Defeating Devil Worship in Montreal!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been an amazing North American Deliverance Tour! Words truly escape me, in trying to describe to you, what the Holy Spirit is doing on this trip and with me personally. In my walk with Jesus I do not know of any time where I have been consistently seeing these kinds of extraordinary miracles as I am in these days. There was a disciple who approached me in one of my public meetings in Australia, recently, who said that they recently had a vision of me (or perhaps it was a dream, don’t recall) of me walking then gradually walking briskly then jogging then finally in an outright sprint. As I was going through this process, I was getting stronger and faster, and things were gradually sliding off me thus allowing me to maximize my efforts. I see this transpiring in my life. As I continue to serve King Jesus, as I continue to run the race before me, I’m seeing Jesus remove things from my life thus allowing me to move even faster in the Spirit. Even as I type this, I’m sensing the supernatural presence of God moving powerfully in my spirit nature which would explain the abundance of miracles we are seeing EVERY day in this mission. Not only are seeing many dedicating themselves to Jesus, we are also seeing many incredible signs and wonders. Then on top of that we are witnessingextraordinary miracles. This NEVER gets old!

I’m receiving some powerful testimonies from this mission. Allow me to share one that touched my heart! This was came from a young lady that heard about our meetings in Toronto and made plans on being present. As a Baptist, she knew the teachings of Christ but since the Baptist church, she attended, never taught on the subject of spiritual warfare and curse breaking she was in the dark on how to proceed with the demonic attacks she endured under. Thus her attendance to our meeting at New Bethel Church in Ontario. She attended our service and extremely strong spirits surfaced and battled me. There we’re resistant and opposed me. She possessed animal soul parts, animal spirits, human interjects and dissociative identities. Yet, the Baptist church never discovered these spiritual realities within her. This is a spiritual crime. I’m thankful we were there to help her. Many demons were expelled from her and her heart experienced a deep healing. More than anything else she experienced the love of Jesus. This IS the mark of our mission –proclaiming the love of Jesus! People testifying all the time of feeling the love of Jesus in our meetings. This my highest priority –I want the world to experience the love of God through His Son Jesus! 

“Thank you coming to Toronto on Saturday November 16th, 2013. I praise God for the love that was ministered. I truly felt God’s presence through His love, and acceptance that was at the deliverance meeting by His Holy Ghost. His love and acceptance has never been so tangible to me. Even when my natural mind would say to me, you ought to feel ashamed, it was undeniable that Jesus Christ was in that room, in lovingkindness and gentleness to deliver and cleanse me, not to judge me or condemn me. I praise God for what He accomplished in the meeting through you. I felt His love through you, and the leadership at New Bethel.”

WOW! This is why I travel. I want hurting souls to experience the love of Jesus! Out of the past 41 days I have been traveling 31 of those days conducting dozens of private and public meetings in Denver, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Arcadia, San Diego, Mobile, Charlotte, Baltimore, Grand Rapids, McAllen, Houston, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Newark, Toronto, Montreal and other cities across North America. Much of these missions involve very little sleep and many hours of grueling traveling and conducting intense exorcisms (this is why I’m late in responding to many of your emails, I’m sorry). Moreover, many of the exorcisms we are now conducting are becoming very physical thus requiring a great amount of physical and spiritual energy. Even in the midst of this, the Holy Spirit has fired me up to do His work such as the Kingdom work that needs to be accomplished in the French Canadian province of Quebec where I have been ministering to those bound by evil spirits.

Some of you might be aware that Montreal is a stronghold for the powers of voodoo and witchcraft. This is why I travel to Quebec (will return in March 2014) is because I desire to see lands and cities set free from demonic powers in Jesus name! Every time I visit I encounter strong demons and resistance. Last year in Montreal we came across some complex cases of demonization and dissociation involving high level demonic beings. Despite this Jesus was victorious. On this mission, our meeting was filled with souls hungry for freedom and healing. Though we were small in number, unlike the standing room only crowd we had the previous night in Toronto, God still displayed His power in defeating the spirits of Jezebel, Mind Control, Devil Worship, Death, Murder, Hate, and so many others.

There was also a cruel evil demon named Baphomet that aggressively surfaced within a 43 year old man, named Tony, originally from Angola, while I was teaching from the Holy Scriptures. He was in a fit of rage. 

