers and sisters in Jesus. I am here to serve YOU!

There is so much to report! However, I’m getting extremely tired writing this report. It’s another late night and I need to close for now. I hope to send another email update soon. I want to share some the incredible miraculous wonders we experienced in Richmond as holy angels moved into action and assisted us in some spectacular means. I look forward to sharing with you what transpired as so many were delivered from demons and experienced healing. 

Confronting Voodoo Curses in California

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

I’m currently taking a brief break from conducting some private ministry sessions with a family here in the San Diego area where we are driving out tens of thousands of evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the demonic spirits I encountered in these sessions include many within a young man in his 30’s that had gotten sexually involved with a woman who was involved in the occult, Santeria, voodoo, and witchcraft. She had sent numerous voodoo curses and spells in his direction thus affecting his life deeply. In the exorcism I encountered spirits named Nohomoz, Nod, Nihimz, Tuk, and Neurowitz that were holding on to the fact that this man had not yet broken these vast amount of voodoo curses that had landed upon him. After breaking these curses and spells I commanded the evil spirits to release him and they did! In one dramatic encounter I battled spirits of death and as I did the demons groaned and threw him onto a nearby sofa, twisting his body, as I was demanding them to depart from his body and mind in Jesus name!

Also last night I encountered more than 180,000 spirits named Legion and rather quickly they were driven out of this man and immediately he reported of feeling, “cleaner, peaceful and lighter.” There’s more work to be done but after his deliverance last night he was able to sleep some. Mind you this was a man that has been tormented for nearly two decades and sleeps very little and God was merciful to bring rest and sleep. I have more meetings tonight please continue to pray that God would be gracious to deliver and heal. This morning I spent a few hours teaching from God’s Word and believe the teaching will strengthen the spiritual immune system of these precious souls.

Physically Attacked by Demons in Houston

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in beautiful Southern California where I’m scheduled to minister in a series of private meetings over the next several days. Appreciate your prayers and believe God will deliver precious souls. It’s always refreshing to visit and minister in this region of the nation as the weather is near perfect for me –drenched with sun but cooled down with the Pacific Ocean constant breeze.

 Prior to arriving here I was in Houston conducting meetings. In our Church of the Cross service I was honored to ordain into the gospel ministry 3 precious servants of God –Tony Walters, Sharon Brand, and Peter Toler. This is an exciting aspect of the apostolic work I carry throughout the world –administering the various sacraments such overseeing ordination services where we honor and consecrate those whom the Holy Spirit has set apart for the work of the Kingdom. The ordination service was filled with power from on High! It was a jammed packed meeting (we had to bring in extra seats to accommodate everyone) where there was great anticipation. God did not disappoint the Holy Spirit was unleashed with power upon those being ordained. Each of these precious ministers shared with me afterwards how deeply impacted they were with the ordination and consecration. The fruit was very obvious afterwards as began to minister to those enslaved to the devil as each of these ministers ministered in power and expelling many demons in Jesus name. Pastor Tony Walters (and his wife) ministered in great power to some young ladies that were present for deliverance each receiving deep ministry.

 After teaching and leading everyone to partake of the holy blood and body of Jesus in Holy Communion we began to minister mass deliverance. I was led of the Holy Spirit to teach briefly on dissociation and shared some of my recent experiences with dealing with parts rooted in infancy. One dear lady revealed she had been born prematurely and suddenly traumatized heart parts were surfacing. This precious woman to the right of me began to weep uncontrollably and suddenly a little preemie baby part surfaced. You might recall that in recent meetings we have been extending love and compassion to a number of baby parts that have been surfacing within those we are ministering to. By the way, I would encourage you to sign up for our online courses we offering through our Freedom Fighter International Training School so that you might learn how to minister to those with baby parts.

 As I began to approach this dear woman little baby parts surfaced and spoke to me. There were many of them present and each of them were excited about being healed by Jesus. All of them saw the risen Lord Jesus and experienced his power and soothing comfort. I also commanded all death spirits to release this woman in Jesus name. The rest, the peace, the joy on this woman was quite evident!

 Many others were experiencing deliverance as I taught and prayed. As we confronted generational curses demons started to manifest throughout the meeting hall. One lady we brought to the front of the meeting hall was a woman from Egypt who had been experiencing horrible demonic attacks. Spirits of Baal, Jezebel and a host of others were confronted in Jesus name! They screamed at me and attempted to fight! However the holy power of Jesus was too much for these spirits and they were driven out in Jesus name! It was interesting to note what the spirits of Jezebel and Baal had said to me.

 “We have been here for MANY generations, and NO ONE ever confronted us until NOW,” the demons angrily revealed to me.

 Again I’m seeing more and more of this. The church is allowing demons to run rampant in it’s midst without ever pushing back. We must push back with the conquering name of Jesus Christ as lives and families lay in the balance.

 This Egyptian woman was powerfully set free from many evil spirits and experienced amazing healing from dissociation. As many broken heart parts were healed by Jesus as they could SEE Him and quickly ran to Him for His loving touch. Her heart was integrated and the peace of God fell upon this woman in a very tangible manner where she rested for many minutes as Jesus repaired her soul and body. Her testimony can be viewed here by clicking here.

