One of the Most Explosive European Missions

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a phenomenal mission thus far. Where do I start? There were so many miraculous signs and wonders in tonight’s meeting that it’s difficult to recount them all in this email update. All I can say is this has to be one of the most explosive public deliverance missions I have conducted in all of Europe. I have traveled in and out of Europe for many years. I have conducted many public and private missions throughout Europe –from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean– and yet this meeting tonight was amazing on multiple levels. Jesus was glorified above all else and His power liberated so many precious souls. I was shocked to see that individuals traveled in from Sweden, from South Africa, and even as far away as Australia to attend this weekend’s deliverance mission. This is incredible to see. Souls are hungry.

The seminar was well attended and for nearly 7 hours we ministered to those enslaved to demon powers. After teaching for several hours and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began praying for those who were bound to demons. The first group of souls we ministered to were a number of women who had endured an abortion. A small number came forward for prayer and as I began to speak healing over their lives, one precious lady surfaced a Hindu demonic spirit named, Kali. 

“We are here because she visited our temple,” Kali revealed, speaking out of this woman, “She watched our ceremonies and then we entered her.”

It was discovered that is lady visited one of the largest Hindu temples in all of the UK resulting in a demon invasion. It also boasted it was there to destroy her and that it was staying. 

As I began to pray for her –many Hindu spirits surfaced and spoke to me. They confessed they had entered through her mother’s ancestors thousands of years ago. 

This woman that was invaded by these powerful Hindu spirits was a very strong Christian woman who desired to preach the gospel and to drive out demons. It was remarkable to hear that she was essentially the first believer in her entire family. No wonder the spiritual enemies were rising up against her. They wanted to stop her from sharing the gospel to others. Obviously, as this woman fought these invading spirits, these enemies of Jesus had no chance and were quickly removed in Jesus name. 

This was simply the beginning of a night of tremendous warfare with the powers of darkness. For many hours we battled millions of demonic spirits that surfaced within those at the meeting. There were massive numbers of spirits of rape, fear, torment, mind control, madness, witchcraft, death and so many others that warred against us. As the meeting went on many people were manifesting demonic powers and spoke out of their victims. Many aggressive and violent contortions were on display by these vile beings. In each instance I made a public spectacle of them as they were forced to acknowledge that Jesus is Lord.

In the midst of the public meeting, to the left of me in the middle of the meeting hall, a man (whom I’ll refer to as Bruce) started violently shaking and his arms stiffened up and were claw-like. Violent demonic spirits surfaced and spoke loudly, “We are going to kill everyone! We are going to kill him before it’s over!”

I commanded the demon to reveal his identity.

“We are Killers!” the demons informed me, “Our name is Kill. There’s millions of us within him. We entered the father’s ancestors, many generations ago, because they worshipped Satan. They sacrificed babies and animals to Satan. They drank the blood of babies and animals. They were KILLERS!” the demons shouted at me. 

I called forth mighty holy angels and they arrived binding these killing spirits in spiritual chains to ensure the safety of Bruce and others as these are very violent demonic spirits hell bent on destruction. I spoke to the holy angels and they assisted me greatly. 

“We are here because all of his ancestors killed. We will kill him. God has chosen this man for powerful works we can’t allow that to take place. We have to stop him.”

Ah! The demons are here on planet earth to hinder God’s people and the calling upon our lives. However, I commend Bruce as he wasn’t going to give in to these vile spiritual beings. He was determined to fight and he did! God honored his fight and was able to get a beautiful victory tonight. It should be noted that Bruce is also a elder of a church here in London also. No wonder he was being targeted by the enemy. He is a threat to their work and wanted to shut him down. But, on this night victory was achieved, as Jesus defeated these millions of demons.

It was also discovered that during the ministry with Bruce that these many evil spirits held captive many broken pieces of his heart. One such heart part immediately surfaced as the millions of the spirits of killing were cast out into the pit in Jesus name! One little 8 year old surfaced quickly. He sobbed and sobbed. I held him and prayed for the peace and love of God to rest upon him. It was revealed that when Bruce was 8 years of age a demon appeared to him (thus frightening him) and forced little Bruce to make a demonic pact –an agreement that he would allow the demon to be part of his life to help him with his fears. What a cruel means to invade this child. These monsters knew the 8 year old would be fearful and used that emotion to their advantage by then attempting to trick little Bruce by saying he would be able to protect him from the very fears they had brought in the first place. This is why I tell my little children all the time –do not trust anything monsters (demons) say as they will try to trick you. Parents, tell your children that monsters will appear and will lie to them. Warn them! 

I had the little 8 year old break the pact and spoke out against fear and torment. The hold was broken in Jesus name. I then proceeded to confront the spirits of fear and torment that held captive this little 8 year old part. All of these monsters were forced to let go of the parts of his heart and were commanded to enter into the pit in Jesus name! They flew out of him and great peace came upon Bruce as the little parts were rejoined to his heart!

Many other demonic spirits were confronted including spirits of insanity and madness. They were also driven out in Jesus name! 

As we dealt with the demonic doorways of witchcraft, death, Freemasonry many demonic spirits surfaced within many in the meeting hall. One lady who had traveled in from South Africa surfaced a Octopus spirit that has placed it’s tentacles around her mind and various parts of her broken heart to hold them captive. This Octopus demon was expelled in Jesus name and immediately this dear lady revealed she could finally, after all of these years, feel some relief from the deep spiritual oppression that the demons had brought into her life. I was so happy because this sister of mine in the Lord is also enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and learning more about these very spiritual realities she was facing on this night. She will walk in freedom and she will help many others in the years to come.

Towards the end of the evening, an entire Nigerian family was set free from powerful witchcraft curses and spirits. The mother had brought her two young daughters to the meeting to experience deliverance and healing. God did not disappoint. While praying for the 21 year old daughter a group of tormenting spirits surfaced and spoke to me.

“This girl we have invaded will fail. She is not worthy of your God’s love or favor. She will not prosper,” the demons informed me, “We have told these lies to her and she believes them.”

As these confessions were being made the demons laughed and laughed for they knew they could control her if the lies were believed. They were believed so the demons remained in this young woman’s life. On this night, the curse was broken, though, the lies were dismantled and the dark spiritual forces of Satan were defeated in Jesus name. It was truly astounding to see this entire family find relief and deliverance from the many demons that had controlled their life. Instead of torment, there were smiles and inner peace on display.

This entire night there were loud cries, demonic screams, contortions of the limbs, demonic threats and all kinds of warfare however our great God displayed His awesome holy power tonight. He forgave sins, restore relationships, healed numerous broken hearts, repaired bodies, removed demonic spirits and cancelled curses. Jesus and His holy angels worked in the midst of us in great power. All praise to our great God!

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