South African Pastor Battling Warlock Human Interject!


Dear Friends of Jesus ~

When I was in Johannesburg , South Africa, a few weeks ago, we ministered at a powerful church —Elohiym Christian Ministries– pastored by a fellow apostle Sean Tracey, who completely supports the apostolic ministry of casting out demons and healing the sick. He invited me to come and minister over a course of several days conducting public seminars and meetings where we saw many souls freed from evil spirits. Moreover, I was able to teach on the subject of deliverance and inner healing resulting in many saints being equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom. Even this precious pastor was encouraged and equipped with the necessary information to minister to others. I have been receiving some beautiful emails from him that encourages my heart that I would like to share with you.

“Hi Brother Jay.


“WOW”, is all I can say.


Since you left, I have been busy every day and evening. From planning our next outreach to full blown deliverance meetings, mostly private session. I had to pick up on those who did not have the time to sit with you. It’s been amazing, I draw blood lines, I separate the person from the spirits, and bang…there we go…WAR. Does not always happen like that, but generally. I was busy all day Saturday with deliverance and all day Sunday…had 4 hours sleep between Saturday and Sunday. Wanted to just touch base again, thanks again for releasing these gifts in me…now the work can begin.


I have brought back past cases, including the original one that caused me to seek your notes on DID, wow, fantastic…many heart pieces have been restored but there is so much, will be doing follow ups. There is a family I’m dealing with…mother, daughter and niece…there were affected by a satanic coven (the mom was married to the warlock) and while ministering with these 3 individuals, the warlock –the ex-husband, interjects through them. Had to deal with the same guy thrice…by the third time when he came up…I had to laugh…he called me by name and said…”not you again”…”

Because we took the time to teach on deep subjects such as human interjects we have been able to train disciples on how to minister in a deeper manner thus freeing and healing many. This pastor –Sean Tracey– is now equipped and is now dealing with dissociative identities (broken heart parts) and human interjects (fragmented soul parts that invade humans) all the time in ministry meetings. 

I can think of a handful of ministries in all of the world that are equipped to deal with human interjects for example. We are playing a unique role in the Body of Christ –training a spiritual special forces unit that are empowered by the Holy Spirit to wage war on these multiple fronts.  Perhaps you are desiring to be equipped to be able to effectively minister in these areas –well, we have created a International Training School that is dedicated with this task. You can sign up today! (There are payments plans available)

Not only did we train South Africans but pastors from other southern African nations –such as in Angola, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. In fact, a dear pastor in Namibia just reported to me that he’s been dealing with many cases of demonization in and outside of the church since his arrival back home. This ministry has truly multiplied itself on a global basis. This encourages my heart greatly. 

In a few weeks I’ll be in Australia continuing this mission. I need your holy prayers and support. The war is intensifying, trust me on this. We need to fight back in Jesus name! Our first meetings on this upcoming mission to Australia will be in the city of Perth at the Perth Christian Community Church (445 Charles Street, North Perth). The Holy Spirit spoke to me on what to teach on the Wednesday and Thursday nights I’ll be there (public meetings start at 7:30pm). On Wednesday night I will be speaking on the “Prisons of Satan,” and on Thursday night I will be speaking on “Witchcraft Curse Breaking & Ancient Affirmations.” From Perth we will be moving onward to Sydney (one of the largest cities on the continent) for a series of meetings then back to Perth for more meetings at a Lutheran Church. Then back home for a few days then back to Australia to hold meetings in Melbourne. More on all of these meetings soon. 

We are blessed by our King Jesus and we are here to serve you!

Jay Bartlett

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