In Utah Expelling Mormon & Masonry Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a difficult day ministering here in Salt Lake City, Utah, as we have been encountering some very strong evil spirits (they are especially difficult to deal with since we are in a region of the nation dominated by these Mormon and Mason powers, in fact Salt Lake City was founded by Joseph Smith) that are rooted in Mormonism and Masonry. As some of you might be aware Masonry and Mormonism are intertwined as Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was a Mason and was deeply involved in the dark arts of Freemasonry. It’s quite clear that Smith borrowed some of the spiritual concepts of Freemasonry and implemented them within the Mormon Church. Both spiritual movements are dangerous and deny essential historic Christian doctrine (i.e. justification is by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ) and both movements are filed with strong demonic powers that hold millions in captivity. 

As many of you know, I was in a family that was involved in Freemasonry, at some of the highest levels. I was present, as a teenager, during the ceremony, when my father became “Most Worshipful Master,” within the Blue Lodge. As you can imagine our family’s involvement at this kind level opened numerous doors to demonic spirits that brought great oppression. It was horrible. However, through the reading of a Dr. Billy Graham gospel booklet I was rescued by Jesus. Not only was I saved but also experience a powerful deliverance at that moment of salvation. I am still free in Jesus and continue to serve with all of my heart! 

Through the years of gospel ministry God has been pleased to bring along my path many Mormons (and those affected by Mormonism), interestingly enough, and many touched by the curse of Freemasonry. I have had the privilege to lead many, enslaved to these spiritual groups, to salvation found in Jesus. I have even driven out many millions of spirits of Mormonism and Masonry. Not too long ago, I dealt with a young man, in a intense exorcism, that opened the door to more than half million evil spirits as a result of being water baptized in the Mormon Church. They were driven out in Jesus name. I have seen the power of the cross defeated the powers of Mormonism and Masonry. The Western Church, especially, needs to offer opportunities for those affected by Mormonism and Masonry an opportunity to be set free from demons as so many in Western societies have been affected to some extent by these alternative spiritual movements. 

Millions of Mormons and Masons need Jesus! Millions need to be deprogrammed and delivered from powerful Illuminati spirits such as Kathy’s family here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kathy has spent a lifetime of enduring demonic torment and activity. She reached out to us and we have made a few trips to Utah to intervene. In our first meeting, millions of mind controlling spirits were expelled. Moreover, we encountered the infamous Mormon angel named Moroni. He is a demon spirit hell bent on receiving adoration. He needs to be exposed. He is a demon, an evil spirit that needs to be driven out of our lands in the name of Jesus. Though millions of unholy spirits were confronted and forced out, many more remained including some powerful Masonry demons that have passed down through the generational bloodline unhindered. These dark powers kept one generation to the next in deep bondage and mind control. By only God’s grace and mercy, He opened Kathy’s eyes to the truth of Jesus and received him as Savior. This obviously resulted in her eyes being opened to the dark spiritual realities of Mormonism thus desiring to reach out for help and intervention.

Sadly, no one was there for Kathy! No one! Her family has basically disowned her. It’s a very sad story. The church here in Utah was ill equipped to conduct deliverance and inner healing thus she suffered needlessly. The church should be equipped to cast out demons from those involved in metaphysical cults and alternative spiritual groups, but they are not. Trust me they are not. By and large the modern church is lacking knowledge and power thus rendering them incapable of delivering souls coming out of these false belief systems. 

Kathy finally found us and reached out. We have intervened and have seen amazing miracles take place in her life thus far. Including broken heart parts being reached and experiencing Jesus. My heart was mightily troubled earlier today as I reached deep within her soul and located a little broken heart park that was terrorized, horrified, and despaired. We previously located many heart parts that had been programmed by Mormon leaders during violent satanic ceremonies that took place within the Mormon Temple. This part had the same look as the others –brutally traumatized and in utter shock. The eyes said it all. She spoke of seeing horrific violent things no human should have to endure. 

In the process of reaching out to this broken heart part. We encountered many demonic spirits that sought to keep this part from fully surfacing. For hours we battled. Many holy angels assisted and warred against these wicked demons in control of this hurting part. One group of Masonry spirits had been there for generations as a result of Kathy’s ancestors involvement in the Masonic Lodge. That was renounced. There were many Mormon demons that had invaded as a result of previous generations participation in blood covenants that were carried out in secret by those involved in Mormonism. Make no mistake about it –Mormonism is satanic at it’s core. They are quite deceptive but know their true identification is aligned with the devil and the doctrines of demons that hold millions in mind controlling bondage. 

These Masonic blood covenants were renounced and Kathy experienced some immediate relief and deliverance. Much more work needs to be done with the various dissociative identities that have been programmed by Mormon leaders. However, I’m pleased Kathy has started the journey and we are with her in this. Please pray for her and her family.

Large evil spirit groups of Mormonism, Masonry and the Divination were encountered and confronted. We utilized sacred objects that greatly weakened the demon powers and my sacred cross which defeated the power of evil. Many of these wicked spirits fought us aggressively shaking her body violently at times. However they were no match to the love and power of Jesus. Jesus allowed us to intervene to drive them out but more importantly souls are experiencing the true love of Jesus that has brought healing to so many on this most recent mission of North America. 

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