Souls Saved by Jesus & Spirit of 666 Defeated by King Jesus in Australia

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I give glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be praised. Last night at the Perth Christian Community Church we held another public meeting and God did not disappoint as He displayed His mighty power over the enemy. I was truly encouraged to hear even before the meeting of the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those attending the meeting last night. What was beautiful was last night people were being healed and delivered in the meeting while I ministered to others. This is why we minister in public. We want to reach the masses with the love and mercy of Jesus. One lady testified of her eyes being healed. Another lady testified of being dramatically delivered from evil spirits just by being present in the meeting hall. There were others. 

One lady whom attended my last Perth meeting earlier this year testified of her experience of divine healing and deliverance as a result of her ministry to her. She recalled feeling the demons wanting to kill me and how they so desperately wanted to destroy me but how God intervened and liberated her. Her life has experienced a dramatic transformation. I was so encouraged to hear of the goodness of God in people’s lives.

I am so blessed! I am so fortunate to hear these kinds of testimonies world-wide through the year. Jesus does it all.

At the very beginning of the meeting I preached Jesus and offered salvation to those attending the meeting and a number of people raised their hands to indicate their desire to follow Jesus and to surrender to Him for salvation. This is the key to our mission –leading souls to salvation in Christ. Then for many hours, last night, we battled the forces of evil with the power of the cross. We also battled~


  • Numerous diseases, pains, and afflictions such as skin cancer, throat cancer, blindness and so much more
  • Numerous evil spirits such as a spirit named 666, Jezebel, Strangle, Witchcraft and so many others
  • Spiritual cursed objects that had planted in the bodies of those victimized by demon powers

In each case these demons were forced out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ –with screams like one would rarely hear coming out of a human. 

In Luke 9 we see a father, who had brought his son to Jesus for deliverance, describing in vivid detail the methods the demons used to torment him.

He tells Jesus that the “…spirit seizes him and he suddenly screams; it throws him into convulsions so that he foams at the mouth. It scarcely ever leaves him and is destroying him.”

This is what demons do –they scream. In Acts 8 as Philip ministered there were many loud cries and screams as demons departed. New Testament signs of demonic activity include the following:


  • Screams and loud cries
  • Immediate transition to normal human behavior to demon behavior
  • Convulsions, violent shaking of the body
  • Foaming of the mouth
  • Acts of destruction

There are other signs however these are the signs we witnessed last night. Demons foamed at the mouth, they threw people to the ground violently, there were unusual twisting of the body, strange shaking, destructive acts, convulsions and as I mentioned very loud cries. 

I pleased to see even more people show up to attend this Thursday night meeting. After a brief teaching from God’s Word we began to deal with the demonic forces within people I first approached a lady in the middle of the sanctuary who was angered that I would even dare to approach her. Then she angrily accused me of wrongdoing by charging a fee for our training school. This accusation was after the fact that I offered the school –for FREE– to all of those in attendance (as I wanted to bless my Australian brothers and sisters). Moreover, I had brought with me some gifts to give everyone. I have written nearly 50 publications and wanted to be a blessing to my Australian friends so I brought a handful of my publications with me to freely distribute (without charge). Even with this she was still furious with me –it was written all over her face. However, I knew I wasn’t dealing with her but an actual demon intent on trying to destroy me. I rebuked it and blessed my sister. The demons within her were furious and caused her to leave the service in anger. 

I fully expect opposition from the enemy as he wanted to stop the meeting. He failed. Jesus was glorified and demons were expelled and sent to the pit!

The first lady we ministered to was a young lady desperate for deliverance and as I began to pray for her, she started to foam from the mouth, convulse violently with her body being twisted in a very unusual manner by the demons and with VERY loud screams the demons manifested. Like the previous night I called forth the angels of God and they quickly assisted me in holding her in place to ensure the demons didn’t try to harm her. This has been an unusual mark of our mission for years –the ministry of God’s angels in our deliverance sessions with hurting people around the globe. God has given us favor in this area and it is something we see constantly in many of our public and private meetings. For the in past two nights we have seen hours of documented angelic intervention whereby the holy angels assisted in restraining, strengthening, and ministering to those enslaved to demons. 

Not only were the demons causing great spiritual torment there were also holding many parts of her heart. We commanded the demons to release her heart and we then had the wonderful opportunity to minister to them and to reach them for the love of Jesus. The parts got to see the risen Savior and He embraced them with amazing healing love. On this night so many broken heart parts were reached and healed by Jesus. This is another amazing mark of our mission the God given ability to reach little heart parts and see them supernaturally healed. As we ministered healing and deliverance to this young woman her face began to light up and incredible peace and joy was present in her life. 

Another lady we ministered to was also suffering from dissociation and demonization. In fact, one demon that surfaced was named 666. He was so angry at me. Especially when I forced him to hold my little blessed crosses that I had with me. It greatly weakened him. He was furious. He had murderous rage. He screamed violently and twisted this woman’s body. He boasted to me.

“We give her cancer, we will kill her, we are destroying her, we will never leave her, we hold her heart!”

These vile generational spirits had been in her life as a result of generational sins from her mother and father –that go back hundreds of years– a result of participation in satanic rituals and sacrifices. It was deep and they were confident they could hold her. Why would they not be? For all of these years nobody intervened and offered freedom to her in Christ so these demons worked largely unhindered. They also boasted of holding captive many parts of her broken heart. I commanded them to release her heart which they did. 

Many heart pieces surfaced including a little 2 year old girl who had been so traumatized because at the age of 2 a naked man came to her house, breaking in and violently assaulting the family. This violent episode caused her little 2 year old heart to break thus dissociation occurred. We reached out to little one. She told me that nobody had ever reached out to her before and that this was the very first time speaking to anybody. This is astounding to think of the implications. This is the reason why we need to further this mission. This is the reason we must never tire to do what’s right –to set the captives fee, to offer deliverance in public and to heal broken hearts. 

I was able to lead little one to Jesus and He immediately held her and healed her. So many other heart parts ran to Jesus also and experienced soothing love. It was beautiful to behold and this sister testified of her healing. I was able to capture a few of the testimonies of video to encourage people world-wide.

On this night so many hearts were supernaturally healed. In our deliverance meeting we broke generational curses (many were freed), we broken word curses (again more freedom for souls) and we broke witchcraft curses (more further liberation for many). I believe many have been inspired, encouraged, and strengthened by the work we are conducting throughout Australia. I look forward to now moving the ministry forward to Sydney. 

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