Stunned! Spectacular Mass Miracles in London!

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Yesterday, I reported the previous meeting’s events. I believed it was perhaps one of the most powerful European missions we have ever held. Well, tonight, it was EVEN MORE POWERFUL! The miraculous and the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit was intensely strong in the meeting hall. I feel the empowerment of the Holy Spirit upon me in a unusual manner resulting in many souls finding freedom in Jesus name.

Tonight was truly unusual. The power of God was very strong in the meeting hall. Very strong. Tonight’s public seminar was completely full –in fact it was a standing room only crowd. We had to bring in extra chairs to meet the needs of those arriving for deliverance and healing. I taught from the Scriptures and explained the dynamics of dissociation in relation to the deliverance ministry. Everyone was attentive and was encouraged. It was interesting that only a few disciples understood the reality of dissociation so there is a MASSIVE need to teach on the subjects such as dissociation, ancestral dissociation and human interjects. I literally ran out of time in teaching. I would estimate I covered perhaps 30% of the material I wanted to cover. This is astounding. There were so many questions and the interest was compelling.

The spiritual education was needed as many in the hall had dissociation, ancestral dissociation and human interjects. I dealt all three elements and incredible liberation and healing took place however the enemy did make an appearance. Allow me to explain.

I was teaching from the Scriptures and a young woman who had traveled in from Australia interrupted my teaching with very strange comments including a comment that was spoken before the assembly of believers.

“I believe the apostle Paul is a fall prophet and his teachings are false,” she clearly stated before all.

I was sad to hear this lady make an absurd statement such as this. I rebuked it in public as did a few other elders. She continued to hold her stance that the apostle Paul’s letters should not be included in the New Testament. Troubling statements for sure. Even after rebuking her and trying to correct her. She still argued aggressively to the point where we actually had to remove her from the meeting. Now, just in this year alone, I have had to remove a number of people, in various meetings, throughout the globe, who sought to undermine the meeting with false doctrine and with the usage of curses. 

As a servant of the Lord I could not allow demons, within this lady, to control the direction of the meeting and thus was guided by the Holy Spirit to remove her. She still fought me and even after the completion of the meeting still stated that the apostle Paul was a false apostle and his teachings were filled with fallacies. The enemy was deeply threatened by our work here in London and wanted to disrupt; to stop the ministry from going forward. The enemy failed and Jesus conquered.

After dismissing the disruption –the Body of Christ felt a spiritual release and we continue in the ministry of deliverance and healing. Young children were set from demons. Some people were set free from a distance. Young men and women were set free from demons. Mature adults were freed from evil spirits and nearly everyone in the meeting hall received a measure of deliverance. It was astounding. I was spat upon. I was threatened with death. I was attacked. However, through it all, Jesus came out victorious. 


  • Dozens of satanic mind controlling mechanisms and fiery darts were extracted by the power of Jesus
  • Many thousands of evil spirits were bound up and sent to the pit in the name of Jesus
  • Many dissociative identities were supernaturally healed
  • Many human interjects were removed in the name of Jesus
  • Many ancestral dissociative identities were sent to Jesus
  • Many witchcraft curses were demolished by the blood of Jesus
  • Many ancestral curses were broken in the name of Jesus
  • On dozens of occasions holy angels assisted me in ministering to those controlled by demon powers
  • On dozens of occasions my sacred cross brought immediate defeat to demon powers and curses (this cross from my brother Bob Larson is unusually blessed by God, the miracles that come from this cross is simple awe-inspiring). The demons screamed, ran away, and faltered by simply glancing at the cross. 
  • The Holy Communion blood brought immediate defeat also to thousands of demons
  • The Holy Spirit fell upon my hand is unusually strong ways –even motioning to demons my fire-filled hands caused to demons to fall down to the ground in utter defeat
  • The presence of the love of God was tangibly strong in healing numerous heart parts and those wounded. Some even fell out under the great power of God’s amazing love.
  • Many souls re-dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, in service to Him
  • Many souls were physically healed of various ailments, sicknesses, and afflictions. POWERFUL!

Where do I begin to recount the personal stories? You had to be in the meeting to see it for yourself! It would easily take several hours to share with everyone what transpired. It’s stunning on multiple levels. I do know this, by God’s grace, I will return to the UK, as so many need freedom and healing (and teaching). 

Towards the end of the meeting I even had the opportunity to lead a young Russian lady, in front everyone, in the hall, whose entire family are Muslims, to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! Each night souls were saved. 

Can it get any better? YES! GOD DESIRES FOR MORE MIRACLES in the days to come! I believe and receive it in Jesus name! 

I am in awe here in this hotel room at 3:30am. 

Blessings in Jesus name!

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