 I just thoroughly enjoy these meetings as the Body of Christ is placed in action and many fellow ministers assisted me in ministering to those held captive and many experienced healing, restoration, renewal, deliverance, and love! This is about the Body of Christ working together to serve our great King Jesus!

 After the service I ministered to a family who had waited for 5 MONTHS for ministry. It’s been that hectic that at times I’m not able to meet with people in private sessions as quick as I would like. Not only have they been waiting they had to journey more than 11 hours to be present at the service. This family was desperate for ministry. They are dear to me as both have served as pastors of rather large churches and the enemy has really attacked them in a vicious manner.

 The spiritual fireworks was seen the very beginning as I confronted the strongman and bound him in Jesus name. Baal and a spirit named Coven confronted me and physically assaulted me as they attempted to strangle me. They kicked me and shoved me. They cursed me and attempted to attack my heart. They raised their hands and attempted to send demonic energy in my direction to hinder me. They failed. These were murderous spirits were hell bent on killing me as I dug deep to expose them to the light of Jesus.

 “We are not going anywhere, she belongs to us,” the demons boasted to me, as they spoke out of her.

 For the next 5+ hours into the early morning hours I battled and battled these violent spirits. As we ministered it was discovered that Julie had numerous ancestral dissociative identities including one that was born in 1943 and died in 1985 having been suffocated to death. As you can imagine during those horrific moments prior to death the heart was fractured to the point where distinct dissociation occurred and then captured by a demon power that allowed the part to travel down through the bloodline, thus ending up within Julie. Incidentally, Julie revealed that she often felt the sensations of being murdered. No wonder! She had a ancestral part that was still carrying the trauma of having been murdered.

 I sent this ancestral part and others to Jesus as they were free from demons. Moreover, I encountered many dissociative identities within her and many of them went to Jesus and was healed by Him. Furthermore, many demons that had attached themselves to these parts were driven out in Jesus name and were forced to release the parts.

During this late night ministry session it was also revealed by the parts that this woman had been a victim of satanic ceremonial trauma (we also offering a course on this subject at our Freedom Fighter International Training School also) where human and animal sacrifices were offered. It was also disclosed that she had been married in a satanic ceremony participating in a satanic rite called the Marriage of the Beast along with participating in various kinds of satanic feasts. I battled many of these satanic spirits and mind controlling spirits and they were driven out in Jesus name.

 As we neared daybreak obviously I was getting somewhat tired (as they were too) and ended the ministry session. However we plan on meeting again soon to complete this work by God’s grace. The freedom and healing that has already taken place, in Julie, has been amazing and incredible!

 There is much work to be done….as there is various levels of programming that needs to be addressed and various other enslaved parts to free and many other demons to drive out! Please pray for Julie. As she is married to a prominent pastor and evangelist and would like to serve Jesus, alongside him, with a healed heart.

 The work of deliverance and inner healing is desperately needed and so few are participating in this deep level work throughout the globe. We are in need of workers hence the formation of this International Training School which, by the way, has signed up students from 5 continents of the globe already. As I mentioned in a previous email update if you are from the developing world and desire to be a part of the school please email me and we will ensure you are able to for free.

Catholic Retreat: Lady Freed After 60+ Years of Torment!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We have safely arrived back home after another remarkable day of ministry at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Parish outside of Orlando, Florida earlier today. As I shared in my last email update we witnessed Jesus overcoming the powers of darkness in our Friday meeting (including seeing a nine year old girl delivered from evil spirits) and that didn’t change in our Saturday morning training seminar where I taught the disciples on how to heal the sick and drive out evil spirits. I spent more than 2 hours teaching from the Scriptures the principles on how to cast out demons and to heal the sick. Moreover, I taught the believers how to minister to those broken in heart by public demonstration for another few hours. This is a quite effective means to equip the Body of Christ –to train by example. As I ministered to those enslaved by demon powers I also had the opportunity to reach out to those suffering from a broken heart resulting in stunning miraculous results. 

As soon as I stepped into the church building I saw the little girl we ministered to the previous night, her face shone that like of an holy angel. Her eyes were clear, bright, and filled with freedom! I asked how she was feeling and she said she was happy. Her smile said it all! In fact, she felt so good she wanted to stay around even after the teaching to be involved in the mass deliverance session (with her parent’s consent). Isn’t this beautiful my friends? This is why I travel as extensively as I do as I feel such a burden to reach those lambs who have been wounded. There’s so few in the West conducting this kind of ministry thus the dire need to provide intervention when possible. Seeing FREED souls makes it all worthwhile. 

Soon after concluding my teaching session a dear lady in her 60’s arrived to the meeting desperate for spiritual assistance. The meeting had already started more than two hours earlier. She shared with everyone she had debated about coming to the meeting, wondering if it would be worth it. No doubt it was the enemy wanting to discourage her from coming. She mentioned that her entire life has been one of torment and abuse. Horrific abuse and hurt. One look into this woman’s face revealed everything. A facial disposition that spoke to of her deep despair and hardship.

