Ex-Gang Member FREED from Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The miracles were diverse. There were souls saved, healed, liberated, restored. Moreover, holy angels visited us last night, souls witnessed the appearance of Jesus, my sacred cross emanated holy fire of the Holy Spirit, and we witnessed, once again the power of the Holy Communion. Jesus was glorified in this most recent mission and it excites me to report what He accomplished.

Last night in chilly Chicago we conducted a thrilling public meeting where nearly every seat was taken by those desiring to experience the freedom in Jesus! Our small meeting was filled with precious souls desperate for deliverance and healing. Some even traveled more than 6 hours to the meeting as they were desiring to be trained in this area of ministry and to experience deliverance. This still marvels me that precious souls would drive for that many hours to locate someone who will offer deliverance from demons. 

Unlike the previous night in Minneapolis there was expectancy for miracles and God was pleased to demonstrate His power to save, heal and deliver! While teaching from the Scriptures souls were experiencing renewal and were deeply encouraged. For many in the meeting, the teaching on the “Hidden Life in Christ,” was the first time they have ever been exposed to this transformational teaching which why many were inspired on this night. In fact, one 35 year old lady approached me, after the service and said that she could feel that she was being delivered while I was teaching from God’s Word. Moreover, she could feel the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit while I taught leading her to tears. I hear this often and it encourages my heart. This is why I focus on teaching the Sacred Scriptures, for Psalms 107:20 declares, “He sent out His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

After teaching from the Word and the partaking of the Holy Communion I had the honor and wonderful honor to formally ordain into the gospel ministry several ministry partners of mine from Michigan –Jeff, Lala, and their daughter Adana Lane into the gospel ministry. They lead a powerful deliverance and healing mission in  their area and have assisted me as my contacts for a few years and I was rejoicing with them in acknowledging their call to global evangelistic work. Even during the holy ordination several souls were deeply impacted and cried as they saw the love of God in this precious family. I have been honored to ordain precious souls in Africa, Australia and throughout North America thus far this year. I want to empower and formally acknowledge those whom the Holy Spirit has set apart for the ministry!

After the ordination we began to pray for those sick, afflicted and tormented with demons. As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers, souls were being delivered from demons. A handful of people testified of this reality. However, there was one young man in the back that looked like he was very angry. I brought him to the front and it was revealed that this 28 year old man, named Oscar, had been involved in a violent Latino street gang. I asked him how he was initiated.

“To get into the gang I had to shoot people,” he calmly told me.

Oscar had to murder! This guy was in spiritual trouble and he needed deliverance from demons! 

What touched everyone was that Oscar was brought to the meeting by his mother and grandmother (a mother to 17 kids and more than 30 grandchildren). Oscar’s grandmother had been praying for more than 12 years trusting God to deliver her grandson who was in deep bondage to Satan. God did not disappoint as He delivered on this night. Allow me to explain what transpired.

I began to pray for Oscar and immediately a very angry spirit surfaced named Beshell. 

“I’m too strong for you,” he forcefully declared, “I will not be defeated as I’m too strong.”

Since he boasted I had him drink the blood of Christ and obviously it greatly weakened him. He bowed before Jesus. 

“I came in because of his father and his grandfather. They sacrificed animals to become rich and strong. I also cause blindness in his eye.”

Since the demon continued to resist I had a powerful holy angel stand in front of him and I had the angel strike the demon and he bowed over in great pain and agony. He was no longer boasting how strong he was. He had been defeated by the blood of Jesus. 

Along with this formerly strong spirit, was many death, anger, rage, and murder spirits. They were forced to hold my sacred cross and they cried out and said it was too hot for them. They could barely hold unto as it burned them with holy fire. This cross I have is amazing. My dear brother, Bob Larson, who has been conducting exorcisms for 40+ years personally consecrated this cross for me, last year, and God has demonstrated his power over and over again with the usage of this holy object. I used the cross against these spirits and they bowed before the cross knowing they have been defeated.

