Powerful Exorcism in Houston

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

At our Church of the Cross service last night, here in Houston, Texas, the Holy Spirit descended upon us with power to set the captives free and to heal broken hearts. As we see so often, our small meeting hall was, again, jammed packed, as precious souls from across the nation arrived for healing and deliverance. God did not disappoint as many souls were freed from demonic torment and bondage. I do not think we could have seated any more people in the hall. 

I was deeply touched to hear so many testimonies from those in the meeting that testified of feeling the love of Jesus and feeling like a part of the family. This is a common comment we receive wherever we travel –people are drawn to our public meetings because of the love that we freely bestow on people. Our Jesus has so filled our hearts that it overflows abundantly thus those who attend our meetings tangibly feel the love. Think about this as this is what people need –the love of God. Jesus so clearly taught that we ought to love one another. We are His disciples if we love. The beautiful love of Jesus attracts. 

I was also deeply touched to see that our meetings are quite multicultural. We have precious souls from all over the world that attend our services. Many even remarked on this too. It’s great to see the Body of Christ unified in love.

This love opened so many hearts. After a brief teaching and partaking of Holy Communion we began to minister to those troubled by evil spirits. As I was leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers –quite a few people were testifying of feeling released and relief as I commanded demons to depart bodies and souls in Jesus name. I would estimate a few dozen experienced some measure of deliverance on this night. The Spirit of the Living God moved so powerfully as many demons convulsed their victims and came out. One of the first ladies we ministered to was a former Wicca practitioner who had been involved in blood sacrifices. As I led everyone in prayers to renounce Jezebel she manifested demons thus I brought her to the front and as I did demons began to convulse her body and spoke to me.

“We belong to her because her mother’s ancestors allowed us in,” the demons Jezebel revealed, “and we are not leaving.”

I had this young lady come back from this demonic trance she was under and formally renounce the curse of Jezebel on her mother’s side and as she did the demons were greatly weakened. I then had the holy angels of God battle the demons and they did. I commanded them to strike the demons and they did with great spiritual force to where the demons moaned in agony. Jezebel had been defeated. Then in Jesus name, these vile spirits came out and immediately relief and release was evident on her face. 

Earlier in the day pastor Gene Smith and I along with this woman’s mother ministered to her battling a powerful spirit of death. Again we called forth the holy angels of God and they fought against the spirits of death. They were literally striking the demons with their swords and at one point even caused the demons to fall down onto their knees as they sought to escape the meeting hall. The mighty angels of the Lord greatly assisted us on this night. I also felt the fire of the Holy Spirit on my right hand in a very tangible sense and burned the invading spirits as I laid my hands upon her head. They cried out in agony. 

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by His power, these death spirits were expelled and immediately this mother of 3 precious girls was experiencing the comforting love of Jesus like she had never experienced before. Our great Deliverer was present and He was pleased to set the captives free!

Throughout the evening service demons manifested and were dealt with. Another young mother was quickly delivered from the spirits of Jezebel. Within minutes of her renouncing the curse of Jezebel, the spirits quickly departed and she was AMAZED at the power of God and stunned by His great love to rescue her. As these precious people were delivered, I had them come up to the front of the meeting hall and testify to the power of God. That opened up even more hearts for deliverance and healing. 

Speaking of healing, there was one lady in her late 60’s who attended the meeting who was physically healed of various infirmities, pains, and torments as pastor Gene ministered to her. She gladly testified of feeling release and relief. “The pain, the hurt, is gone, I was skeptical when I came but now I see the power of God and truly feel His love in this place.”

Pastor Tony Walters and his wife Betty ministered to many souls also and many were dramatically delivered from many demons. In fact, I have personally seen a difference in this man’s life since I ordained him a few months ago into the gospel ministry. The power of God has increased in his life and he is freeing souls from the powers of hell. It was beautiful to see all of these men and woman of God (a dear sister in the Lord, Wanda, another deliverance minister was present and delivered souls from demons too) being used by the Holy Spirit to free souls. It brings me great joy in the Holy Spirit. This isn’t about Jay Bartlett, it’s about the Body of Christ being equipped to move forward in the ministry of the gospel and we saw that reality on this night as many ministers freely ministered and set so many free from demon powers in Jesus name.

We also dealt with a number of broken hearts that surfaced –little ones that held so much pain and hurt. They were reached and were loved on. They experienced the love and freedom of Jesus too. Many hearts were healed. At one point I even had everyone lift up their hands and as the Holy Spirit power came upon their hands, I had them lay their hands on their hearts and many experienced deep healing and release.

At one point as we ministered in group deliverance and as many demons were crying out, a former Hindu lady, manifested demons and placed her in a demonic trance. I began to command the demons to depart in Jesus name. With a great amount of vomiting the Hindu spirits were being expelled. She was truly experiencing the power of Jesus. She was so thankful to God. 

So many other miracles took place on this night and in our private meetings over the weekend. In fact, in one private session, Gene and I witnessed tens of thousands of demonic spirits depart from a man with deep ancestral roots to Freemasonry, Illuminati, and other forms of paganism. In fact, one spirit we dealt with, held in captivity, more than 1,000 parts of his broken heart. These spirits were forced to release the parts and these heart parts experienced the healing of Jesus. This precious man also testified of experiencing physical healing too. 

I marvel at the wonders of God, my friends, I marvel, at His amazing grace, mercy and love. I marvel, that He would use me to further His Kingdom here on earth. I think, it was close to 4am after we finished the night of ministry to the hurting. This has been an amazing mission journey thus far and I’m just starting –From Canada to Houston, now unto Europe, Asia, then Australia.

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