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Extraordinary Jesus Power in Atlanta (also report from China)

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Atlanta, Georgia ministering to those bound by evil spirits. I arrived here last night from Memphis where God was pleased to display His power over the enemy. It has been a battle to get to this point of the mission. Allow me to explain.

First, prior to the mission I was horribly attacked by witchcraft curses which brought forth some intense physical afflictions. In Jesus name I overcame the attacks. Then while traveling from Nashville to Memphis one late night in a mountainous area the enemy placed a wolf in front of my car requiring me to unexpectedly having to swerve around the wolf that was walking across the highway. Thankfully no other cars were beside me as I would have almost assuredly hit into one thus causing an accident. The following day I was threatened by spirits of murder, within a 51 year old mother, who proudly declared they would like to kill me. During my time of ministry I felt the spiritual pressure but continued on with the work of the gospel. The following day, I exorcised thousands of demonic spirits including murder, insanity, Jezebel and many others. 

Some of the spirits spoke in a formal elegant British accent (mind you this lady has never traveled to the UK) and some of the spirits spoke in a Germanic accent. These were violent spirits. They would hit her, they would curse her, they would boast how they were destroying the family and in particular targeted the young daughter. 

“We are draining her of her energy. We are sucking her dry,” the demons pridefully revealed, “We are here to destroy her and take her to hell.”

“By the way, Jay, we will destroy your ministry! We will create false accusations, we will make up false crimes, we will lie about you to destroy you. We have a plan in motion, get ready.”

I take these threats very seriously. I remain on guard. I have made many spiritual enemies. I am hated by many. Many are plotting my death. Did not our Lord endure such? False crimes were planted against him. His apostles endured the same. Disciples are hated by the world and evil plot against the righteous. 

The demons twisted her body in very unusually ways. They literally pulled out chunks (rather large chunks) of her hair out. No pain. They would rip out handfuls of her hair. These spirits revealed of the disgusting and perverse acts they seek to carry out using the body of this woman. So concerned, the lady begged me: “Jay, please, I beg of you, chain me up! Please! You and my husband need to lock me up. I am dangerous.”

We trusted in the power of Jesus to deliver. God protected us.

They were all sent to the pit in Jesus name.

Furthermore, in this ministry session, the young 23 year old daughter, was set free from Masonic curses and demons. When I removed the Masonic noose from her neck there was immediate release and she could actually breath much better (she had testified she had been experiencing respiratory problems for a number of years) –her quality of life instantly changed within seconds. Her father was also swiftly delivered and release from the dark powers of Satan. 

From Memphis I traveled onto Atlanta where I met up with a well educated family who had been experiencing demonic terrors in their home and personal lives. This more than 12 hour deliverance session was stunning! Thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name from the mother, father, and children. This precious family were well prepared and humble before the Lord. The father who is a well respected physician did not know where to turn for help as he lived in a haunted home and his entire family was experiencing terrible attacks from the enemy –strange creatures roaming the home, hearing the sound of babies crying, smelling foul odors, and so much more. His kids are attacked by animal spirit entities. His wife mentally and physical tortured by evil spirits. This highly educated father and husband did not know where to turn to so he turn to this mission hoping we would intervene. We did by God’s grace.

Within minutes of conversing with the family I found out many doors were opened to the demonic:


  • Family were members of a Celestial Church (those of you from Western Africa are familiar with these kinds of churches that practice spiritualism and witchcraft).
  • Husband and wife, for more than 12 years, practiced various Celestial Church rituals such spiritual baths, chanting, drinking unholy water, eating demon food, lighting strange candles, and so much more. 
  • The father’s ancestors were polygamists and idol worshippers.
  • The father was dedicated to a marine demon (those in Africa and Asia are familiar with these kinds of marine spirits that are found in idol worshipping communities that are located near coastlines).
  • The mother entered into false marriages with spirit husbands and spirit wives. 
  • Both husband and wife were victims of numerous witchcraft curses –all because they were successful and friends and family were jealous thus creating resentment that led to curse sending. The curses were sent with the hopes of seeing their marriage, their finances, their children, and their lives destroyed. It should be noted that we the people of God should remain ever vigilant as there are enemies all around us who plot against us hoping for our destruction. Do not be naive. Place yourself under the protective care of the blood of Christ.
  • The wife was hit by a car.
  • The wife practiced yoga.
  • The wife had been sexually assaulted at a early age by a maid.
  • The wife had undergone the nightmare of being kidnapped

As you can see many doorways to the demonic had been opened. As I began to pray a little 5 year old dissociative identity surfaced and poured out tremendous amount of grief and hurt. This part of her broken heart was healed. A 9 year old surfaced too. She had been sexually violated at a early age. The maid while assaulting her said: I was hurt like this too. A powerful man came into our village and gathered all the children and assaulted them.

