Massive Exploits of the Holy Spirit in Sydney

Here in Sydney, Australia amazed at the beautiful work the Holy Spirit has begun here in Great Southland of the Holy Spirit (a term used to describe Australia by one of the earliest explorers of this land). As you can imagine it’s been an incredibly busy time ministering to those who have gathered to learn and to receive ministry. Earlier today, I spent many hours teaching and equipping the Body of Christ. The interest has been phenomenal and there has been great enthusiasm to the ministry of healing and deliverance which encourages my heart deeply. I have been able to reunite with old friends and meet so many new friends. 

In our evening public deliverance meeting after leading everyone in Holy Communion I called forth those needing to be freed from Freemasonry curses –I estimate more than 20 souls quickly came to the front and within seconds demons started manifesting violently and with loud cries many evil spirits were sent to the pit in Jesus name. One dear woman had great difficulty taking off the Masonic noose that so many have around their neck as a result of Masonic curses that were spoken in previous generations by those ancestors that have involved themselves in Freemasonry. She could not take the noose off. She struggled and struggled. It was chocking her. Then I encouraged her to use her Sword –the Word of God– and when she did the noose fell off and a Masonic immediately surfaced and was commanded out.

We also ministered to a man whose mother had been involved in witchcraft and the occult and as a result the demons had invaded him via the bloodline. Immediately demons surfaced as I placed the sacred oil of Jesus upon him. The demons looked at me with horror and caused him fall out, to the ground! The spirit spoke to me and said his name was confusion. He was driven out in Jesus name.

We also ministered to a group of young ladies that manifested death and tormenting spirits. One lady in particular manifested some strange demons, including one that supernaturally jumped backwards onto a chair (mind you this demon was looking at me the entire time when it leaped backwards onto a chair, very strange) and hovered over me hoping to intimidate me. Obviously, I wasn’t intimidated by these spirits and continued to fight them in Jesus name. As these demons were dealt with and told to leave many broken heart parts were surfacing and desiring to be reached with the love of Jesus. On this night I spoke to numerous parts of broken hearts and many were supernaturally healed by Jesus. The smiles, the relief, the joy, the healing was beautiful to behold. What an honor to serve Jesus in this manner by introducing hurting souls to the Healer!

There were so many loud cries and screams as the demons were encountered and driven out in Jesus name. There were even some believers experiencing some measure of deliverance by simply being present during our mass deliverance prayers. It was amazing to hear the testimonies and see the power of God in action. Our meeting hall was filled with souls desperate for the healing power of Jesus! God did not disappoint and we were honored to see the Lord Jesus work so powerfully in our midst. 

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