As I began to pray demons within Linda surfaced quickly. Spirits of death, rejection, and Jezebel battled me. Especially Jezebel. She was FURIOUS!

“No one in all of these generations [and there were many generations of demonic invasion] ever confronted me. NO ONE! She needs me. I am there for her. I make her strong,” Jezebel informed me. 

I mentioned to Jezebel that on this day he would be entering that abyss and he pounded his fists against the church pew.

“This must not happen! She’s mine,” Jezebel angrily told me but with a defeatist kind of feeling to it. 

I paused and thought of the spiritual implications of demons running through family bloodlines without ever being dealt with. Again this begs the question: Where’s the church?

Why didn’t anyone in her 60+ years intervene? I’m sure there a multiplicity of reasons. Fear? Ignorance on dealing with the demonic? Unbelief? Apathy? 

Linda suffered greatly with little relief for more than a half a century! I was determined to see this demonic reign of terror end! It did end in Jesus name!

I commanded the demons to release her heart (which they did as they held onto so many fragmented parts of her heart due to all of the years of trauma she had endured) and they were forced into the abyss. They flew out of her as she vomited and as the demons screamed!  

As the demons departed the various parts of her heart surfaced –ranging from baby parts to teenager parts– they had been held captive for many decades and were so relieved to be able to speak freely and to experience the healing of Jesus. In each instance the parts testified of seeing the risen Jesus and many holy angels. Jesus took the pain, the hurt, the bad memories away! It was incredible to witness the Holy Spirit at work in Linda’s life to restore her. After experiencing the healing of Jesus these parts were more than ready to merge within her heart so that she might have a unified heart. 

As soon as this occurred, Linda’s face also shone like a holy angel. 

“Jay, I actually feel GREAT! I feel so light! No more pain in my body and in my heart. Jesus truly healed me.”

This is the fruit of deliverance –peace, joy, feeling light, feeling whole again!

It was remarkable to see that while I was ministering to Linda others were being set free from demonic powers including one Jamaican lay minister who was experiencing some significant freedom simply by being present in the meeting! Others were healed and liberated by the power of Jesus!

I was really honored when the priest of this Catholic parish, that hosted this event, requested that I pray over him, as he desired for more of an empowerment to conduct deliverance and healing ministry –to master the miraculous. As I laid my hands upon him I felt the surge of the Holy Spirit running through me unto this precious servant. I am expecting great wonders to be present in his ministry to those in his community. We need more priests, pastors, teachers life this Catholic leader.

I sit here in awe of our wonderful and gracious Savior. It was wonderful to see some old friends and to meet some newer ones also.

Exorcism at Catholic Church: 9 Year Old Freed from Demons

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I have been here in beautiful central Florida, in the Orlando area, with my family, enjoying some time together. It’s been refreshing! I am also here to serve the dear people at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Parish at their deliverance conference. Earlier this evening I taught and ministered to those bound by evil spirits. Though we were small in number God was pleased to display His great power to set the captives FREE! Within minutes of beginning the deliverance service demons started manifesting within those enslaved to demonic powers including those within a little 9 year old girl named Lisa. Almost immediately she began to convulse by the demons within her. I brought her up to the front of the sanctuary and we began to battle the demonic spirits. 

As I battled (along with the priest) the evil spirits, they began to manifest and spoke to me. These were very strange sounding spirits. Sounded like some sort of little creature from the forest –the noises it was making. It squealed.

“We are here because people cursed her! We are here to torment her,” the demons boasted to me. 

They were indeed tormenting this precious 9 year old girl. 

“We are the ones that shake her, lie to her, and give her headaches.”

Immediately I laid my hand upon her and commanded the demons to let go of the head in Jesus name!

Almost immediately, the spirits released and her and Lisa testified of feeling zero pain! I think this near-automatic healing encouraged this young girl!

I then began to battle the tormenting spirits within her and discovered that some of these spirits had been sent by those involved in voodoo and witchcraft to destroy the church and the priest (who is a dear friend of mine who endorses the deliverance and healing ministry). 

The demons spoke through her mouth and tried to resist. They were untold numbers of demons within this young girl as we drove out many and sent them to the pit in Jesus name!

Some of the demons even tried to convince her that that she wasn’t beautiful and worth of God’s love! I had her affirm these truths and as she did it was breaking down the demons.

They began to squeal louder….”NOOOOOOOO” as I led Lisa in prayer.

“We are not leaving but Jesus tells us to leave her alone.”

“Well, you better listen to the Lord Jesus!”

With that I began commanding the demons to release her and sent them to the pit! They flew out of her and she was truly delivered! Her smile and inner peace said it all! She was FREE indeed!

My heart is deeply touched seeing such young children being demonized and needing the ministry of exorcism. Thank God we were there to intervene!

While ministering to Lisa others manifested demons and some reported even reporting a measure of freedom too as they felt demons exiting out of their bodies and minds while I ministered!

I’m seeing more and more of this when people are simply getting deliverance by being present in our meetings! 

