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Most Powerful Deliverance Event in Africa

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I have held and conducted scores of meetings throughout Africa however today’s meetings were the most powerful deliverance meetings I have ever conducted on this entire continent. The miracles we witnessed today were stunning and staggering. For the past several days we have held more than 6 public meetings at the Golden Pond Meeting Hall in the Johannesburg area that was sponsored by a local church pastored by Sean Tracey. Each meeting more and more people attended and the spiritual power simply increased each night. I have conducted dozens and dozens of exorcisms and seen many miraculously healed in the past several days. We decided to dedicate this night to the breaking of the curses of generational witchcraft and sorcery. 

The manifestations were extremely violent once we did. I was threatened to be murdered by a demonic spirit, named Baal, who was within a lady who was attending the meetings. This precious woman’s father had once dedicated her to Satan thus the great torment she suffered under all of these years. The demons screamed: I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you! Baal was furious as we had expelled Jezebel and her companions. She lost her right to stay within this woman and now Baal was desperate. 

As Baal ferociously battled me. I called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived to assist me in the ministry of deliverance. In our two public meetings today, we witnessed the holy angels drawing their swords and piercing the invading demons that sought to stay within their victims. Many demons threw people on the ground on this day and the holy angels assisted us in picking them up off the ground without human aid being necessary. They restrained, they ministered, they offered their mighty powers. These precious angelic beings were readily being used by us to minister in so many lives. 

Numerous spirits of divination, the occult, satanism, witchcraft, and sorcery were confronted in Jesus name and driven out. Soul ties were broken, curses were renounced and curses broken. As the spiritual rights were being removed the demons surfaced and tried to deter us from casting them out. One demon even wanted to make a deal with me.

“I’ll give you 5 million if you just allow us to stay,” the demons said as they offered to make a deal with me with the hopes of me taking him up on the offer.

The signs and wonders that were evident today were amazing! So many were trained, encouraged and healed. I dealt with human interjects, cursed objects within bodies, multitudes of evil spirits, broken heart parts, and various kinds of strange diseases that these demons had brought into their lives. 

In each case souls were released from demonic bondage and many heart parts surfaced and were supernaturally healed by the power of God. Many of the parts testified of seeing Jesus. Even a number of pastors remarked that they had never seen anything like this before –the fullness of the gospel in operation– the preaching, the healing of bodies, the repairing of broken hearts and the casting out demons. 

Many powerful witchcraft demons surfaced within many in the hall thus causing many bodies to be twisted and contorted in various extreme ways. The demons here in South Africa are quite strong and yet Jesus defeated each of them causing to enter the pit where demons belong!

Another lady, who now desires to enter the gospel ministry as a deliverance worker, as a result of her newfound freedom, was dramatically released from spirits of Jezebel. The spirits screamed, they tried to escape, and were quite aggressive as they held onto her family for many generations. Many curses were passed down through the blood-line as a result of her ancestors embracing idol worship thousands of years ago .

“No one has ever confronted us in more than 64 generations, we hate you, we want to kill you!”

Again another case of demonization where demons felt at home because no one in the church even challenged them. Also explains their aggressiveness as they were moments away from losing their 2500 year right to the ancestral blood-line. As this precious woman of God renounced the rights the demons were confronted and then set to the pit. They flew out of her with all of their afflictions as they confessed to causing numerous sicknesses and diseases. This woman was dramatically healed from numerous physical afflictions. Not only was she was set free but also her husband and her two children. In each case demons were driven out with a word and they swiftly departed. 

During these meetings today a number of souls were delivered from demons and healed of various pains and afflictions simply by being present in the meeting hall where the Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully in our midst. I was also deeply moved by the amount of people who were dedicating themselves to the service of the Kingdom of God. These precious South Africans were joyfully receiving the ministry of the word and miracles. Many were testifying how empowered they felt as a result of the many hours of teaching I offered over the past few days. So many are now equipped to further the work of the gospel. 

After our morning service I was honored to meet up with a small group of pastors from southern Africa that desire to start churches and to organize open air evangelistic meetings in their cities. What was remarkable was that each of these pastors came from various nations within this region of the world, places I feel the Holy Spirit was wanting me to visit to preach the gospel. Some of these pastors serve as overseers of many churches in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. This was a meeting where we discussed evangelistic strategy to reach entire nations for Jesus. I’m quite excited about the doors that the Lord Jesus has opened to this mission that will enable to us to reach generations of Africans with the good news of Jesus. 