My friends, there are spiritually powerfully people with great demon powers who are conducting demonically inspired raids –targeting children for ritual abuse, for sexual assault, for satanic experimentation, and so much more. Parents, please hear me: your children are being targeted. Do not be naive. We do not live in a pure world. We live in a fallen world with fallen people (many programmed and filled with Illuminati spirits) and fallen angels. Be ever on guard.

Both broken hearts parts were supernaturally healed by the Lord Jesus Christ! As I encountered them I also came across numerous –numbering in the thousands– of powerful demons. 


  • African marine spirits that often took this dear lady into secret water kingdoms where horrible spiritual torment took place
  • African spirit wives and husbands that forced unholy secret marriages
  • African witchcraft spirits that went back many generations ago as a result of human and animal sacrifice
  • Jezebel spirits 
  • Celestial Church spirits of “Mon,” that were hell bent on murdering
  • Animal spirits such as tiger & snake
  • Hindu spirits 
  • Insanity spirits
  • Devil spirits
  • Destruction spirits
  • Celestial spirits behind the ceremonial baths, drinking of ceremonial water and eating of ceremonial food

For many hours until late night I battled and battled one demon after another. Many were quite demonstrative in their physical abilities. At one point, when the demon called “Mon” surfaced he calmly explained to me that he must murder the children and headed that direction. I called upon legions of holy angels and they came and stopped the demons. I told the angels to carry the the woman back into the living room (which they did). 

In many of our recent meetings, we are seeing phenomenal miracles of God’s angels in action. Many hours of angels assisting us, restraining demons, picking their victims off the ground and so much more. It’s quite amazing to witness. I never take this for granted. We are truly blessed by God with extraordinary miracle working power that include the ministry of God’s holy angels. 

The angels used their many weapons to strike the demons, they stopped the demons, they lifted up arms, entire bodies off the ground, caused their victims to freeze into place.

I recall dealing with a spirit called the devil. While battling him, he often tried to run away so I asked the angels to place spiritual nails into the devil spirits legs to prevent them from moving around so easily. The angels hammered some nails into place and the devil spirits were furious with me!

“Why did you put glue on our feet. We cannot move. Release us now! Allow us to go free!” the devil spirits begged.

We witnessed the angels battle with incredible power. I’m telling you my friends this aspect of this mission is totally unique in this regard.

I could recount in just this one long session at least three dozen angelic powerful acts. There were that many angels present to help as these African spirits were fighting hard. However, they were defeated in the name of Jesus!

“We own her, we have married her, we have rings on her, we have many devices in her, we have many curses upon her,” the spirits revealed to me.

At one point it took one powerful demon many minutes to remove all the devices, curses, ceremonial garb, and afflictions they had placed on her from her years of participating in the Celestial Church. 

Many of these entities acted out like animals. They moaned, hissed, growled, and made other beastly like noises. They threw this woman around like a ragged doll. They rolled her eyed behind her head and caused her body to contort in very inhumane like positions. It was grotesque and dark.

All of these evil beings were driven out and sent to the pit! Many of them fell prostrate as they saw the ascended Savior. They had been defeated. 

So much healing and deliverance took place in this family. Their children received a mighty deliverance. One was delivered from a snake spirit, another from a spirit of tiger. These spirits were literally acting like these animals. 

I have encountered many animal spirits –pigs, tigers, snakes, scorpions, spiders, and so many others. One marine spirit I dealt with this evening tried to swim away from me like a fish. Another marine spirit looked like it was flopping in some water. One marine spirits screamed!

“You are burning my arm, I need water, I need water.”

This was after I placed Holy Spirit fire on the arms of these marine spirits. 

The numerous miracles that took place could fill a 200 page book easy! 

My friends, we need extraordinary Jesus power. At one point, as I walked around the room, numerous demons were exiting the home as I felt Jesus power coming out from within me forcing these spirits to fly away. Stunning!

In these last days, as evil spirits are making their powers known, we need to counter with Jesus power. We need you to walk in the powers of the miraculous. Wouldn’t you like to understand how to walk in this tremendous power? You can! Jesus desires to use YOU!

A ministry partner of mine in China, named Steve, emailed me a stunning report where many were manifesting spirits in a public meeting that he was ministering at, some in a extreme manner. For 6 hours, he drove out demons, with great spiritual power, in this public meeting. Untold numbers were exorcised! He shared how he just simply loves the public deliverance meetings where Jesus power can be manifested! He also revealed he’s training others and one guy he trained (whom he cast demons out of) is now in Shanghai casting demons out, healing broken hearts, and dealing with human interjects on a “daily basis.”

On daily basis! This is awesome! Steve, myself and our other ministry partners are raising up a spiritual special forces unit to invade spiritually dark areas of the globe for the advancement of the Kingdom of God here on earth! I sense the tangible empowerment of the Holy Spirit strong with me. I am expecting greater miracles in the days to come! Join us! Will you dare? Jesus is willing!