“We will never leave him. He’s ours. He’s weak. We will destroy him. We will fight you. We will not be defeated. We are too strong. He will never remove us. We cannot go anywhere. We are here to stay,” the demons boasted to me, “He allowed us in because he created a baphomet and called upon us.”

The baphomet is a universally recognized satanic symbol for those in metaphysical satanic sects and occult groups. Many Luciferians throughout history have utilized this spiritually dark symbol to conjure, to empower, to manipulate. Within this African man was this devil worshipping spirit named Baphomet due to his participation in Satanism. Moreover, we also discovered there was ancestral participation in animal and human sacrifice going back multiple generations.

Speaking of human and animal sacrifice I am stunned to come across so many cases where there is demonic attachment as a result of generational human and animal sacrifice. I have dealt with dozens of such cases in the past week or so. 

“Many pastors have tried and failed. You will fail too,” the spirits warned me. 

Not on this night, in this meeting. I had Tony confess his sins and broke, symbolically, the baphomet, by stomping on it with his feet. 

“Nobody does that to me,” the spirit Baphomet growled, as he immediately surfaced, as he was furious with what just transpired, “Did you hear me you $%^@#$%#$.” This defeated spirit was angry. 

Baphomet screamed like you can’t even imagine. There were times they were exhibiting very strong urges to fight me physically. At one point I had the holy angels assist me and they arrived and literally froze him so he could not move. It was amazing to watch the holy angels chain him up and restrain him.

These past several days the bloodcurdling screams, the loud cries were off the charts. Demons are insanely furious. Especially after being exposed after having been undetected for many generations. Also, these past few days, we have seen dozens of angelic miracles whereby the holy angels are doing extraordinary acts to assist us in ministering to those whom are enslaved to the powers of evil. Holy angels assisted me in picking people off the ground, restraining violence, holding those whom were demonized so I could properly minister and so much more. I’m very thankful and appreciate God’s angels. In fact, the one holy angel that travels with me was very helpful in striking some demons that sought to injure me. As God’s Word tells us, ‘Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve alongside those who will inherit salvation?’ 

“How did you find me! How did you do this?” the demons inquired.

I didn’t do anything particularly special except I intervened. If every church intervened by having meetings where curse breaking and deliverance is practiced and offered, I believe, the amount of demonic activity among believers would drastically decrease, however, because the church, by and large, chooses to ignore these subjects, demonization among disciples is incredibly common. In fact, there have been many demons, in recent days, mocking pastors and ministers for failing to have the power to drive them out or simply ignoring them. 

This mission WILL NOT ignore them. We will seek to drive them out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as we did with Baphomet from Tony as Jesus strengthened us and empowered us to force him out in Jesus name. By the way, you can watch portions of this exorcism on my YouTube Channel. It was a battle however Jesus conquered!

We also spent some time healing Tony’s broken heart. There were so many traumatized soul parts as a result of having to leave their nation –Angola– due to the civil unrest the country was experiencing when he was a little boy. The pain, the grief, and the raw emotion was so troubling to hear. The hurting parts were sent to Jesus. We have seen dozens and dozens surface broken heart parts these past few days as I ministered in these public meetings. 

Again where is the church? Why is there this amount of people suffering? The church should be about intervention. I am determined to intervene and one way we intervene is we have developed a world-class training center that is dedicated to equipping an spiritual army to preach the gospel, to heal the sick, to heal the broken hearted, and to drive out demons in Jesus name. God is calling you my friend. Join us today!

Not only did Tony experience a most powerful deliverance (he also experienced a healing as he was able to see out of his right eye clearly where previously it was blurred, here another healing from a varying degree of blindness) but so did his cousin, Debbie. For years Debbie had been experimenting with the occult and even attended New Age metaphysical retreats in the Montreal area, a remote area in the mountains, hopping to unlock the secrets of the supernatural. Interestingly, Debbie revealed that in these retreats many hundreds would be present indulging in the occult arts including the practice of entering into altered states of consciousness thereby opening her life up to strong mind controlling spirits. I encountered these on this night and battled them in the name of Jesus!

The spat on me, they threw my Bible and threatened me however they along with many Jezebel spirits and spirits of the witchcraft were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Moreover, Debbie, experienced a deep inner healing whereby many dissociative identities were healed by Jesus. She consented to giving her testimony and you can view it here

As I come to a close writing this email update to all of you, it’s nearly 3:45am, I recall Matthew 4 where it is recorded Jesus, “…went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them.” 

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