Mind you all of these pastors and overseers came to these recent South African meetings as a result of this mission to Johannesburg. We will be conducting an extensive evangelistic tour of these southern African nations and believe many thousands will be won to Jesus as a result! Thank you for praying and believing in this mission that is gospel centered in everything we do. 

Prior to this pastor’s meeting I preached at a local church and God was pleased to confirm the preaching of His Word with signs and wonders. After concluding my message I led everyone in Holy Communion and then began to pray for those afflicted with evil spirits and those sick with infirmities. Immediately powerful satanic spirits surfaced within a woman that has a extensive background in the occult and satanism as her family was involved. These were very violent and bloodthirsty spirits hell bent on killing me. They attempted to eat me as they opened her mouth like a wild beast and tried to chew on my body. They aggressively pushed me, they tried to strangle me, they threw Bibles, they threw the Holy Communion and they spat on me. It was disgusting. My face was a target as they spat on me with utter hatred. 

“We hate you!” the spirits forcefully told me, “We will never leave her!”

I called forth the holy angels and they came and assisted us in ministering to her as the demons battled me with extreme violence and hatred. There were African marine spirits along with a Islamic spirit called Baboon and a spirit named Dr. Gogo –an Islamic doctor, that had the ability to transform into a baboon, whom the family knew, who cruelly inserted satanic needles within her body to torment her– a group of local believers have extracted a number of physical needles from her already. The marine spirits revealed that she was forcefully taken to various spiritual underwater kingdoms where they offered her as a sacrifice. Moreover, in this demonic kingdom, she was forced to dance in rituals and with various kinds of sea monsters that tortured her. Horrific demonic activity!

These Luciferian spirit beings were confronted in the power of the Holy Spirit and were cast into the pit. Many other souls were dramatically delivered during the morning service. Many of those with dissociation and those with human interjects were cured also. The tangible presence of God was felt by all and for many hours we ministered to those whom were sick and afflicted. Jesus cured many from demonic possession and other afflictions. I wanted to share more however I am running out of time as I about to depart for Piet Retief where we will be conducting more public meetings. 

Mighty Miracles in Africa

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The mission thus far in southern Africa has been quite fruitful. Many demonic spirits have been driven out in Jesus name! Many disciples are being trained to carry on the work of the kingdom and many are being healed supernaturally.

I just concluded another meeting here in the Johannesburg area of South Africa where we are holding daily ministry events. In each session we are seeing God’s grace being extended and more people attending the meetings. Just today alone I ministered in 3 different sessions teaching the disciples on how to cast out demons and heal those broken in heart. There is an incredible hunger for more teaching and many were begging me to stay longer as there is such a need for the deliverance ministry as so many souls are bound by the powers of the devil. 

I was astonished to see so many interested in the mission. Some families and individuals traveled great distances to be present –to learn and to experience deliverance in their own lives. I have been honored to serve the church here in South Africa. 

We continued this evening with another public deliverance service and it was well attended. Though it was even colder than the previous night many came to the meeting expectant of the miracle working power of Jesus. Our Savior did not disappoint. 

For hours we learned from the Scriptures, took Holy Communion, and prayed. Moreover, we took the time to minister to those bound by satanic forces. Immediately many demons surfaced. There were many torments, pains and afflictions that were manifesting in those in the church hall.

A number of people were set free from evil spirits. Some were instantaneously liberated and healed including a young woman who was experiencing difficulty with her eyesight. As I commanded her eyes to be made well she exclaimed: My eyes are back to normal, pastor Jay! God swiftly healed her eyes. There were others I prayed for that were healed quickly from various pains and torments.

I ministered to two teenagers who were manifesting spirits in a demonstrative manner. In the one case there were generational spirits of witchcraft and ancestral worship. These were renounced by her and the demonic spirits were expelled. The other teenager was being vexed by tormenting spirits. He was, too, set free from demons. Another lady I ministered to was completely thrown to the ground by the demons. Many spirits were expelled from her body including many mind controlling spirits. 

After expelling so many spirits I had everyone lift up their right hands and asked God to fill everyone and their hands with the liquid love of Jesus. Then I proceed to ask everyone to throw this liquid love upon this dear woman and it was such a powerful spiritual force that she literally staggered on stage as the love of God was overpowering her and healing her. It was astonishing to witness.

