Prostitutes Freed, Holy Spirit Fire Descends in Athens

Dear Friends of Jesus the Lord,

I’m grateful for your holy prayers as they have been sustaining me here in Athens, Greece, where I am conducting a series of public meetings. Today, at the training seminar, I taught the saints on the ministry of deliverance, from the Scriptures. Then after a short break we conducted an evening public deliverance service at the Covenant Disciples Fellowship where I preached and conducted public exorcisms. Jesus displayed His conquering power tonight and many souls were dramatically freed from evil spirits. There were loud screams, demon violence (one demon threw a woman into the pulpit and broke some glass, she was not injured), strange convulsions and contortions and supernatural strength. The demons cried out again and again. Many of them were begging me not to torture them as I was and many of them were pleading for mercy. Tonight mercy was displayed to precious souls but not to demons. They were sent to that pit!

The small church was jammed packed with precious souls who were desperate for liberation from the powers of Satan. There were a handful of young ladies, who have been enslaved to prostitution, attending the meeting and God displayed His love towards them by setting many of them free from powerful demons, namely, the spirit husbands which often attack young ladies with the hopes of either furthering prostitution or breaking up marriages. I dealt with countless demons of spirit husbands, marine spirits, Jezebel, and death on this night. 

One death demon within a lady who had been experiencing years of demonic sexual assaults begged me over and over again as I placed him in great spiritual pain. Allow me to explain. Some years ago, while serving within the Methodist Church, I discovered a powerful secret spiritual weapon that God had blessed me with. felt like the Holy Spirit on my right hand in a tangible sense, like holy fire was present on my palm and fingers. I began, by faith, placing this fire that I felt on my right hand on those tormented and vexed by evil spirits and I noticed that many demons screamed as a result of feeling the fire. I would often hear demons cry out: “Stop it, you are hurting us with that fire. We beg of you to cease from placing that fire on us.” In some occasions we actually could see some of the burn marks that the fire would leave (the victim would not feel any pain, just the invading demon spirit). I would gradually use this holy fire more and more and witnessed stunning spiritual results as demons cried out departing from their victims as the fire of the Holy Spirit would descend and brought great pain to the spirits resulting in them leaving. 

For the past several years I am more aware of this weapon I possess and use it as directed by the Holy Spirit. On this night, the Holy Spirit filled my right hand with sacred fire from above and I placed it on the right hand of a demonized woman who had been terribly afflicted by spirits. As I did the spirits were shocked and in awe! They tried to blow off the fire. They tried to use the other hand to scrape off the fire. They tried to shake it off. They tried to pinch it off. 

“What have you done? What kind of fire is this. You are hurting us. This is too great of a pain to bear. Stop it. We beg off you. Please stop as the fire is too great. How did you do this?’ the demons inquired. There was nothing they could do to extinguish the Holy Spirit fire that was so clearly present on this hand. I even placed more holy fire of the Spirit of God and the fire descended. 

One glance at the face of these demons reveal the complete picture. They were astonished. They were desperate to take off the fire but could not. They didn’t fully comprehend the fact that the Holy Spirit would actually place fire upon them, to burn them to this extent. This fire I placed upon them greatly weakened them and could resist them as strongly as they did before. 

“Before you cast us to the pit, can you please take a little of the fire off of us, we beg of you,” the spirits questioned. 

You know me, my friends, I hope by now, I show no mercy to demons, I punished them and drove them out in Jesus name. To the pit they were sent.

The freedom, the spiritual release people experienced on this night was encouraging. Great numbers of evil spirits battled me and some were quite demonstrative and violent however they were all sent to the abyss. Many demons of death surfaced attempting to choke and violently abuse their victims. These death demons were also sent to the pit in Jesus name. At one point when I called forth the women who have been experiencing night attacks, quickly many woman walked to the front of the sanctuary seeking deliverance. As I went down the line to pray and to the confront the demons, numerous spirits surfaced and sought to battle me. They were no match to Jesus. Nearly all of the woman surfaced Jezebel and like minded spirits. All of them were expelled in Jesus name! Amazing miracles took place at this small church and I rejoice in our loving Savior who provides life to each of us so we might further the work of the gospel in this part of the world. 

Obviously there’s much to report to you my friends however I’m exhausted from all night ministry. It’s nearly 3am and I am due up in a few hours. I need to end this report but thank you for praying for this mission and these meetings in Europe. We witnessed, once again, Jesus confirming to all, He is indeed Lord over all powers!

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