Lucifer, Hindu, Buddhist, Jezebel Demons Defeated in Australian Mission

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What an honor it has been to serve my precious friends here in Melbourne, Australia. We are seeing the power of God increase in each and every night during this mission. Many are experiencing instant deliverance as curses are being broken and demons cast out during group prayers. Furthermore, we are experiencing many heart parts being quickly healed by Jesus. For the past several years I’m seeing thousands of people being healed of dissociation rather quickly. Broken hearts parts are ready to experience the healing of Jesus and thus joining back to the heart of the one who experienced deep brokenness. 

Tonight was full on as numerous violent spirits surfaced from among those in attendance on this Sunday night public deliverance service. After a brief teaching from God’s Word and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began praying for people. We battled very violent Buddhist, Hindu, Satanic, Insanity, and Jezebel demonic spirits during the service. The demons screamed, they moaned, they growled, they convulsed, they violently twisted bodies as I commanded the spirits to submit to King Jesus!

For many hours deep into the night at the Revival Centre we battled multitudes of demons within those in the crowd. One former Hindu devotee manifested very violent spirits.

“Whose your Jesus? He has no power over me!” they boasted to me.

So, I placed my holy consecrated cross (whom my brother Bob Larson personally anointed for me last year after speaking at his international conference) upon them and they reacted in agony as the power of the cross greatly weakened them. They screamed wildly. 

“She belongs to us. We will never leave. We are too powerful,” the spirits angrily informed me.

It was revealed there were 37 Lucifer spirits and 37 Snake spirits that had brought into her body numerous physical and mental afflictions such as cancer, asthma, and much more which brought great suffering upon this woman’s life. Many of these spirits entered through generational curses as a result of her ancestors participating in idol worship, devil worship, sorcery, spiritism, Hindu ceremonial participation and the act of worshipping snakes in strange snake temples. 

As we battled the demons in Jesus name, they in return began to twisted her horribly. I responded by placing the holy cross upon them and they greatly weakened and confessed their defeat by Jesus! Moreover, I led this former Hindu in prayers affirming her faith in Jesus and her commitment to the one true God and as she did the spirits of Lucifer and Snake spirits were then commanded out of the body resulting in her new found freedom! Her smile spoke volumes of the peace she was finally experiencing after so many years of torment.

We also came across a number of Buddhist spirits that had blinded his mind and many Buddhist mind controlling spirits that were hell bent on destroying this man. As I poured holy water upon his head the spirits reacted with screams and violence. They threw him to the ground and he withered horribly. It required us fighting in the name of Jesus. I also discovered that this man had turned his back on his once Christian faith and started following Buddhism which brought deep demonization. I led him to commit his life to Jesus Christ then repented of his involvement in Buddhism and idol worship. Once he did this the spirits reacted aggressively. Again they were extremely violent however they were defeated as this young man had now placed his faith in Jesus for salvation. The many Buddhist spirits were driven out and immediately the man confessed to feeling freedom!

As we broke generational curses many more demons screamed out in agony as I walked around the large sanctuary with my holy cross. One man that was terribly vexed with evil powers was a young man, perhaps in his mid-20’s. As I walked around I noticed the demons were surfacing with rage and violence. As I approached him, these violent demons quickly surfaced wanting to fight. They twisted the man’s body and spirits spoke out of him. I immediately commanded many holy angels to come down from heaven to assist me in this warfare. They did come and assist me. They picked up the body of the demonized man and brought them to the front of the sanctuary where we continued on with the ministry. 

Powerful spirits of madness and insanity surfaced and gleefully boasted of causing mind afflictions. “We make him crazy!” the spirits boasted.

The demons contorted this young man’s body is grotesque forms and fought me. They laughed in an insane manner and gleefully boasted how they wanted to destroy him through insanity and madness. This young man cried and begged for us to intervene. 

They were forced by Jesus to release his mind and body! The spirits of insanity and madness were determined to fight but they lost on this night as the people of God fought with me in defeating devils in Jesus name! The spirits came out and quickly this man experienced a right mind that for many years was so terribly vexed! Jesus healed this young man’s head and liberated him from numerous evil spirits. His heart experienced deep inner healing too. Which leads me to this: in every meeting multitudes of heart parts have been supernaturally healed. This is a supernatural mark of this mission –the driving out of demons and healing broken heart parts in Jesus name!

This young man’s father also manifested spirits and they were driven out also. Both of them truly experienced a dramatic deliverance and healing. It was intensely powerful to witness! He was so happy! Here was a young man terribly afflicted with madness now experiencing joy. His father testified to all of us that his son had been suffering for many years from these tormenting demons. On this night, Jesus proved Himself to be Lord and defeated these vile beings!

Several women manifested powerful Jezebel demons that screamed at me and mocked. The violently screamed and fell to the ground withering. In many of these cases, on this night, it took a handful of men to assist me in restraining these demonized individuals. As Jezebel was renounced the demons were driven out in the name of Jesus. It was amazing to watch the power of God on display before all to witness! 

I truly sense the empowerment of the Holy Spirit fire on my hand and used that to burn many demons. I called forth holy angels and they assisted me greatly including one powerful leading angel that held people in place so that I might minister to them effectively. The love of Jesus was quite strong with all of us and the power of the Spirit was present. I was also thankful to my many ministry partners –Maurice, Joan, Elliott, Lisa, Mark and Narelle who assisted me in ministering to so many others on this night of victory over the powers of demons! 

At the conclusion of the meeting, many offered water, oils and other objects to be blessed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I also ministered to one young man whom I laid my hands on and the Holy Spirit came upon him so strongly that he fell out under the glory of Jesus. Earlier in the meeting, an African women was quickly delivered and she also fell out under the power of the Holy Spirit. The inner and physical healing these souls experienced was powerful! 

Though the violence was extreme in some cases, Jesus prevailed and conquered the powers of the devil. The people were encouraged and many souls strengthened by the Holy Spirit! More meetings tomorrow! Your prayers are having a dramatic affect on these meetings. Continue to intercede in Jesus name!

Jesus is KING!

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