We also led everyone to break various kinds of witchcraft curses and ceremonies. Many were being liberated by simply renouncing the evil. I was truly encouraged to see everyone participate and to battle the powers of evil in Jesus name!

Also in the meeting were a few satanic ritual survivors. One precious lady testified of being placed upon some rocks and being dedicated to the devil by her OWN FATHER who was a satanic priest when she was a young girl! Moreover, there were also a small group of lay ministers from another church that were attending these meetings that shared with me a very difficult case they have been working on for many months whereby they literally extracted various kinds of objects from a woman formerly involved in the occult . They have removed dozens of cursed pins and needles from the lady that have been assisting. They have removed numerous strange wiring from her body also. They have driven out many hundreds of various kinds of demons. This woman will be at the meeting tomorrow and will ask for your prayers so that we might effectively minister to her in the power of the Spirit. 

There were some in the evening meeting entering into demonic trances, convulsions, and contortions. As the demons were being commanded to leave, many spirits departed by screaming, yawning, vomiting and via other means. Jesus was proving a mighty deliverance to many and we thank God for His mercy!

Here in Africa sorcery, spiritism, the occult, voodoo, witchcraft, ancestral worship, idol worship is quite common. There are millions needing to hear Jesus delivers! Appreciate your prayers as I seek to bring the message of liberation to the nations of Africa.

Overcoming Witchcraft in Africa!

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in the Johannesburg, South Africa, teaching and ministering to those bound by evil spirits. It’s great to be back in Africa. As some of you know, some of our greatest feats for King Jesus have occurred in Africa. We have been able to preach to tens of thousands in Africa in the past few years seeing many thousands surrender to Jesus as Lord. I have also been tested here in Africa –being afflicted with malaria a few times, being jailed, surviving a prison riot, and detained. Jesus has been faithful and brought me out in victory over these testings.

It’s been a grueling trip thus far as I have already conducted ministry on three different continents –North America (NYC Mission), Europe (Istanbul, Turkey), and now here in southern Africa. After this mission I’ll be traveling onward to Asia (Dubai, UAE) which will make four continents on this mission alone. This makes this a intense mission journey and am grateful for your prayers. 

After a brief mission stop in Istanbul I traveled for another 10 hours here to South Africa. I got off the plane and a few hours later was at a evening meeting where I taught from the Scriptures to a small but receptive crowd of disciples hungering for the Word. This beautiful church pastored by a dedicated servant of the Lord who practices deliverance (he shared with us his most recent encounter where a wolf spirit surfaced within a man and stalked him as to hunt him down however Jesus prevailed as the wolf spirit was cast out). Though it was cold here this evening in South Africa our hearts were warmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

As soon as I finished teaching we began to break generational curses and immediately spirits of witchcraft surfaced within a few attendees and caused them to enter into demonic trances and convulsions. One was quite dramatic as soon as I placed the Scriptures on her the demons threw the woman down on the ground and began to foam out of the mouth uncontrollably. We commanded the spirits of witchcraft and death to release her and many demons departed. Another lady we ministered to suffered a broken heart as a result of the death of her father years ago. A part of her broken heart surfaced and I spoke to the little girl that held the memories of the pain of losing her father. The little part was brought to Jesus and immediately Jesus healed the little one. I commanded the spirits of rejection and abandonment to depart and they left too. Jesus also healed her heart in a deep manner.

To the left of me was a young couple who had been suffering from demonic torment for a long time –demons of Freemasonry and of secret societies– surfaced and caused this man to go into strange convulsions and shake his arm uncontrollably. The demons even caused half of his face to go numb along with his tongue as a result of various blood oaths that were repeated in pagan ceremonies by his ancestors. These oaths were renounced and the demons were driven out in Jesus name. Immediately there was quick healing from various torments and pains along with the departure of the demons that were within him. Moreover, we led this man to dismantle various spiritual devices that were attached to him and as he did they came off. He immediately exclaimed: WOW! I really feel different. They are gone. I don’t feel them anymore. 

Others in the meeting hall testified of being instantaneously delivered when they repeated the formal renunciation of generational curses. This is one reason why we conduct public exorcisms as we want to reach broad audiences and allow them to experience the delivering power of the Lord Jesus Christ. God was faithful to liberate those in the church hall.