Signs & Wonders in Thailand!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

I am still rejoicing in the healing that has taken place in my life! God is gracious. I look forward to returning to the work of the mission soon; after some rest. We are still receiving amazing miracle reports that are simply stunning! I would like to highlight one testimony we have received from some friends of ours in Australia who recently embarked on a mission to Thailand. As some of you might know Thailand is a nation gripped by the powers of Buddhism. I have visited Thailand and have conducted evangelistic work in this nation. In fact, a dear friend of ours lives in Bangkok and pastors a vibrant church in Bangkok. 

Please enjoy the testimony below. We are humbled that we have been able to be a part of this work of the gospel. I really feel these friends of our have been specifically called into the five fold ministry and have recently emailed them my thoughts on this. Please pray for them as they seek direction in the ministry of the gospel.

Jesus is King!

“Jay–This is a highlights report of what I got up to on my recent mission trip to Thailand.

It is still very clear to John and I that this is all very much part of the fruit of your obedience and sacrifice and calling, so I wanted you to hear how far reaching and ongoing the Lord’s fruit through you extends. We are forever grateful for you, your family and your ministry partners!! 

Open air meeting: Our team travelled to a predominantly Buddhist rural area, with only a hand full of Christians. The Christians had gained favour from the leader of that province for helping the community when it was severely flooded late last year. The Buddhist leader invited all people in his small community to come and support the Christians. The local Buddhist temple supplied the chairs!! lol. Approximately 90 people were in attendance, approximately 70 were Buddhist locals.

  • Before the people arrived, the team received ‘words of knowledge’ about what infirmities/conditions Holy Spirit was highlighting for healing at the beginning of the meeting. When the meeting began, 20+ people stepped forward and we witnessed 100% healing!! One young Cambodian man was in such pain before the meeting that he was pacing back and forth frantically rubbing his leg, his face writhing in pain. He stepped forward when ‘severe leg pain’ was read out, and was miraculously instantly healed!! Then, Paul gave a very brief gospel presentation which was translated from English into Thai, then Thai into Cambodian because there were so many Cambodians in the meeting who did not know Thai. Holy Spirit told Paul to “get to it” because He had already done the An alter call was made and EVERY chair was empty as people rushed to the front!! Holy Spirit presence was so strong as the people gave their hearts to Jesus, and most were so impacted that they fell down under His power and received much peace and joy broke out. Where there was pain and brokenness, Holy Spirit brought freedom, peace and healing. The Cambodian man healed of leg pain stepped forward again to receive Jesus as Lord and looked very puzzled as he kept checking his leg to make sure the pain had really gone, his huge smile at the end said it all!! lolMany many Divine Love Hugs

  • I remember one little old Cambodian lady came for a hug at the open air meeting (she had just given her life to Jesus and received much physical healing). As we embraced I felt physically in my body and through word of knowledge, her deep pain and torment in her heart and was blessed to be able to cry deeply for her as her pain was so traumatic and deep-seated that she was literally unable, and facilitate emotional response for her. After a while, she stepped back looking bewildered that I was crying so heavily for her, but tears were welling up in her eyes as she looked at me and she was visibly impacted by what had taken place and was able to smile as her own tears began to drip down her face!! One of our team took a photo during our embrace, and the face of the old lady looks just like a young girl!! Her spirit was shining through as Holy Spirit did His thing.Another lady came into one of the meetings, visibly hardened and spiritual coldness was evident in her eyes. We were permitted to pray for her, and she felt peace in her chest area. I then looked into her eyes and felt overwhelming love for her, I felt like I could see Jesus in her eyes. I just grabbed her and held her for a long while, initially she did not respond but eventually sunk into Jesus hugging her using my arms. It was amazing to witness this same lady, raise her hand later that night to give her heart and receive Jesus. She returned the next night with a huge smile on her face and reported that she had had her first nightmare free night ever. Such joy and peace filled her eyes.

    Note: When I embrace people, I usually feel Jesus physically wrap his arms around on top of my arms and around my body, and He ‘locks’ my arms in place around the person until it lifts. He really is holding both of us in that very moment. There are times also when I physically feel a Holy Spirit heat rush through both of us, and it is at this point that I know something BIG is happening and usually there are much tears. He is amazing!

There was more….

Physical healing: deaf ears and blind eyes opened, crippled limbs strengthened, crippling pain gone, breathing difficulties gone, stomach/digestive disorders healed. Just to mention a few!!!

Inner healing: broken hearts healed, peace and joy ignited and experienced

– many spontaneous and not-so-spontaneous deliverances

– prophecies, visions, declarations

– encounters with Jesus, Holy Spirit and the angelic realm

– gifts identified and activated

– many revelations of joy and love and passion for Jesus ignited… 

What an amazing blessing to be apart of bringing the Kingdom of God into such dark places and seeing Him turn up and change people for ever!!

Oh, and here is another testimony that I forgot to include previously:

Supernatural evangelism:

    On the way to a gathering in Bangkok, Manny, Kelley, our interpreter and myself caught a taxi. Manny got a word of knowledge about a physical ailment of the taxi driver (which was wrong…lol, but the driver said that he had a heart condition and was experiencing severe pain in his chest… NOT what you want to hear as a passenger). lol. I laid hands on the back of his chair, interceding and breaking the hold of whatever dropped into my mind, and releasing healing and the power of God into him. The driver permitted us to pray for healing, although he said that he is Buddhist and therefore doesn’t believe in Jesus as God. Despite this, he felt Holy Spirit enter him and all pain go!! After that, Manny got a really specific word of knowledge about his life circumstances and how God loved him so much that he wants this man to know peace in his life. It was spot on!! So, he let us pray peace over him and he quickly encountered the presence of God in the taxi. Mind you, we were still ducking and weaving through busy Bangkok traffic!!! So, once he encountered THE peace of God, he wanted Jesus. So, we walked him through the salvation prayer, prayed breakthrough into his life, further healing took place in his body as a bonus, lined up a Thai Bible for him to read – and all within the 15 minute taxi drive to our destination. He was soooo overjoyed, and the look in his face was priceless. He was so touched, and we all left in a state of shock and joy. Just awesome!! lol.”

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