Grateful Mom Reports: Son Freed from Homosexuality

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

More astounding testimonies keep rolling into the mission. 

Recently I conducted a number of meetings in Newark, New Jersey where many souls were liberated and healed by the power of Jesus. One noteworthy case was a precious mom bringing her teenage son for deliverance. In particular he needed deliverance from homosexuality. God did not disappoint as He brought amazing healing and freedom to this young man. Over the years we have seen quite a few lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals powerfully healed by the atoning blood of Christ! 

Almost in every case these precious souls were completely freed from the various homosexual mannerisms too and now walking in freedom –as you’ll see was the case in the young man I ministered to several weeks ago! Not only was this teenager powerfully delivered from the spirits of homosexuality but also experienced deep healing from dissociation (his heart had fractured in numerous parts that I spoke with including little toddler parts). 

Read what this grateful mother reported to me:

“Hi Jay, I came to your service in Newark NJ, me and my teenage son. God moved in a mighty way in that meetingMy son was delivered from the spirit of homosexuality and a few other spirits. I just want to inform you that he is doing greatand I would like to know if and when you can come to visit us here in Connecticut. I would like to bring my entire family to you so that we all may be delivered , I do know that my family have a few generational curses that needs to be broken and I would like for my entire family to experience the freedom,the peace and the deliverance that my son is feeling right now..Thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way…Ps…. I would like to speak with you personally maybe we can set up a private meeting for just my family..Thank you..Ever so grateful Mom!”

Moms, be blessed on this day, may Jesus rescue your children on this day! Amen!

Moreover, I received a amazing testimony from a dear sister from Kenya, who had been searching for 12 years for deliverance prior to attending our meeting in Seattle. At that meeting in the Pacific Northwest, I was honored to minister to this precious disciple and watch Jesus deliver this woman of many powerful witchcraft spirits! Read and rejoice in what our Savior has done!


 Thank you so much for the deliverance that I received. I feel so much lighter and theres a great change since then. I lived in bondage for up to 12 years not knowing where to get help. Now after  deliverance I wonder why I did not know your Ministry earlier. No doubt it is God who made this possible .

 The teaching we received was powerful. It makes all the difference when you know who your enemy really is. Knowledge of the word of God is a powerful weapon against the enemy. I pray that God will empower and protect you as you travel the world ministering, labouring for our Master, The Lord Jesus Christ.”

The lasting fruit of these deliverances are seen in these testimonies! They are STILL walking in FREEDOM! Experiencing the peace of God in their lives!

Deliverance from this Vile, Treacherous Creature

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

As some of you know we have been conducting some extensive ministry in Australia and seen the hand of God move so powerfully. Most of our meetings are jammed packed (in one church even during the week we had overflowing crowds). I believe we are just in the beginning stages of seeing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a massive manner that will spread throughout the great Southland of the Holy Spirit (that was the term that was prophesied over that land hundreds of years ago). We have held many dozens of public and private meetings throughout Australia. We are coming back to Australia in a few months. More details below. I receive testimonies all the time from our ministry events we have conducted there over the past few years.

Here’s one:

“Dear Jay, I am writing to thank you profusely, for your recent visit to Perth, Western Australia. Through your ministry, my life has changed dramatically, and I know I shall never be the same again. I was vaguely aware that there may possibly be a spirit of Jezebel that needed to be cast out.  As you were teaching, I was feeling stirrings on the inside of me, and I asked God, that if there was any Jezebel spirit in me, that He would sovereignly deal with it. Sure enough, as we were going through a renunciation of all fathers curses, the spirit of Ahab was renounced.  Straight away, I collapsed to the floor screaming hideously and very loudly.  What followed was a dramatic deliverance of this vile, tenacious and stubborn spirit (Jezebel).  I immediately felt an immense sense of relief, as well as feeling cleaner on the inside than I ever remember feeling. Thank you Jay, for your obedience to the Lord, for coming all the way to Perth, where many like myself have received such glorious release and deliverance from satan’s works. There are others whom I have heard share the testimonies of freedom that came as a result of your ministry here in Perth, for which we praise God.”

Isn’t this awesome! I love it!

Shock & Awe: Blind SEE in Denver!

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I’m sitting here in awe thinking of all of the miracles that took place in our Extraordinary Encounter in Denver yesterday! I encountered human interjects, ancestral dissociative identities, demons, parts and holy angels. Jesus appeared to parts. The sick were healed. Demons were driven out. Hearts healed. The blind were miraculously cured and saints were encouraged!

In Luke 7:21 it is recorded that Jesus “…cured many who had diseases, sicknesses and evil spirits, and gave sight to many who were blind.” I just love reading these kinds of passages! As I follow Jesus, I desire to do the very things He did –curing people of infirmities, evil spirits and giving sight to the blind! God has given me my heart’s desire as He has allowed me to perform miraculous wonders throughout the world.

Yesterday, I witnessed Jesus performing great wonders in our jammed packed Extraordinary Encounter in the city of Denver. The very first person I ministered to was a young man by the name of Tony who was only 15 years of age. His mother had brought him to the meeting knowing he needed healing and deliverance. 

