Supernaturally Thrilling Meetings in Sydney

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Sydney about to head to the airport for the city of Perth, in Western Australia, to conduct more public deliverance meetings, at Concordia Lutheran Church, led by my dear brother Milo. I look forward to seeing my friends in Perth in a few days. However, I did want to take this opportunity to thank those who made our Sydney meetings a success –my sisters Nave and Joan and my brother Kobus. All of them served the Lord Jesus with faithfulness. I am grateful for each of them. 

It’s been an extraordinary time in Sydney as God has blessed us with His mighty miracle power each and every meeting we conducted at the HJ Progress Public Hall and at the Faith in Christ Fellowship where many souls have been freed from evil spirits and miraculously healed in Jesus name. Moreover, many have been equipped to engage in spiritual warfare on behalf of their families and those whom they might minister to. Many testimonies have been given of inner healing, physical healing and liberation from demonic spirits. Many souls have been refreshed and encouraged. We have had to battle each and every night –as the enemy has sought to hinder and attack– however we have been persistent and there has been spiritual breakthroughs. Trust me the warfare has been intense and required the people of God to fight.

Prior to our last night’s meeting in Sydney I had the wonderful opportunity to minister in a small group private meeting where precious souls gathered for freedom and divine healing including a man with various forms of cancer, a few women terribly vexed with horrific pains, and a few women with the Jezebel spirit. I, believe, in every meeting, here in Australia, thus far, we had to battle the Jezebel spirit and this private meeting was no different as many Jezebel spirits surfaced and violently fought me. 

Within minutes of my arrival I was encountering and battling the spirits of Jezebel. In my global travels this is perhaps the most frequent demon I encounter in exorcisms. She delights in fighting (as seen in the historical Jezebel in the Book of Kings) and undermining. Yes, she fights, but she is fighting a battle which at the end leaves us victorious and her defeated. 

The first lady was delivered rather quickly from the Jezebel spirit then I ministered to her husband whom had been afflicted with cancer and various kinds of afflictions. I recall meeting him and seeing the torment in his eyes. The fear. I first addressed the spirits of fear and as I threatened the spirits with the holy blood of Christ they quickly departed. Ha! They didn’t want to partake of the victorious blood of Jesus so they decided to enter that pit instead. In Jesus name they swiftly departed and immediately the fear, the torment, in this man’s eyes was GONE! He was shocked! I then moved on to minister physical healing to his body. He revealed to me that he could not pick up his left leg at all, he was that weak. His precious wife mentioned she had been having to assist him with changing even his clothes. No doubt, this was a wearisome task. Obviously, she loved her husband and would do anything for him but she is human and this was becoming increasingly difficult. Her face speaks of her hardship. I rebuke the pains in his legs, the pain obeyed and left. I commanded strength and immediately he was able to lift his legs which he had not been able to do previously. 

He also mentioned he could not lift his arms up –so weak, no strength. I rebuked those spirits attached to his arms and they departed and gradually he was able to lift them up. God truly displayed His power. I spoke to his body in Jesus name, to be healed. Immediately he felt healing in his body and testified of feeling strong. Jesus truly healed this man of this demonic affliction of cancer. I then moved on to minister to a dear lady who manifested spirits named, “Killing,” who traveled through the bloodline as result of her ancestors having been involved in World War II and other conflicts where there were mass killings. Immediately the spirit named Killing fought me violently. He kicked me repeatedly. He was furious with me for daring to drive him out. I had this precious woman renounce the killing curses and then I proceeded to cast out the Killing spirits. They flew out and immediately she testified of feeling zero pain in her head. Mind you, she had been suffering horrific pains in her head for years. Quickly they left and she was healed by Jesus.

I also ministered to a woman who suffered greatly at the hands of her husband. Great heart pain. I ministered to her broken heart and parts of her heart was healed supernaturally in Jesus name. She was so happy! Many demons also surfaced causing her to fall down and as I commanded them to leave they screamed and entered the pit. This is where demons need to GO! 

This dear woman also revealed she had been terribly afflicted with pains in her legs and feet. I commanded the pains and the afflictions to leave and they departed quickly. She was so happy and joyful of her new found healing. Moreover, this lady and her husband reconciled and sought forgiveness from each other –a marriage restored by Jesus! 

As we continued on Kobus’s 15 year old daughter had shared that as we ministered to the man who was healed of cancer that she saw holy angels coming down with some kind of canisters that were placed into his body, as I prayed, in his blood, that gave him healing strength. What a beautiful thing to behold. 

These holy angels who had been previously resisted in our last few meetings were now very much present and active in this private meeting. I then ministered to a precious family –a husband and wife from the Samoan Islands. As I prayed, spirits of Jezebel and ancestral worship were confronted and they manifested wildly and violently. These demons surfaced with great force. I was able to capture the exorcism on video as you’ll Jesus overcoming the powers of the enemy. I also captured her afterwards testifying of her deliverance from Jezebel and her singing to the glory of God. It should be noted that even during this battle with Jezebel we called forth the holy angels and they greatly assisted us in lifting this woman who had been thrown on the ground up. Kobus’s daughter even saw these mighty angels assisting me. 

As I mentioned this precious lady testified of her deliverance on video. Watch and see what a beautiful voice she has but I had to really battle these vicious and violent demonic spirits –yes, Jezebel was present however she was defeated by the blood of Jesus. She and her husband has invited me back to minister in a small meeting for her people –those from the Samoan Islands. So I hope to return perhaps in late September (on my way to Perth for the Festival of Light) and minister deliverance and healing to these precious souls. I believe God will deliver many. 

From this small group meeting I held another public meeting in the evening and for many hours we exorcised numerous demons from precious souls after teaching from Mark 9 and leading the church in Holy Communion. Moreover, we ministered to many broken heart parts. So many were surfacing throughout the sanctuary. Little heart parts ranging from infancy to teenage years. Many of them were taken to Jesus for healing and comfort. So many hearts were healed on this night. 

I’m quite concerned that the global church is not doing enough to reach little heart parts. In Isaiah 61 we see the Messiah as being declared as a healer of the broken hearted. He desires to heal hurting souls. So many needs, so few workers equipped to bring healing. That is why I spent so much time teaching, attempting to equip the Body of Christ in the ministry of inner healing. I hope to continue the teaching in Perth.

We broke the spiritual holds of death, unholy sexual unions and so much more as a group and as we did many souls were receiving measures of freedom. So many evil spirits were expelled in Jesus name. Including some very violent generational spirits of witchcraft that held a precious New Zealand woman in deep bondage. They sought to claw her eyes out and injure her. Many demons convulsed her, screaming out of her. In Jesus name, they were defeated and were sent to the pit! So many demons departed and many heart parts were healed. 

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