Freedom Fighters Curing Lupus, Defeating Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus the King ~

Just completed a Bible study with my kids on Mark 5 (classic text on demonic warfare) and they absolutely LOVED it! It was so funny….I was reading the story and sharing some insights and they were totally captivated! Just staring at me as I get very dramatic during Bible time at home! Christianity should be about drama in the sense that it should be compelling, captivating, thrilling! I love following Jesus as His life is more thrilling then anything the world offers. Thus it causes me to share the life of Jesus with great passion. As many of you can attest –I am loud and passionate. Why? Because of the Holy Spirit fire within me. I feel it burning deep within me. I can’t help but shout out JESUS SAVES! I’m believing, the Holy Spirit placed this on my heart, more resurrections from the dead to occur (I have already raised the dead at least on 4 different occasions). I am digressing, sorry.

Anyway, I stopped at one point and shared some encounters I have had with monsters (demons) and Ranger interrupted and said, “Daddy, can you go back to the story!”

HA! Love it! Ranger wants to hear what JESUS did! Forget Daddy’s stories. Ha!

I think many in our modern day underestimate little children and their desire for deeper things of God! I was on a international SKYPE call yesterday with a ministry partner and his little boy (about the age of my little girl Sahara) was commanding all demons attacking me to go in Jesus name! I took it very serious! I receive it! I love it! Their faith so pure and powerful!

Again, I am deeply humbled by your prayers and encouraging emails and calls! It’s been incredible on so many levels. I feel strengthened by them and believe God will restore me. I’ll continue to keep everyone updated. 

By the way, our students with the Freedom Fighter International Training Center are conducting phenomenal work for Jesus! I get near daily reports and I marvel at them. Moreover, some of the students are getting delivered from demons and supernaturally healed while listening to my audio teaching presentations. God’s hands are upon these presentations as many souls are receiving incredible miracles as a result allow me to share one:

“Jay–I would also like to thank you for your ministry during the time I‘ve gone through your lectures Ive had miraculous deliverance from shyness I’m actually trying out for the worship ministry at my church something I couldn’t do before because of fear .Your ministry also pulled down a stronghold in my life of judgement against the catholic church I’m now friends with my brothers and sisters of the catholic faith I discovered the power of transubstantiation through your lectures and the scriptural basis for holy water.”

Furthermore, some students are now equipping others as a result of their training thru FF Training. Read this report:

“Brother Jay, I met you in Atlanta at your deliverance session, am a first level student in Freedom Fighters, in which you have given me (by the grace of God) free classes from now on. I am a deliverance minister myself.

Words cannot express my gratitude to God for the impact you and your ministry has made upon my life. Watching you perform deliverance opened my understanding of a much, much deeper level of warfare than I had ever known existed. Your school, your emails are all amazing.

I am teaching a city-wide, 10-week class on spiritual warfare. I hope you don’t mind the similarity, but I actually named it after my mentor, you! I named it, “Freedom Fighter School of Healing and Deliverance”.  I ask you to pray for covering for me. My only thoughts as I begin this class at 6:30 tonight are, “Oh, if I only could have watched Jay ministering to inner child parts and human interjects a few more times”.

I have bought many of your little booklets, and the information is great. But I am more of a visual person. I learn while watching best. So, wrapped up in all these words is this, rest, heal and allow your body to strengthen because you are much needed in this world. You are a pioneer. I respect you greatly. Hope to see you again whenever you venture a little closer to the ATL or North Georgia region.”

This is why we conduct public meetings…we need to practically show people, in the flesh, how to drive out demons and heal broken hearts in Jesus name! May many Freedom Fighter Training Schools start up throughout the world! This is my hope and prayer! 

We will be offering our 50 part series (that’s right 50 parts! Some in Perth, Australia, recently, were able to hear me present a few of the parts while lecturing at Concordia Lutheran Church) of the Keys to Effective Spiritual Warfare each part has 7 principles. Stay tuned for this offering! 

You might recall me sharing with everyone about another Freedom Fighter student by the name of Pablo in Quebec who after receiving deliverance (he was set free from powerful spirits of madness and insanity) is not full on in the fire of the Holy Spirit. He’s bringing souls to the Kingdom, performing exorcisms and healing the sick. Allow me to share another miracle report that I just received on Pablo’s powerful ministry:

Now Pablo cast a spirit of Lupus out of Ken who has suffered with that for a long time. Ken was a bit of a doubter but God is doing things to raise up his faith.  Pablo said, “Ken, do you have pain in your left shoulder?”  Ken kept saying he had pain in his right shoulder.  So then Pablo said, “Lift up your shirt”.  Then he saw a big bruise on his left shoulder. Then Ken said that a few months ago he got that and he didn’t know why and that’s when the pain started but then it switched to his right. (Pablo is able to see in the spirit to some degree we’ve noticed).  So Pablo said, “That’s where the spirit of Lupus is lodged.”  Anyway he prayed for over a half hour to get that out.”

I really look forward to retuning to the French Quebec as I envision holding a series of meetings next time and we will see many delivered and healed from infirmities! Some of you might know that Quebec is a hotbed for sorcery and spiritism; has been for many years. We have held some powerful meetings in Montreal and believe for more in the years to come! 

As you can see God has raised a spiritual army. Or I should say a special forces unit to conduct powerful missions to preach Jesus, drive out demons, heal hearts, cure diseases and teaching others to do the same! This is the full gospel! 

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