“I was delivered from Jezebel & King of Fear!”

As I look back on 2013 thus far I must proclaim the extraordinary acts of our great God! 

  • I have been on the road nearly 3.5 months (out of 6 months)
  • Have traveled to 15 different nations on 5 continents (easily on path to 30 nations this year alone –this is astounding only by God’s grace)
  • Have conducted more than 152 public and private meetings (easily on path to more than 300 meetings –this is another amazing fact only by God’s grace)
  • Have survived more than a few dozen very violent exorcisms where I have been physically assaulted
  • Have preached the gospel to very large live gatherings such as the Mardi Gras Gospel Outreach —perhaps 30,000+ souls in one meeting alone
  • Witnessed many souls touched with the love of Jesus by responding in repentance and faith in Him –simply the greatest miracle of all
  • Have seen many hundreds exorcised from evil spirits and miraculously healed (bodies and hearts)
  • Witnessed incredible unusual miracles –such as utilizing Holy Spirit fire, ministering with legions of holy angels, using consecrated objects to heal and liberate
  • Hearing many souls testify of seeing the ascended Jesus
  • Administering the holy sacraments: ordaining precious men and woman of God into the ministry, water baptizing, marrying couples and leading souls in Holy Communion
  • Writing another 10 booklets (nearly 50 volumes –books/booklets have now been written)
  • Tens of thousands are listening to the “Deliverance with Jay Bartlett” global radio presentations
  • Thousands are freely downloading our materials
  • Thousands are freely downloading our videos
  • We are equipping thousands of disciples in the ministry of evangelism, healing and deliverance
  • Developed an International Training School –dozens have enrolled from 5 continents (classes begin October 1st)

Jesus has been faithful. I am deeply humbled by Him. I bow to Jesus.

Nearly every day I am receiving some powerful testimonies from our last mission to Africa. What excites me is disciples of Jesus that we have inspired and trained reaching so many others. Our work is multiplying. Read this testimony from a sister in the Lord in South Africa:

“Jay, we are getting a lot of people coming in for deliverance and I am so excited how fast God is moving in training us up. The Holy Spirit is moving so fast with me – I sense an urgency in the spirit to be equipped and ready…almost feels like we have to get trained / equipped so that we can train and equip our brothers and sisters. What a privilege! I was delivered from the Jezebel and the king of fear, but at the same time, God also delivered me from a few other things and restored some other issues in my life :

– eating excessively (especially sweets and sugar), almost as if God wants me to eat and drink like Daniel (a lot of fruit and water). I started losing weight without any dieting or effort – Praise God!

– I have patience and tolerance with my loved ones and strangers I never had before

– I hear the voice of the Lord so clearly and constantly. I am praying at midnight now – wow there is a change in the spirit!

– I battled to pray or minister in English, now it comes naturally, as if God just opens my mouth

– God also prompt me to do a Holy Communion fast last week on Friday.  Wow the Holy Spirit shared so much with me during that day


Once again I would like to thank God for you equipping His people to get free – our prayers remain with you man of God.”

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