Outpouring of Jesus Power in Los Angeles

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus ~

 What an amazing mission journey thus far from West Palm Beach to Miami to Grand Rapids to Chicago to Las Vegas to Seattle to Sherman Oaks to Pasadena (Los Angeles area) to Denver. I have ministered 10 days in a row conducting more then 15 private and public meetings seeing dozens set free from demons and dozens miraculously cured of various physical afflictions. What an honor to serve you and our King Jesus!

 As you can imagine I’m getting somewhat tired and request your holy prayers to be sustained! It’s stunning to think of all of many hours and late nights ministering non-stop and God’s strength is there to provide supernatural strength!

 Many of our meetings have been well attended and our most recent Extraordinary Encounter was completely sold out in Los Angeles. I hope to conduct a series of Extraordinary Encounters in the Los Angeles area soon as there is a intense interest in the ministry. Pastors, various kinds of ministers and precious disciples were pleading for me to return soon. I hope to hold at least 3 days of meetings and 3 days of Extraordinary Encounters. I see the interest in Grand Rapids, in West Palm Beach, in Seattle, in Southern California so I look forward to more miracles in the days to come.

 Over the past several days I have been conducting meetings in the Los Angeles, California area, lasting many hours and have seen a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit in each and every meeting. So many were healed and delivered from evil spirits. Too numerous to recount! This mission is enthusiastically received in Southern California. As some of you might be aware I was ordained by a small church north of Los Angeles many years ago and feel the people in this massive city accept our labor in the gospel.  

 Each and every meeting was jammed packed with hungry souls. Precious families and individuals traveled great distances to find relief and healing. God did not disappoint as He extended His mighty hand to set the captives free!

 In Sherman Oaks, outside of Los Angeles, our evening service was well attended and enthusiastically supported. In fact, precious people were arriving hours before the meeting began.

 Souls were delivered from spirits of Jezebel, death, murder, sickness and so much more! Hearts were healed and bodies repaired. One lady that attended was a young 23 year old girl who was formerly a lesbian which resulted her in becoming demonized. As I led her up to the front the spirit of death surfaced and immediately battled the demons. I touched her hands and they were icy cold as if she was entering a death state. Her eyes rolled back in her head and spoke to me.

 “We have her because she cursed herself,” the spirit revealed.

 It turns out this precious girl had indeed cursed herself with death thus allowing the demons the spiritual right to invade her body. These demons, my friends, were trying to kill her. Several times, I felt like I was about to lose her to death. Very serious condition she was in as death lurked and conspired to kill her. We battled and battled. The spirits of death fought back but were defeated in Jesus name!  All of them were cast out and immediately she testified of feeling so much better!

 Another young lady present was inhabited by the spirits of death also. He stared at me with murderous intent. I called forth the mighty holy angels of God to restrain and assist!

 “Holy Angels in Jesus name get ahold of this woman and bring her to the front,” I directed the angels.

 The demons looked stunned and less than 5 seconds later the angels picked her up from her chair and forced her up to the front (later on this precious woman revealed she felt like she was being pushed forward by an invisible force). It was remarkable to witness. As the holy angels brought her to the front I continued to war against these demon powers. They shook her body and fought back but was defeated by King Jesus as these demons were commanded to leave in Jesus name!

 Another woman in her late 40’s was completely delivered from demons within seconds of praying over her! She excitedly testified of feeling the demons exit and finally feeling peace within her body! What a great feeling that is! Others testified of feeling released from demonic powers. So many souls with dissociation were supernaturally healed by Jesus! There is no doubt in my mind that we play a integral role within the Body of Christ, internationally, as we are truly disseminating a full gospel message —preaching the gospel, healing the sick, driving out demons and restoring broken hearts that so few are carrying out in our modern times.

 Also in this evening service was an entire family who had been afflicted with the curse of murder from multiple generations –cousins, parents, children and others had been killed over the years. We led the family to break the generational curses and commanded the spirits of death, murder and violence to depart and many quickly departed in Jesus name!

 For many hours I taught from the Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion, I drove out demons and healed the broken in heart! Many were also equipped with vital information on how to combat the powers of darkness. It was encouraging to see so many interested in the mission. Prior to arriving into the Los Angeles area I had been feeling somewhat spiritually drained and attacked as I journeyed into Las Vegas and Seattle prior to coming to California. It was a satanic attack. I pressed on and am victorious in Christ!

 Coming to California was liberating to me personally and felt unusual amount of grace and power to minister. In Pasadena, I held a Extraordinary Encounter which was staggering! Entire families were healed and delivered –including more Russians families (the Russian community has warmed up to this mission and interest has been increasing ever since my mission to the Russians back a few months ago). One precious Russian family that attended the ministry session was a pastor and his family. They were desperate for spiritual assistance. I began to pray and the pastor began to shake violently and convulsed.

 After placing more spiritual pressure on the spirits, a demon name Anti-Christ surfaced.

 “We have been here since 1917, we are not leaving,” the demons boasted, as they revealed that they had gained access to the family blood line, as a result, of his ancestors embracing communism as a way of life. Just think how many in Eastern Europe have been invaded by evil spirits as a result of one’s ancestors who embraced the anti-Christ philosophical belief system of communism.

 “We gained strength when Lenin was in power,” the demons boasted to me again, mentioning the late infamous ruler of Russia who brought to the masses of anti-Christ message that seduced millions in that great land. No doubt, demons simply gained great strength, in those days, as these unholy rulers reigned and unleashed their anti-Christ ideas upon the land.

 Another spirit named blood-lust surfaced.