While dealing with these devils Oscar’s grandmother prayed. The demons were scared of this woman (the demons revealed: she has crosses and Bible, we stay away from her.) However the demons looked at the mother and mocked, “She doesn’t believe!” and “She doesn’t have power.” So, I inquired if the mother was born again and it turned out she wasn’t which would explain why the demons were not threatened by her. I got to lead her in the middle of the service, during this exorcism with her son, to salvation found in Jesus. She cried and was forgiven by God. Now, she was effective and the demons instantly became afraid.

We also discovered that she demons too. She was instantly delivered. 

“We are staying. We confuse Oscar’s doctors, they can’t figure out what’s his problems are. Because we do it ALL!” the demons gleefully announced to me. 

The entire meeting hall joined me to driving out the demons and making the demons proclaim their defeat and their judgement to the pit. With violent vomiting many thousands of demons departed Oscar’s body and quickly entered into the pit! When Oscar came back from his demonic trance. He was crying. 

“I feel so light. I feel so peaceful. More than anything I know I’m forgiven.”

I know I’m forgiven. That made my year! I can stop holding any meetings now! This deeply touched my heart. Here’s a young man filled with so much guilt, pain, violence, gang activity, and demons and yet God reached out in His amazing love and rescued Oscar! 

Then on top of that, the blindness he had in his right eye (he couldn’t see clearly out of his eye) vanished. Moreover, God healed him of a skin disease too. God healed him and restored his vision as he testified before all: I see clearly now! 

I have seen so many people healed of varying degrees of blindness this year from children to teens to adults. It’s been a spiritual ride! Jesus is so wonderful to heal and to restore lives such as Oscar’s. This former gang member has experienced the love of God (the love also healed his broken heart too) and there’s no turning back now. He’s committed to serving King Jesus now.

That was just the beginning of the miracles we experienced that night. More souls were set free from evil spirits including a young lady with thousands of Jezebel spirits. Not only was there Jezebel there was also more than 3,500 Baal spirits within her. They were all set to the pit in Jesus name! She experienced a dramatic deliverance and healing too. 

We also witnessed Jesus healing many broken heart parts including a many hearts parts of a pastor that attended this meeting. This pastor and his wife traveled many hours to be present and God was faithful to heal. There was a 7 year old heart part present that had been abused by a babysitter. There was also a 8 year old that was there due to some racist verbal abuse he had to endure. There were others. They were supernaturally healed by Jesus. Furthermore, we also dealt with a human interject –no one other than this pastor’s father. He was sent to Jesus. Not only were their parts but many evil spirits afflicting this pastor with sexual compulsions and addictions. 

“We’re here to torment him by causing groin pain and afflicting him with testicle pain,” the demons boasted to me.

There are many in our modern day and age being afflicted in like manner. The demons know they can really hold people captive in this area as rarely will anyone confess for prayer for pains in these personal areas of one’s body. The Body of Christ commanded the pains to go in Jesus name and they left. Furthermore, many demons exited out of his body and he was instantly relieved (should be noted we also prayed for his wife to be delivered from demons that were causing physical problems too). He was so happy! Just think this church that he oversees will now have a NEW pastor. One that is FREED! 

I could recount story after story. God’s miracle working power was on display in Chicago.

On another front, I’m getting amazing victory reports. For example, a disciple from Taiwan, who was recently ministering to a Polish woman and confronting the demons within her. As the demons were surfacing this disciple made a passing mention of my name and the demons were berserk. They were furious and didn’t want to hear my name. Now, mind you, I don’t know this Polish woman but apparently, those demons within her, know of me and hate me. So be it. They are defeated in Jesus name. It remind me of when the demons in the New Testament were recorded as saying they knew who Jesus was and knew who the apostle Paul was. It humbles me that God has used me to make a powerful statement to the kingdom of darkness –I declare to them Jesus is Lord.

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