Blood of Christ Over Dubai, UAE!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I declare the blood of Jesus Christ over this small Persian Gulf nation which is located on the Arabian Peninsula bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman (a nation I visited and ministered in earlier this year). As some of you might recall it’s been my hope and prayer to begin a mission here in the Middle East where we can base from to reach this region with the gospel. God has been pleased to bring forward two mature disciples who desire to lead in this effort and I’m pleased to see that plans are already being put in place by these disciples to organize a evangelistic and deliverance meeting where many Muslims will be present and offered the opportunity to receive love from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and to encounter the ministry of deliverance. I’m believing that this mission will be able to reach into the restricted areas of this region and will offer us a unique gospel opportunity. We will seize this opportunity and believe we can make a immediate impact for the gospel here. One precious saint here testified of being able to reach many Muslims for Jesus already and have been detained by the police as a result and she refuses to back down. It’s encouraging to hear such stories.

Two meetings have already taken place here in Dubai where I ministered in a late morning session and a early evening session. It is my custom to begin many of our meetings with a teaching from Holy Scripture on the “Hidden Life in Christ,” which I believe is the most foundational teaching of our faith par excellence. It is my core conviction that an understanding of this one Biblical concept will transform your life and will empower you to live a victorious life with Jesus and will answer many of your questions on how Christians can be demonized, the reality of dissociation and a fuller understanding of one’s position in the midst of spiritual warfare. By the way, our position, by virtue of our relationship with Jesus, is one of perpetual victory and ascension. 

As I shared about this supernatural event where our spirit nature ascends into union with Christ in heavenly realms, upon conversion, brought an immediate reaction from the demonic within one lady who was present during the teaching. The demons did not want this lady (whom I’ll refer to as Mary) to hear these truths thus allowing her to walk into complete victory. So, the evil spirits manifested in a dramatic manner –shaking her body violently, speaking in demonic languages, twisting her body and thrashing her. They spoke to me and begged me to leave them alone.

“Can we discuss this?” the spirits inquired, “We have been here for so long. For thousands of years we have laid claim to her ancestors. Let’s make a deal. I will give you powers if you just leave us alone and allow us to stay. 

No deals with demons. I do not like these creatures and they must go to the pit in Jesus name! 

So the entire day was spent battling with these wicked demons. I encountered so many thousands of evil spirits –spirits of torment, fear, torture, and so many others. Many of them confessing to having hidden many parts of her broken heart in cages and dungeons. I even dealt with a human interject (a soul part of her own mother). The demonic spirits were commanded to release the parts of the heart and the human interject was removed from Mary’s soul. 

“Our master plan was almost accomplished. We were planning on using her to get to her ex-husband, to have sex with him, then using her to kill him, to drink his blood,” the spirits boasted as they laughed.

What a sick and demented plan. What do you expect from insane beings. 

“We are here to destroy her and her future children. We are here to torment, to torture, to destroy. We bring the skin diseases, we bring it all,” the spirits revealed as a matter-of-fact.

Many of these destructive beings entered the ancestral bloodline via her ancestors practicing idol worship, blood sacrifices and human sacrifices. So many demons were tied into the blood covenants that were agreed upon by her ancestors. Some of the ancestors took the extraordinary efforts to formalize the rituals and ceremonies with written promises to the demons such as the promise to offer future generations to the spirits for in return of various powers.

There were spirits of Kali, Parvati, Ganesha, Shiva and so many others. Then obviously, Jezebel taking upon the manifestation of Kali, fought me. However, these defeated beings were no match to King Jesus. The power of the blood of Jesus was very evident. At one point, Kali, directed his attention to many birds that flew to our direction as we were on a high floor apartment building. They landed on the window sill, looking at the spirits manifesting. I knew whom these birds were. They were watchers. They were carriers of supernatural powers to assist in the battle they had with me. They sought to transfer some demonic powers to this Kali spirit that was being held captive and screaming that I would release her. 

I immediately took some water I blessed as the blood of Christ and sprayed the window with it and immediately the birds scattered. Moments later more birds came to our direction.

Kali spoke out: “Those are my birds, they are part of my army.”

I then took out my consecrated cross and again immediately the birds swiftly flew away. On this afternoon the power of the cross was too much for them as supernatural powers of the blood of the Messiah emanated from my cross thus causing demon powers to dissolve, mind controlling mechanisms to break down and healing to take place. They hated touching the cross. It bright forth great spiritual heat to the point where they had to drop the cross. They could not handle it. They were shocked by it’s powers. The cross of Jesus defeated them.

Mary confessed her sins, renounced the generational curses and bondages. Jesus forgave her and freed her from many thousands of years of ancestral curses and spirits. All of these ancestral spirits went to the pit in Jesus name. Moreover, many heart parts surfaced. For there were millions of parts of her shattered heart that existed. They were all healed by Jesus. I spoke to many of them as the hours went by. So much pain, grief, and hurt as a result of horrific abuse, trauma and torture. One 12 year old part was so sad. The tears ran down her face and much agony poured out from her.

“Nobody has hugged me. Nobody told me they loved me. Nobody cared.”

Well, this small group intervened and loved on this 12 year old part and incredible immediate healing took place. Within a day, millions of heart pieces were dramatically healed by the power of Jesus. It was amazing to see our loving God supernaturally repair the soul of Mary. I also prayed for others in this small meeting and demons departed quickly including from a young boy. God has sent me to the Middle East to introduce the Body of Christ to the deeper mysteries of the deliverance ministry such as healing hearts and removing human interjects. 

Mary has such a heart for Jesus and is willing to serve in the Kingdom of God. Please pray for her. We continue more meetings tomorrow. I’m trusting for more miracles to occur. After the meeting they noticed my recent cuts on my arm from the demonic attacks I experienced in some recent meetings. It made me think that through it all, all the testings, I am still honored, to serve King Jesus despite what I might have to go through. Jesus is Lord and I speak the blood of Christ over UAE!

Perpetually ascended and hidden in Christ!

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