As I prayed for this young man several hurt parts of her heart surfaced including a 4-year old and a 6-year old who held deep pain from being bullied in school. I have dealt with dozens on this North American trip who experienced dissociation as a result of being bullied in school. I think it’s time for Christian parents to reconsider sending their kids to these public schools where bullying is often commonplace. To think of the millions who have been bullied and as result have experienced dissociation is staggering. 

I also encountered a little preemie baby within his soul (Tony was born prematurely). Dissociation often takes place when there is premature birth. Baby whimpered and had intense difficulty surfacing as spirits of death held preemie baby captive. Little baby was deeply wounded and was barely alive. I spoke life, drove out death and baby came alive and experienced the amazing healing of Jesus! 

(By the way, in our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training School we will be offering classes on how to minister to pre-natal and preemie baby parts. I have encountered many thousands over the years and seen Jesus heal so many)

Not only did Tony need inner healing it was also revealed that for his entire life he has not been able to see clearly and if wasn’t for the contacts he wears he would not be able to see at all –his vision was that bad. While praying over him demonic spirits surfaced and threw him to the ground as he foamed and spit upon me. I encountered another group of spirits named Death. He revealed he not only wanted to kill Tony but he also wanted to keep him blind. I commanded him to release his eyes. He told me he would not!

I then began to place some blessed water upon his eyes and began to sprinkle the holy water in the air, allowing it to rain down. This caused the demon to become furious with me. “Stop it, stop it, stop it,” he begged me. The precious blood of Jesus rained down upon him and greatly weakened him. 

“We will only let go 10% of his eyes,” the spirits of death informed me.

Ten percent isn’t good enough I informed the demon. It must be 100%! You must obey in Jesus name!

“NOOOOOO,” the demons forcefully told me.

I then began to sprinkle holy water (representing the blood of Christ) all over the meeting hall which caused the evil spirits to go berserk. 

“STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!” it continued on angrily. 

As I battled these demons his older brother and other family members watched on in utter amazement as they didn’t expect their brother to be manifesting demons on this day! Also present was a 12 year old girl who was healed of blindness in our last Denver meeting (with her adoptive mother). At our last meeting she was wearing glasses however after her deliverance she was completely healed and no longer wears glasses! I asked the young girl how her eyes were? 

“They are perfect, Jesus healed me and I can see without the glasses,” the young girl testified!

What a praise report! I get these kinds of reports all the time from people who come to our meetings and testify of previously being healed in a past meeting we have conducted. Miraculous wonders occur all the time in our meetings and we are humbled by the love of the Savior being extended to so many through the years.

Eventually the death spirits completely pulled the blindness off Tony’s eyes after pulling the blindness in increments –10% then 30% then 50% and so forth. These were stubborn spirits but in Jesus name they were defeated. I told the eyes to be healed in Jesus name. 

I then asked, my 12 year old sister, who had just testified of being healed herself, in our last meeting, from a form of blindness, to minister to Tony. For you must understand that this precious 12 year old girl has the gift of healing so obviously I wanted to utilize this young lady’s gifting. She came up and laid hands upon Tony to be healed. 

Tony was starting to be able to see somewhat.

I then recall glancing at my open Bible that I had on the table and reading this in the Book of Job: “…suck the poison of serpents…”

I then felt impressed of the Holy Spirit that there was some kind of demonic poison had contaminated his eyes thus causing a degree of blindness to occur within his life. I commanded the poison to be dissolved and be removed from his eyes in Jesus name! The blindness and blurriness was being lifted off of him

Within a few minutes Tony was healed. I asked Tony to look around and he was SHOCKED! AMAZED! STUNNED! He literally jumped around in the meeting hall as he couldn’t contain himself. He could SEE without contacts. He could see me where before I was simply a blur with no distinct features! His oldest brother, Sam, was STUNNED too! He went to the back of the meeting hall and raised 4 fingers and asked his brother how many fingers were lifted up. Tony confidently replied: “Four!”No need for contacts anymore!

He also shared that while I placed my hands upon him he could FEEL the fire of God! My right hand is often, in ministry sessions, filled with the holy fire of the Holy Spirit which brings power against the demons and healing to those bruised in soul. You can access this miraculous power also as Jesus promised we would do greater works!

Everyone in this Extraordinary Encounter was SHOCKED and in AWE! As I often share with people these encounters are truly extraordinary as in each one we have seen stunning miracles of healing and deliverance! Just this year alone we have seen a number of people healed of varying degrees of blindness, God is giving me great faith in this area of miraculous healing (that’s not saying everyone I pray for is healed but many are). 

I also ministered to a young Filipino woman whom surfaced many demons of death, Jezebel, witchcraft and rebellion. Moreover, I also encountered an ancestral dissociative identity within this dear lady who incidentally was her great grandfather who died in the late 19th century but who was heavily involved in witchcraft to the point where he actually dedicated future generations to the powers of the occult. Horrible! This generational curse went back hundreds of years and had brought immense suffering on many within the family. I spoke to the grandfather who was held by these demons of witchcraft and death.

