No Longer the Bride of Satan in Sharjah!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Earlier today I was in the third largest emirate of the UAE –Sharjah which has been an independent enclave for much of it’s existence– where I ministered to those terribly afflicted by evil spirits. I conducted another two meetings today and witnessed the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in setting the captives free. One precious saint I ministered deliverance and healing to agreed to have much of the exorcism videotaped so that the world might know that Jesus truly delivers souls. For many hours today I drove out tens of thousands of demons and witnessed so many ancestral dissociative identities healed by Jesus. The intensity of the ministry sessions were off the charts in this regard. Allow me to share some of the ancestral heart parts that surfaced during our ministry session with Mary. By the way, all of this transpired as I was dealing with Baal and forcing him to release her heart. Not only were there many dissociative identities that were supernaturally healed but there were also many generational dissociative identities including:

A pregnant young lady born in 1890 who was buried alive with her baby in her womb. She was buried because she had sex outside of marriage and became pregnant and the traditional culture demanded that the lady would be placed out of their society and killed. This young lady and little pre-natal baby surfaced during the ministry session with great terror as you can imagine. Being buried alive would cause anyone to dissociate and experience deep soul fragmentation. The screams, the deep agony, and intermost pain caused everyone, in the meeting, to cry. These heart parts were supernaturally healed by Jesus.

–A 80 year old man who lived in the 19th century who had been murdered as a result of being suffocated. Mary had often shared that she felt like she was being suffocated and had great difficulty breathing at times in her life. No wonder! Deep within her was an ancestral heart part that carried this pain of enduring a suffocation. As this part was sent to Jesus and along with the suffocation. A incredible miracle took place –Mary could actually breathe! Gone was the feeling of being suffocated. Her quality of life will now drastically improve in this most basic of areas of life –her ability to breathe better! 

–A small girl heart part who was born in the year of 1504. Because her throat was slit during a sacrificial ritual that occurred in a demon temple in a pagan land that caused her heart to experience dissociation and was captured by a Baal spirit which carried this heart part through all of these generations. I spoke to this ancient little girl and sent her to Jesus. 

–A young man born in the 1890’s in India who was tricked and led into a jungle by a group of men who offered this desperate father some work to support his young wife and 2 daughters. It was a trap. There was no intention to provide a job for this man but to use him as a sacrifice in a sadistic blood ritual. During the slitting of his throat, during a Baal blood ritual, the heart fragmented and was carried to future generation by evil spirits. This part cried out and asking that I would take care of his two young daughters. This part held all of this emotional trauma, pain and terrorizing sadness. The part begged me to find his daughters. I assured him the best I could do is lead him to the Healer of the broken hearts and he agreed to enter into the arms of Jesus. 

As you can see great supernatural activity occurred while in Sharjah. Perhaps the first time this kind of inner healing ministry occurred in this region of the world ever. We are speaking of 5,000 year old civilization. This mission is on the forefront of bringing an awakening in the area of inner healing and deliverance. We have the knowledge and discernment to assist and intervene in these complex cases. We were able to understand and help Mary. Immediately Mary experienced a deep healing having these ancestral parts removed from her life. No wonder she had been experiencing such great spiritual heaviness. 

Obviously, there were many demons that we battled with on this day. As I mentioned I warred against Baal and thousands of these spirits rooted in blood sacrifice was sent to the pit in Jesus name. One spirit named The Star of Destruction was rooted in her generational bloodline as a result of ancestors participating in the occult and witchcraft. These many spirits led her to make a formal pact to Satan. In fact, at one point, in Mary’s life, as the demons moved in and started to completely control her life some years back, the demons placed her in a deep trance like state and extracted a fragment of her soul that allowed some witches and occultists to initiate her in the Bride of Satan ceremony. They consummated this false satanic marriage by sleeping with her. They gradually abducted parts of her soul and introduced her to alien like kind of creatures who performed various kinds of satanic experimentation on her. It should be noted this is one of the means of the powers of the anti-Christ to be able to introduce mass scale of mind control leading to the worship of the Beast as seen in the Book of Revelation during the end of days. 

By the power of Jesus she rejected the marriage to the Beast. She renounced being a bride of Satan. She understands she belongs to Jesus and is hidden in Him! Mary is no longer a bride of Satan. She is a princess to the Lord Jesus!

She was also introduced to higher level cosmic beings that oversee demons in the higher astral planes. This only deepened her demonic torment and enslavement. As you can see she was experiencing a high level of mind programming. I was able through a series of ministry events demolish these powers through the blood of Christ. I know this is quite real as I experienced Illuminati mind control as a young man and was freed from soul slavery. I have written a small book on the subject that I highly recommend reading to grasp some basics on the topic. Click here to obtain the book for free.

The Star of Destruction fought me and yet he lost because the power of the cross of Jesus is much more powerful. He bowed and proclaimed his doom. He was sent to the pit in Jesus name. I also fought many other kinds of demons. There were more than 100 spirits of Death that boastfully told me, “I entered her because her father would take her to cemeteries as a young girl to scare her. I came into her. I bring all kinds of fears.”

Why would any father take their little girl to a graveyard is beyond me but this is the kind of world we live in –a world dominated by Satan. There were also more than 1,000 spirits of Kundalini. There were also four strong spirits of abortion and so many others like poverty, sickness, sexual perversion, blood sacrifice, murder, mental torment. All of them were sent to that pit in Jesus name. God was pleased to display His holy power –many holy angels assisted me, again my sacred cross brought healing and deliverance, and the blood of Jesus defeated and forced the spiritual enemies out of others in our meetings today. My dear sister feels so good now. She has been rescued by Jesus and gives all praise to our living King! Here is a picture of some of those who received a deliverance and healing while in Sharjah today. (Hope to share some of the fascinating videos in the coming days).

What an incredible blessing to be here in the Middle East traveling to these various emirates ministering to those in enslaved to the powers of the enemy. Jesus was glorified and liberation was brought to souls. I look forward to returning very soon as more work needs to be accomplished here and these surrounding nations. 

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