Miracles in Minneapolis

What an honor to serve King Jesus. It’s an absolute joy. It’s authentic life. I’m presently in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I just completed another public meeting. I think we are are close to having conducted 230 meetings in 2013. It’s staggering to ponder the intensity of the mission travel thus far this year to ensure we conduct these public and private meetings. Visiting more than 100 cities, in more than half a year on the road, on five continents, crisscrossing, on many of my missions, multiple continents, ministering personally to many thousands, is stunning. I wonder how could someone be sustained though this kind of extreme travel. It’s more thing to travel extensively but it’s another entire animal to combine the travel with the intense ministry we conduct. This is an fascinating dynamic and all I can say is that Jesus has sustained me and I can personally attest that His power has been very real to me as He has provided maximum spiritual immunity that has strengthened me. Recently, while in Istanbul, God spoke to me and has give me much to write about on this topic of Maximum Spiritual Immunity. I will be releasing a new small book on this very subject soon that I believe will strengthen disciples of King Jesus globally with the spiritual weapons needed to fight the good fight!

Anyway, while here in Minnesota, we had to battle intensely, as so many in the meeting hall tonight hindered the ministry due to their unbelief, lack of faith and doubt –the three killers of the supernatural. I almost stopped the meeting and asked several of the attendees of the meeting to leave because their doubt was causing such a problem. I was battling and battling and not getting anywhere. It’s was tiring me out. I pressed onward and Jesus conquered the powers of evil! We finally broke through resulting in some and powerful acts of the Holy Spirit occurring. I taught for nearly two hours from the Scriptures and tried to encourage the saints. I have always wanted to balance the ministry with sound doctrine and teaching. I know thousands world-wide have benefited from this. Allow me to share a testimony from one African disciple who testified of this very reality. She writes, in part–

“Jay, I am so thankful for the work the Lord is doing through you . Something of these miracles are unbelievable. I am surprised of the fact that you have been here in Seattle. What a great opportunity I would have had to attend your meeting and particularly your teachings. What you taught us last time were very powerful revelations. They have helped me having gone through evil attacks for so many years till now! I will look out for your next visit. May the Lord bless and protect you as you minister to other needy cases.”

This is why I like teaching! I want to equip the Body of Christ so that they may understand how to fight off the evil attacks that will come your way. What an honor to assist the Body of Christ in this. This what I sought to do in Minneapolis this evening. I spoke on the mystery of being hidden in Christ. The focus was on JESUS! This obviously brought about immediate demonic reaction within a handful of those in the hall. As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers, demons quickly departed in Jesus name. A handful testified of this reality. One lady to my right, who had been a victim of horrific abuse was freed from demonic spirits and supernaturally healed of dissociation. Many heart parts surfaced –from little girl parts to much older heart parts– from within her that so desperately needed love, compassion, and healing. All of them were taken to Jesus and immediately they saw the ascended Jesus. She really experienced a deep inner healing.

I also ministered to another young lady in the back of the hall that started convulsing and feeling very strange sensations that felt like animals crawling under her skin. I called forth the holy angels of God and they assisted me in striking the spiritual invaders in this woman’s life. More than fifty spirits named Torture was present within her that was ensuring she was tormented by brining about strange physical afflictions with the hopes of distorting, discouragement and so much more. They even admitted to bringing diseases with her body. As these demons were commanded out in Jesus name we also reached out to many broken heart parts that they held captive and they quickly entered to the arms of the Savior for deep healing. Then we had them rejoin the heart thus brining about a whole heart that this lady had been trying to experience for years! Others also experienced a healing deep within their hearts. It was amazing and beautiful to behold. 

We also broke off all witchcraft curses and demons as many in the meeting hall had opened doors to the occult and satanic practices including a few who had actually called upon Satan. I am seeing more and more of this where souls are making covenants with the devil thus potentially affecting generations to come with demonic problems lest the curses are broken in Jesus name! All of these demons were defeated on this night and they were sent to the pit also! Others even experienced some form of physical healing also. God is very alive and active! He loves us! 

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