With a different voice, he spoke and informed me, “I’m not going anywhere! I’m here to ensure the curse continues through the bloodline! I will destroy all of them.”

In Jesus name, I commanded the grandfather and all of the demons to depart and they quickly left! As the demons left many heart parts surfaced –numbering in the many thousands– all of them were healed in Jesus name. This precious disciple even saw a vision where she saw her heart as whole, no longer fragmented.

While ministering to this dear lady 3 others in the meeting hall surfaced evil spirits and all 3 were delivered from demons! Interestingly enough, one demon surfaced within a young man claiming the he was there because the young man was angry at me because he didn’t receive prayer earlier in the meeting! I asked the young man if that was the case and he replied, “Yes.” You could tell he was a little embarrassed but quickly apologized to remove the right by which the demon could hold claim and then the demons were driven out in Jesus name!

Another lady manifested demons and made her sick! As I began to minister deliverance to her, a human interject surfaced by the name of Lucy. It turns out Lucy was a old friend of this lady’s who had been placing spells and curses upon her. Furthermore, Lucy also, with the aid of demons, astral traveled often to spiritual attack because she was jealous of her friend. 

“I want what she has! I am going to kill her,” 50-year old Lucy informed me as she spoke out of this dear lady, “I’m not leaving and I will fight you.”

Sara had shared that, at times, she could see, Lucy and hear her. It was tormenting her. Human interjects are very real and the church, at large, is ill equipped, to carry out the work necessary to expel human interjects that unjustifiably enter human bodies and souls. I believe we are carrying on this work entrusted to us so that we might equip the Body of Christ!

I then motioned my right hand that was blazing with holy fire towards this human interject and this witch pleaded with me not to burn her with this spiritual fire. I proceeded to burn her with this fire from heaven and as I did she complied to the orders given. She left. I also commanded Jezebel and death and the generational curse to be lifted off of her along with all of the physical afflictions and they departed in Jesus name!

I sit here in awe of our God. The miracles were numerous. To get to this point I had to fight through the extreme heavy spiritual walls that were erected around me on Sunday evening. Allow me to explain.

On Sunday evening I taught from the Scriptures and ministered to those bound by demons but it was extremely difficult. In 25+ years of global ministry I rarely felt as attacked as I did on this night. It was that intense. I came under such great spiritual oppression it was almost to the point where I had to stop the ministry and quickly depart to my hotel room to escape the demonic attacks. It all started when I asked one question: “Does anyone have some anointing oil to use as I used all mine up while in Los Angeles?”

Innocent enough question, right?

However that question opened up a portal. For you must understand sitting right in front of me was a former witch who practiced sorcery and the New Age magical arts for YEARS and still had demons. She came to know Jesus however had not been delivered. She also had not gotten rid of all her cursed objects including some New Age oils that were in her possession.

I didn’t know all of this until after she brought out her oils. At first I was thankful someone had brought some oils then within 30 seconds, after one one bottle was opened I felt this immense spiritual wave of darkness descend upon me that immediately brought a headache then dizziness and great amount of fatigue to the point where I almost quit. As many of you know I’m not a quitter so I kept at it –ministering to those who had assembled and some were delivered however it was very difficult to minister. I wasn’t myself and I knew it. Thankfully the Holy Spirit kept me from using the oil however it was opened and because it was opened many demons were unleashed, from that bottle, into the meeting hall that brought horrible oppression that didn’t leave until I started sprinkling the blood of Christ all throughout the room the next day!

(All of the oils were destroyed, as was jewelry, and other items as I spent some time teaching on cursed objects)

Though the devil hindered the ministry one night, the very next day the Holy Spirit was unleashed with unusual grace and power that allowed the blind to see and those demonized set free! The joy, the smile, the inner peace was felt by everyone as precious souls were set free from demons. 

After the last meeting in Denver I departed for home and simply felt the peace of God all the way back at home. So many dozens healed miraculously from infirmities   so many dozens delivered from demons, so many dozens healed from dissociation. So many angelic miracles. So many unusual miracle powers including using consecrated objects to bring healing, driving out ancestral dissociative identities and human interjects and experiencing the holy fire of the Holy Spirit upon my hand. So many equipped to minister now to others! 

Outpouring of Jesus Power in Los Angeles

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus ~

 What an amazing mission journey thus far from West Palm Beach to Miami to Grand Rapids to Chicago to Las Vegas to Seattle to Sherman Oaks to Pasadena (Los Angeles area) to Denver. I have ministered 10 days in a row conducting more then 15 private and public meetings seeing dozens set free from demons and dozens miraculously cured of various physical afflictions. What an honor to serve you and our King Jesus!

 As you can imagine I’m getting somewhat tired and request your holy prayers to be sustained! It’s stunning to think of all of many hours and late nights ministering non-stop and God’s strength is there to provide supernatural strength!

 Many of our meetings have been well attended and our most recent Extraordinary Encounter was completely sold out in Los Angeles. I hope to conduct a series of Extraordinary Encounters in the Los Angeles area soon as there is a intense interest in the ministry. Pastors, various kinds of ministers and precious disciples were pleading for me to return soon. I hope to hold at least 3 days of meetings and 3 days of Extraordinary Encounters. I see the interest in Grand Rapids, in West Palm Beach, in Seattle, in Southern California so I look forward to more miracles in the days to come.