 “We have killed many,” the demon of blood-lust angrily told me, “We have been in the family since 1927, because the ancestors killed and lusted after human blood.”


 It was also revealed that nearly every family member had demons because the Russian congregation was targeted by evil workers, who sent curses and spells to them, with the hopes of destroying the church. The entire family had a heart for Jesus no wonder they were targeted some of them were on the worship team including one dear lady who had been targeting by evil workers and they afflicting her throat to the point where she could no longer sing as she would have liked as the spirits were robbing her of her speech!

 I spoke to all of the death curses and commanded them to leave her in Jesus name. They fought back from within this worship leader but they too were sent to that pit! Moreover, I commanded the demons to take upon themselves the sickness and the affliction that they had placed upon her. The demons exited along with ALL of the afflictions and I then proceeded to ask her to sing with her new voice. It was shaky at the beginning however within seconds her voice became very strong and led us all in holy worship! Jesus healed this woman and repaired her voice! she now could sing where just moments earlier she could barely speak.

 Also within this family were two young ladies, a seventeen year old and twenty three year old, who dramatically manifested demons as I approached them. They convulsed in a very intense manner.

 The fire of the Holy Spirit on my hands was burning in my hands an very unusual manner where I simply motioned my hands in their direction and they both quickly felt the warmth of God’s love and the demons within them greatly weakened and cried out! In Jesus name many death spirits were cast out of these dear ladies and both were astonished by their own healing and deliverance! The smile, the inner joy being exhibited excited everyone!

 Another lady came under such great attack that they began to speak with her: “Jay, is a fake, he’s not for real.”

 She began to question the ministry that she was seeing before her very own eyes and began to make plans for a quick get-a-away when suddenly turned to her direction and began to pray for her. Immediately the Holy Spirit’s presence so powerfully fell upon her that she was delivered, rather quickly, from demons including Jezebel! she was so happy that she ran outside of the room to an ATM machine and withdrew $100 to support our work as she exclaimed: “Here I was seconds from leaving but thankfully the Lord had mercy and I stayed resulting in my new found freedom in Jesus! Your ministry is for real.”

 Obviously, the devil will speak lies in an attempt to keep you from believing thus obtaining your miracle that God has in store for you!

 I just love it!

 Some others were freed from the Jezebel spirits including one woman from Brazil who spent a lifetime involved in the occult and the New Age movement resulting in her receiving many demons. I dealt with Baal and Jezebel and many others. They were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

 Another precious disciple surfaced the Jezebel spirit and caused her to pass out! I commanded the Jezebel spirit to release her and she did and she was also driven out in Jesus name!

 Not only were numerous demons cast out but so many little heart parts healed by the Savior!

 In our last evening public meeting, in Pasadena, we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate those who came to receive deliverance! The placed was packed and the spiritual excitement was contagious! Again so many souls were freed from demons including a elderly Japanese woman who was sent to a World War II internment camp where she suffered greatly.

 As I began to pray I noticed a serpentine spirit surfaced that eerily stuck her tongue in and out rapidly. It was a snake spirit. I proceeded to minister to her and cutting the snake’s head off and drove the serpentine spirit out of this Japanese lady. She was so happy and relieved as she sought deliverance from this serpent for many decades but no one knew how to assist. I also spoke to a little 5 year old part that was created during her time in the internment camp where she was traumatized. Can’t imagine being placed in a camp like that and how that could affect a little 5 year old soul. It shattered it and was captured by an evil spirit. I dealt with the demon who released the part and the part spoke to me and cried. I led the part to Jesus and part then proceeded to merge with her heart!

Furthermore, I dealt with a little baby within this woman in her 80’s. Baby was deeply wounded and needed healing. Jesus healed baby too! Others were healed and delivered as I ministered to others –demons flew out of many throughout the night as faith and power was being displayed in Jesus name! So many stories! It’s amazing that large percentage of those who attended the various meetings were ministered to by the Spirit of God! Just in our Extraordinary Encounter alone –nearly everyone that attended was healed and free from demons.

On Saturday alone I ministered for more than 12 hours, nearly non-stop, as so many needed deliverance and was shocked to see so many approached me after the meeting pleading with me to consecrate their bottled waters, their oil, blankets and other kinds of cloths. I was deeply humbled and obliged!

It was so wonderful to meet new friend and to see old friends during my time in California. Jesus is worthy to be praised!

I’m currently in Denver, Colorado, where I held, yet another public meeting tonight. Precious individuals and families traveled more than 8 hours to be present. It’s astonishing to see this! People are hungry for deliverance and healing in Jesus name! Again, God was faithful to provide deliverance to the captives. One 13 year old was freed from demons as was some others! Tomorrow more meetings!

Appreciate all your prayers and encouragement! This has been an incredible mission across North America bringing the message of freedom to so many!

By the way, our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training School has been inundated with requests for enrollment questions from nearly every continent of the globe. This is truly exciting to see such a hunger to be equipped in the ministry of deliverance and healing. This training center has already created more than 100 courses. New studies on the Premier Level have been added. Click here for more information: http://ifreedomfighter.org/training.php (scroll down and take a peek at the nearly 60 premier level courses being offered). There is not a school in the world like this one. In 2014 we will offer an additional 100 courses with a grand total of more than 200 courses on spiritual warfare, healing, exorcism, the miraculous powers of Jesus, evangelism, and so much more!

 Enrollment information will be sent via email very soon and would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to sign up as there will be a limited amount of slots open for the 2013 school session. More details forthcoming.

 Jesus is Lord!

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