Exorcism at Catholic Church: 9 Year Old Freed from Demons

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I have been here in beautiful central Florida, in the Orlando area, with my family, enjoying some time together. It’s been refreshing! I am also here to serve the dear people at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Parish at their deliverance conference. Earlier this evening I taught and ministered to those bound by evil spirits. Though we were small in number God was pleased to display His great power to set the captives FREE! Within minutes of beginning the deliverance service demons started manifesting within those enslaved to demonic powers including those within a little 9 year old girl named Lisa. Almost immediately she began to convulse by the demons within her. I brought her up to the front of the sanctuary and we began to battle the demonic spirits. 

As I battled (along with the priest) the evil spirits, they began to manifest and spoke to me. These were very strange sounding spirits. Sounded like some sort of little creature from the forest –the noises it was making. It squealed.

“We are here because people cursed her! We are here to torment her,” the demons boasted to me. 

They were indeed tormenting this precious 9 year old girl. 

“We are the ones that shake her, lie to her, and give her headaches.”

Immediately I laid my hand upon her and commanded the demons to let go of the head in Jesus name!

Almost immediately, the spirits released and her and Lisa testified of feeling zero pain! I think this near-automatic healing encouraged this young girl!

I then began to battle the tormenting spirits within her and discovered that some of these spirits had been sent by those involved in voodoo and witchcraft to destroy the church and the priest (who is a dear friend of mine who endorses the deliverance and healing ministry). 

The demons spoke through her mouth and tried to resist. They were untold numbers of demons within this young girl as we drove out many and sent them to the pit in Jesus name!

Some of the demons even tried to convince her that that she wasn’t beautiful and worth of God’s love! I had her affirm these truths and as she did it was breaking down the demons.

They began to squeal louder….”NOOOOOOOO” as I led Lisa in prayer.

“We are not leaving but Jesus tells us to leave her alone.”

“Well, you better listen to the Lord Jesus!”

With that I began commanding the demons to release her and sent them to the pit! They flew out of her and she was truly delivered! Her smile and inner peace said it all! She was FREE indeed!

My heart is deeply touched seeing such young children being demonized and needing the ministry of exorcism. Thank God we were there to intervene!

While ministering to Lisa others manifested demons and some reported even reporting a measure of freedom too as they felt demons exiting out of their bodies and minds while I ministered!

I’m seeing more and more of this when people are simply getting deliverance by being present in our meetings! 

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