 Over the past several days I have been conducting meetings in the Los Angeles, California area, lasting many hours and have seen a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit in each and every meeting. So many were healed and delivered from evil spirits. Too numerous to recount! This mission is enthusiastically received in Southern California. As some of you might be aware I was ordained by a small church north of Los Angeles many years ago and feel the people in this massive city accept our labor in the gospel.  

 Each and every meeting was jammed packed with hungry souls. Precious families and individuals traveled great distances to find relief and healing. God did not disappoint as He extended His mighty hand to set the captives free!

 In Sherman Oaks, outside of Los Angeles, our evening service was well attended and enthusiastically supported. In fact, precious people were arriving hours before the meeting began.

 Souls were delivered from spirits of Jezebel, death, murder, sickness and so much more! Hearts were healed and bodies repaired. One lady that attended was a young 23 year old girl who was formerly a lesbian which resulted her in becoming demonized. As I led her up to the front the spirit of death surfaced and immediately battled the demons. I touched her hands and they were icy cold as if she was entering a death state. Her eyes rolled back in her head and spoke to me.

 “We have her because she cursed herself,” the spirit revealed.

 It turns out this precious girl had indeed cursed herself with death thus allowing the demons the spiritual right to invade her body. These demons, my friends, were trying to kill her. Several times, I felt like I was about to lose her to death. Very serious condition she was in as death lurked and conspired to kill her. We battled and battled. The spirits of death fought back but were defeated in Jesus name!  All of them were cast out and immediately she testified of feeling so much better!

 Another young lady present was inhabited by the spirits of death also. He stared at me with murderous intent. I called forth the mighty holy angels of God to restrain and assist!

 “Holy Angels in Jesus name get ahold of this woman and bring her to the front,” I directed the angels.

 The demons looked stunned and less than 5 seconds later the angels picked her up from her chair and forced her up to the front (later on this precious woman revealed she felt like she was being pushed forward by an invisible force). It was remarkable to witness. As the holy angels brought her to the front I continued to war against these demon powers. They shook her body and fought back but was defeated by King Jesus as these demons were commanded to leave in Jesus name!

 Another woman in her late 40’s was completely delivered from demons within seconds of praying over her! She excitedly testified of feeling the demons exit and finally feeling peace within her body! What a great feeling that is! Others testified of feeling released from demonic powers. So many souls with dissociation were supernaturally healed by Jesus! There is no doubt in my mind that we play a integral role within the Body of Christ, internationally, as we are truly disseminating a full gospel message —preaching the gospel, healing the sick, driving out demons and restoring broken hearts that so few are carrying out in our modern times.

 Also in this evening service was an entire family who had been afflicted with the curse of murder from multiple generations –cousins, parents, children and others had been killed over the years. We led the family to break the generational curses and commanded the spirits of death, murder and violence to depart and many quickly departed in Jesus name!

 For many hours I taught from the Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion, I drove out demons and healed the broken in heart! Many were also equipped with vital information on how to combat the powers of darkness. It was encouraging to see so many interested in the mission. Prior to arriving into the Los Angeles area I had been feeling somewhat spiritually drained and attacked as I journeyed into Las Vegas and Seattle prior to coming to California. It was a satanic attack. I pressed on and am victorious in Christ!

 Coming to California was liberating to me personally and felt unusual amount of grace and power to minister. In Pasadena, I held a Extraordinary Encounter which was staggering! Entire families were healed and delivered –including more Russians families (the Russian community has warmed up to this mission and interest has been increasing ever since my mission to the Russians back a few months ago). One precious Russian family that attended the ministry session was a pastor and his family. They were desperate for spiritual assistance. I began to pray and the pastor began to shake violently and convulsed.

 After placing more spiritual pressure on the spirits, a demon name Anti-Christ surfaced.

 “We have been here since 1917, we are not leaving,” the demons boasted, as they revealed that they had gained access to the family blood line, as a result, of his ancestors embracing communism as a way of life. Just think how many in Eastern Europe have been invaded by evil spirits as a result of one’s ancestors who embraced the anti-Christ philosophical belief system of communism.

 “We gained strength when Lenin was in power,” the demons boasted to me again, mentioning the late infamous ruler of Russia who brought to the masses of anti-Christ message that seduced millions in that great land. No doubt, demons simply gained great strength, in those days, as these unholy rulers reigned and unleashed their anti-Christ ideas upon the land.

 Another spirit named blood-lust surfaced.

 “We have killed many,” the demon of blood-lust angrily told me, “We have been in the family since 1927, because the ancestors killed and lusted after human blood.”


 It was also revealed that nearly every family member had demons because the Russian congregation was targeted by evil workers, who sent curses and spells to them, with the hopes of destroying the church. The entire family had a heart for Jesus no wonder they were targeted some of them were on the worship team including one dear lady who had been targeting by evil workers and they afflicting her throat to the point where she could no longer sing as she would have liked as the spirits were robbing her of her speech!

