Violently Clawed by Demons in New Jersey, Jesus Still Lord!

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

Though we have been small in number God has been displaying His supremacy over all created beings in our public and private meetings here in Newark, New Jersey, where we are teaching, casting out demons and praying for those broken in heart. It was very encouraging to hear of all the testimonies of those who attended our previous meetings who are still maintaining their deliverance and healing. It is my hope and prayer that the spiritual principles I share in our meetings from God’s Word will be applied thereby bringing deliverance and healing to many. 

Earlier today during one of our “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts Seminars,” I taught for over 4 hours on inner healing, spiritual warfare, and deliverance. Those who attended were edified and encouraged. We also had some demonic disruptions while I taught from God’s Word. A young lady was present who in desperation, traveled in from Seattle, Washington, for deliverance from evil spirits, manifested very vicious and violent spirits. I’m still bearing some of the pain, as I write this email to you and claw marks of the demonic attacks I endured through as I ministered to this woman. With involvement in the occult, sexual perversion and spiritual rebellion, demons were able to access her life and has brought incredible destruction in her life. I’m so glad she came to the meeting as we were able to intervene in her life.

Some of the evil spirits that surfaced were hell bent on murder. It blasphemed the Lord. It cursed. It violently clawed me, drawing blood. It threw her Bible. It threw other things. It is was an insane being that was determined to war against the ambassador of Jesus. In fact, the night before, during our public meeting, the demons went berserk. It smashed the Holy Communion cup and threw the holy elements against the wall (the meeting hall wall still stained with the blood of Christ). Very aggressive and murderous spirits. Even in the midst of the violence I was able to get this precious young lady to call upon Jesus (though it was very difficult for her to do so) for help. She so desires to serve Jesus in this ministry. Unfortunately, we were not able to continue the ministry with her as she had to go back home to Seattle however I hope to continue the work with her in the near future. 

Speaking of last night, many testified of feeling freedom and renewal by simply praying with me as led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. One lady testified of feeling something flying out of her head. Others testified of feeling lighter and strengthened as a result of exorcising the demons in this public setting. Moreover, one lady in the back of the hall, came to the meeting, as a result of our YouTube videos (this is another reason why we videotape some of the exorcisms as this is another extension of reaching souls for Jesus). As I was praying for everyone, spirits were manifesting from within her and surfacing. I brought this 46 year old woman, whom I’ll refer to as Michelle, up to the front of the hall to confront the demons that were attacking her. As I prayed a spirit surfaced and spoke to me.

“I’m Ra! I feel so at home in this body,” the demonic entity revealed to me, “I have been here for more than 800 years in her bloodline and no one has ever confronted me!”

Think about the implications of this. Hundreds of family members in one manner or another has been afflicted with this ancient spirit being and no one has come along to intervene. This is terrible. In fact, the spirit laughed and mocked.

“I have been here for so long and I like being here. Can I stay a little longer?” the spirits inquired, “Please don’t send us away, please don’t send us to the pit.”

Eight hundred years of demonic torment and not one single Christian has intervened to drive out these ancient spirits named Ra. By the way, Ra is a ancient Egyptian demon god

Interestingly enough, as Christianity rose with power in the early centuries, during the Roman Empire, the outward worship of this evil being waned. Yet the spirits of Ra continued their work in those that previously opened the doors through the sin of idol worship. Because the church has not done enough work in the areas of curse breaking and deliverance ministry, spirits like Ra have simply jumped from one generation to the next, gaining more and more strength. We the Body of Christ need to rise up and send these pagan demon gods out of the lands in Jesus name!

“We have been here because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices and idol worship. We bring cancer to her and insanity.”

The Ra demons growled and groaned like an animal (remember Ra has animalistic qualities in her outward identification, see a picture of it). I called upon the holy angels and they quickly came and assisted me in warfare. I had one leading angel strike Ra and chain him up. Immediately the spirits were restrained as being held by chains. Furthermore, I had Ra hold on my sacred cross and it screamed in agony! The cross of Jesus defeated Ra! 

I then proceeded to drive out Ra and those associated with this Egyptian demon god and commanded it to go to the pit. It came out and immediately my sister testified of feeling so much better, lighter, peaceful and joyful! It was an amazing transformation that occurred and I give glory to Jesus! We also dealt with a number of broken heart parts that had been held captive for more than 33 years. The monsters had been removed and I was able to extend love and compassion and great inner healing took place within this woman. She literally felt a hug by Jesus. Incredible miracle of deliverance and healing!

We have another public meeting tonight. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would free many more from demonic bondage. Jesus is Lord and will reveal Himself as such tonight!

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