Murder Demon Speaks to Me: We want to kill you!

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 I’m currently in Memphis, Tennessee, conducting some private meetings with those tormented by evil spirits. For the next 5 days I’ll be traveling to various cities throughout America ministering to those in desperate intervention. Just earlier this afternoon, I met with a family that is horribly afflicted. Within minutes of my arrival demons surfaced within the 51 year old mother. They manifested disfiguring her face and throwing her to the ground. Spirits of murder, death, Jezebel, destruction, rage, and perversion surfaced. At one point the spirit of murder surfaced and bluntly told me: “I want to kill you!”

 The husband takes these threats very seriously (who wouldn’t?) and has locked up all the knives in the home. He’s at the end of knowing what to do. This woman (I’ll refer to her as Martha) has attended church. In fact, they attend one of the largest churches in the nation –Bellevue Baptist Church– yet not one single pastor has ever led her in deliverance prayers. Sad.

 Because of some serious generational curses that have passed through the bloodline that were never confronted Martha thus has suffered greatly. Moreover, because of her past participation in the occult that has coupled to bring forth some intensive demonic bondage into her life. While ministering to Martha a little 5 year old dissociative identity surfaced. Along with this hurting heart part was a evil spirit of fear. I commanded the demon to release the part (it did) and was able to minister to the little part. Many other heart parts surfaced. Due to time constraints we were not able to go any further however we another meeting tomorrow. I thank you for praying.

 Prior to my arrival to Memphis, I was viciously attacked by a very strange and intense physical affliction like what I experienced in India lat year. I spent many hours in bed (another reason why I haven’t been able to respond to some of your emails). Despite the intense pain I still fulfilled a promise I made to my children by taking them to a wildlife park. While on the way back home from the park, the Holy Spirit loudly told me, while driving, the source of the attack: WITCHCRAFT!

 Immediately, I took authority over the curse sent my way, broke off the witchcraft spell and not too long later I was back on the road to recovery. Now, I’m back 100%. Jesus protects His children. However, I remain on guard as the spirit of murder here in Memphis is furious with me. I remain vigilant. There are many evil spirits and workers seeking to murder me.

 Though I am battling many fronts God is encouraging my heart with powerful testimonies that we receive on a near daily basis. As some of you might recall I was in the Middle East earlier this year conducting home church meetings in a Islamic state where I was honored to lead the saints in Holy Communion, baptism, and even married a South African couple after their deliverance from demons. This miraculous event in my ministry events in the Middle East has caused a supernatural stir! Read the email I received from the couple I married:

 “Hi Minister Jay! How are you? There is no excuse for me taking such a long time to contact you, but you’ve been on my mind a lot in the past 2 weeks. I love your blog! So many of our friends and family are going to go see you when you are in South Africa in 2 weeks. God sent us on a mission when we were in SA in March, we couldn’t stop telling people about our encounter with the Holy Spirit and how Jesus has used you to change our lives. Awie even sat down with a stranger and spoke to her about God! Everything has changed so dramatically, we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with us constantly. Our relationship has changed so much, I think about how we were in the past, it’s almost like we were strangers.”

 This is awesome! Their lives were so dramatically changed, because of the ministry that took place in the Middle East, that now they are seeking to minister to others. I’m deeply humbled.

 They noted that they have been sharing with others about our upcoming South African mission. We have some powerful meetings scheduled in some of the largest cities in South Africa and encourage you to get the word out as we are fully expecting massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit in each and every meeting. We need your holy prayers of protection too. I look forward to being back in Africa. Some of my most memorable ministry experiences have occurred in Africa as I have traveled in many nations seeing thousands come to Jesus Christ as Savior in large evangelistic meetings. I’ll share more on these meetings very soon. Be sure to check out our African ministry schedule here:

 Also another testimony came in as a result of our Maximum Spiritual Ministry Online Events:

 “Dear Jay praying for you and your Wife, and your children Sahara, Ranger and Ford for prosperity, joy, love, wisdom, discernment and courage to continue pressing in on the love of Jesus. Thank you so much for making time to prepare and to cover these very interesting and powerful topics in the maximum spiritual immunity podcast. We listened to it together this afternoon while our little one had a long sleep (Thank you Jesus). Sections that stood out for us are: The variety of spiritual weapons that we have to serve us in our lives – we will start to using them on a daily bases, like the ability to call upon the angels to minister to us and strengthen us like they did with Jesus, the ability to consecrate the Holy water and oil and how to apply it to our daily lives. Highlighting the virgin Mary and her true purity and role that she plays in the deliverance ministry. Thank you Jay, we look forward in learning more from more of your podcast.”