In Canada Tasting o the Powers of the Age to Come!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Tonight, another stunning display of God’s holy power. STUNNING! Where can I start? 

Over the years I have held numerous public and private meetings in the various provinces of Canada and yet I do not believe I have held one more powerful than the one we held tonight at New Bethel Church here in Ontario. It was intensely miraculous. I felt the tangible presence of the fire of the Holy Spirit and the empowerment of God. The church was jammed packed with hungry souls desperate for freedom! 

It would take hours to chronicle the miracles. There were that many! It was beautiful to witness. It was also exciting to see that the secular media was present as the History Channel recently contacted me and inquired about doing a documentary on the work we conduct throughout the globe in the field of exorcism and I have proceeded. The producer, the director and their team were present and witnessed the amazing power of God! In January 2014, they will be joining me in some public and private meetings on the border of Mexico to film some exorcisms we will be conducting. I look forward to seeing the power of Jesus touch millions around the globe. 

God has so blessed this mission with incredible miracle working power. These past few days in Newark and now in Ontario, Canada have been thrilling in so many ways. Dozens and dozens have been supernaturally cured of demonic possession, dissociation, infirmities and other afflictions. 

 There were so many miracles these past few nights. Hebrews 6:5 speaks of the tasting of “…the goodness of the Word of God and of the powers of the age to come.” It is our hope and prayer to invite souls to our public meetings to encounter truth and the power of Jesus. We always desire to balance our public meetings with the Word and the demonstration of the powers of God. I publicly demonstrated for all to see the power of God, so no one could leave the place wondering if our God is silent. He is not silent. He has spoken in truth and power. The supernatural was in full view as demons were screaming out, contorting their victims violently, shaking bodies and so much more. Some of the powers of the age to come that were revealed include:


  • Numerous pains, afflictions, and infirmities were taken out of bodies and souls in Jesus name.
  • Numerous animal spirits surfaced barking and squawking.
  • Numerous animal soul parts surfaced and were removed from bodies.
  • Tens of thousands of demonic spirits were cast into the pit in Jesus name.
  • Numerous human interjects surfaced and were sent out of souls in Jesus name.
  • Numerous ancestral dissociative parts were sent out of souls in Jesus name.
  • Numerous dissociative identities were supernaturally healed by the power of Jesus.
  • Numerous broken heart parts see the risen Jesus and experience His amazing love for the first time.
  • Holy angels were called upon and assisted me in battling demons.
  • The power of my holy cross emanated, once again, the supernatural heat of the fire of the Holy Spirit.
  • The power of the fire of the Holy Spirit rested upon my hands and I was able to utilize it to greatly weaken demons.
  • Empowerment to proclaim Jesus clearly and boldly resulting in souls committing their lives to King Jesus for the first time.
  • Supernatural strength to teach for many hours, to cast out demons for many hours, and to heal broken hearts for many hours.

Those are some of the signs and wonders we witnessed these past few nights. It’s well after 4am and I’m still rejoicing in the goodness of our God. He rescued so many. 

In Newark, after teaching and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began to pray for those assembled and immediately demons surfaced from within those attending our meeting. We encountered many demons that held, on this night, various specific body parts from the lungs, to the heart, to the pancreas, to the mind and so many other places. We also encountered many strong spirits such as Baal, Jezebel, and Leviathan. We also encountered an Islamic spirit (that was attached to a human interject–her own sister-in-law who had been sending many curses and spells to her. It was broken in Jesus name) within a woman from Iraq who attended the meeting with her husband. We dealt with many little baby parts and other little one ranging from ages to 1 to 20. Many of them had been held captive by the enemy and needed to hear that God loves them! In fact, one little part cried and cried and wanted to play so I led the little one to Jesus and you know Jesus did with the little girl? He picked her up on a swing and began to gently swing her on a swing set. Isn’t that beautiful? Jesus spoke reassuring words of love and acceptance to the little one. What healing took place. 

Some of the demonic spirits we encountered, these past few evenings, went back thousands of years ago, multiple generations, harming countless family members in the process. Many demons had invaded because of human and animal sacrifices that were practiced thousands of years ago in Asia and Africa. One ancestral spirit released a 20 year old that was born before the “days of Jesus,” (the parts own words). They had been ritualistically killed in a idolatrous ceremony involving this person that went by the name of Alexandra (the lady’s name was Stacy). Alexandra, as a result, of experiencing that horrific trauma of being killed had terribly fragmented and traveled through the bloodline. I led Alexandra, this ancestral dissociative identity, to Jesus for healing and she departed. Moreover, we commanded the demonic spirits out of the body and they swiftly departed.

Here in Ontario, we prayed for a former Hindu that had been demonized a long time. While ministering to her a powerful Kali spirit surfaced screaming and throwing her to the ground. He boasted how he laid claim to her eyes and brought a form of blindness into her (be mindful this woman was wearing glasses and testified of not being able to read anything that was distant). I commanded the demons to release the eyes and immediately she was able to see CLEARLY without the glasses. In fact, I tested her eyes as I had to read statements that were on some of the walls and she did with zero problems. She was not only powerfully liberated from demons but she was also healed of a form of blindness. As I have shared with all of you, we are witnessing now, on a near-regular basis, those whom have varying degrees of blindness being healed by the power of Jesus. She was so shocked to be able to see without her glasses. God’s healing and delivering powers were on full display!

The sheer number of miracles these past few nights will be difficult to chronicle. 

It’s well after 4am and I need to get some rest as I will need to leave to take a taxi to head to one of the Toronto Islands and board a ferry. The ferry will take me to the airport and will board a flight to the French-speaking city of Montreal, Quebec, which, incidentally, is the largest French speaking city in the world outside of Paris, France. I’m believing for another power-packed public meeting. Hope to see all of you soon!

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