 I spoke to all of the death curses and commanded them to leave her in Jesus name. They fought back from within this worship leader but they too were sent to that pit! Moreover, I commanded the demons to take upon themselves the sickness and the affliction that they had placed upon her. The demons exited along with ALL of the afflictions and I then proceeded to ask her to sing with her new voice. It was shaky at the beginning however within seconds her voice became very strong and led us all in holy worship! Jesus healed this woman and repaired her voice! she now could sing where just moments earlier she could barely speak.

 Also within this family were two young ladies, a seventeen year old and twenty three year old, who dramatically manifested demons as I approached them. They convulsed in a very intense manner.

 The fire of the Holy Spirit on my hands was burning in my hands an very unusual manner where I simply motioned my hands in their direction and they both quickly felt the warmth of God’s love and the demons within them greatly weakened and cried out! In Jesus name many death spirits were cast out of these dear ladies and both were astonished by their own healing and deliverance! The smile, the inner joy being exhibited excited everyone!

 Another lady came under such great attack that they began to speak with her: “Jay, is a fake, he’s not for real.”

 She began to question the ministry that she was seeing before her very own eyes and began to make plans for a quick get-a-away when suddenly turned to her direction and began to pray for her. Immediately the Holy Spirit’s presence so powerfully fell upon her that she was delivered, rather quickly, from demons including Jezebel! she was so happy that she ran outside of the room to an ATM machine and withdrew $100 to support our work as she exclaimed: “Here I was seconds from leaving but thankfully the Lord had mercy and I stayed resulting in my new found freedom in Jesus! Your ministry is for real.”

 Obviously, the devil will speak lies in an attempt to keep you from believing thus obtaining your miracle that God has in store for you!

 I just love it!

 Some others were freed from the Jezebel spirits including one woman from Brazil who spent a lifetime involved in the occult and the New Age movement resulting in her receiving many demons. I dealt with Baal and Jezebel and many others. They were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

 Another precious disciple surfaced the Jezebel spirit and caused her to pass out! I commanded the Jezebel spirit to release her and she did and she was also driven out in Jesus name!

 Not only were numerous demons cast out but so many little heart parts healed by the Savior!

 In our last evening public meeting, in Pasadena, we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate those who came to receive deliverance! The placed was packed and the spiritual excitement was contagious! Again so many souls were freed from demons including a elderly Japanese woman who was sent to a World War II internment camp where she suffered greatly.

 As I began to pray I noticed a serpentine spirit surfaced that eerily stuck her tongue in and out rapidly. It was a snake spirit. I proceeded to minister to her and cutting the snake’s head off and drove the serpentine spirit out of this Japanese lady. She was so happy and relieved as she sought deliverance from this serpent for many decades but no one knew how to assist. I also spoke to a little 5 year old part that was created during her time in the internment camp where she was traumatized. Can’t imagine being placed in a camp like that and how that could affect a little 5 year old soul. It shattered it and was captured by an evil spirit. I dealt with the demon who released the part and the part spoke to me and cried. I led the part to Jesus and part then proceeded to merge with her heart!

Furthermore, I dealt with a little baby within this woman in her 80’s. Baby was deeply wounded and needed healing. Jesus healed baby too! Others were healed and delivered as I ministered to others –demons flew out of many throughout the night as faith and power was being displayed in Jesus name! So many stories! It’s amazing that large percentage of those who attended the various meetings were ministered to by the Spirit of God! Just in our Extraordinary Encounter alone –nearly everyone that attended was healed and free from demons.

On Saturday alone I ministered for more than 12 hours, nearly non-stop, as so many needed deliverance and was shocked to see so many approached me after the meeting pleading with me to consecrate their bottled waters, their oil, blankets and other kinds of cloths. I was deeply humbled and obliged!

It was so wonderful to meet new friend and to see old friends during my time in California. Jesus is worthy to be praised!

I’m currently in Denver, Colorado, where I held, yet another public meeting tonight. Precious individuals and families traveled more than 8 hours to be present. It’s astonishing to see this! People are hungry for deliverance and healing in Jesus name! Again, God was faithful to provide deliverance to the captives. One 13 year old was freed from demons as was some others! Tomorrow more meetings!

Appreciate all your prayers and encouragement! This has been an incredible mission across North America bringing the message of freedom to so many!

By the way, our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training School has been inundated with requests for enrollment questions from nearly every continent of the globe. This is truly exciting to see such a hunger to be equipped in the ministry of deliverance and healing. This training center has already created more than 100 courses. New studies on the Premier Level have been added. Click here for more information: (scroll down and take a peek at the nearly 60 premier level courses being offered). There is not a school in the world like this one. In 2014 we will offer an additional 100 courses with a grand total of more than 200 courses on spiritual warfare, healing, exorcism, the miraculous powers of Jesus, evangelism, and so much more!

 Enrollment information will be sent via email very soon and would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to sign up as there will be a limited amount of slots open for the 2013 school session. More details forthcoming.

 Jesus is Lord!