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In British Columbia Confronting More Witchcraft

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

On this most recent extensive mission we have been encountering an extraordinary amount of witchcraft wherever we travel to. Our meetings have been filled with intense spiritual conflict. In fact, in our recent meeting in San Jose, California, one of the pastors who assisted me, brought with her 4 or 5 members of her security detail with her, to our meeting, due to the concerns she had with the powers of evil as we were holding our public meeting in a gang infested area. However, in the meeting, I turned to the Lord and His angels (no need for the security detail) for protection and assistance. The fact is, yes, there has been a tremendous amount of warfare. We have encountered many who have ancestral witchcraft roots and many who have been victimized by witchcraft. It’s been a war however we have seen the Lord Jesus Christ come out victorious each and every time.

I’m currently in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, assisting those tormented by demonic spirits. Obviously, since our meeting was on a Monday we knew that many of our friends couldn’t join us because of work and family commitments however some new friends joined us (and those new friends brought hurting people needing deliverance) and our small meeting hall was nearly filled out. Interestingly enough, while we were meeting in our conference hall, in this very large hotel, the Jehovah Witnesses were also meeting and conducting some kind of conference. It was kind of strange to hear the demons from their meeting invade our meeting. You could literally hear crackling noises and bursts of energy popping off in different places while I taught from the Scriptures and ministered. I was already exhausted because the previous night as I didn’t sleep at all and had been up all day traveling in to Vancouver and here we needed to battle these external powers that were wanting to disrupt. 

While sharing these experience I might need to add I had a very eerie experience I had forgotten to mention previously in my email updates. While in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, at the hotel, I was getting my iPad ready to play some praise and worship music. I placed it iPad on the middle of the bed and turned around to do some work on my Macbook. Perhaps 30 seconds later guess what happens? I hear a strange thump noise. I turn around and noticed my iPad which was previously on the middle of the bed had been thrown by some invisible forces (demons) unto the floor. I was baffled but realized it was demons. The demons were attempting to intimidate me by doing something unusual (note: they were threatened with the praise music no doubt) but obviously they failed because I continued on and preached the gospel to thousands of souls later that evening. Ha! 

Anyway, here I am conducting trying to conduct a public meeting and was encountering all kinds of distractions but I pressed on. The first lady we ministered to was a woman who had been to the meeting by a Guatemalan pastor and his wife. I brought her to the front and began to pray over her and a spirit named Leviathan surfaced and shook her body. Along with Leviathan there were spirits of witchcraft and death. All of them had gained entry because of her participation in the occult and her ex-partner’s involvement in the occult. It was revealed that she had actually offered food and other items to various idols. While she renounced these sins and curses the evil spirits were expelled in Jesus name. Immediately the various pains and afflictions she had previously been feeling had departed. You could see a considerable change in her countenance and she shared that she felt so much peace and was feeling lighter. I also ministered to others in the small meeting hall. I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers and many were being freed from demons while praying along with me –some were burping out demons and yawning them out. Another lady we ministered to was being afflicted with demon powers and she was instantly healed from various pains and afflictions. God was pleased to display His power over the enemies of the cross. 

Miraculous Wonders of God in California

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Thus far on this mission we have traveled 20 days out of the past 24 days crisscrossing the North American continent preaching the gospel, driving out demons, healing broken hearts and ministering healing to the sick. We have held large and small meetings and in more than 7 cities we have seen the Holy Spirit fire reach into so many lives. We have seen marriages restored, disciples equipped, believers inspired, ministers ordained, broken hearts put back together, souls experience salvation, bodies repaired, and individuals set free from evil spirits. It’s been a phenomenally blessed trip. I am very blessed. I am humbled and honored to serve YOU! 

These past several days we have been conducting a series of public meetings here in California. In each meeting we are experiencing the miraculous wonders of God that have blessed everyone who has participated. 

Last night was incredibly powerful at the Temple of Salvation where we saw Jesus conquer demons and witchcraft powers. This Jesus power was unleashed here in the city of Arcadia as we held another jammed packed meeting. Again, even after several hours into the meeting people were still arriving into the meeting hall to receive a miracle. God did not disappoint. 

After teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those who had assembled. The Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to me and directed me to those needing prayer. The first person I ministered to was a young man, only 20 years of age, named Jeff, in the back of the meeting hall who was manifesting demonic powers all night. I brought him to the front and began to battle some violent and murderous demons. Moreover there were many witchcraft spirits within his life. They shook his body violently and at one point the demons had him backing him far away from his for in my hands as my sacred cross and they were petrified of the holy cross that I held. This is CROSS is stunningly powerful, filled with the might of God. 

The demons growled and groaned as I used the cross to weaken him. Jeff was desperately needing deliverance and God spoke to my heart ever so clearly about this man being delivered on this night. After breaking the generational curses of witchcraft and violence, the demons were truly destroyed. I drove the demons out in Jesus name and immediately a huge smile came upon Jeff’s face that brought everyone deep joy and satisfaction knowing the enemy had once again been defeated. After his deliverance numerous heart parts surfaced and they were supernaturally healed by Jesus. 

It was awesome to see so many souls obtain freedom and spiritual release just simply being present in the meeting hall. Many were experiencing deep emotional and spiritual healing as I I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. Moreover, while leading everyone in prayer there were a few people present who had never surrendered to Jesus so I took the time to share the gospel with these precious souls and in each case they willingly opened their hearts to the love of God found in Jesus Christ! These were Russian ladies who just recently found out about our ministry work and decided to check out our public meetings. Over the past few years we have seen quite a few Russians attend our meetings and experience the miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance. The Russian community has opened their hearts to our work. One young Russian lady who came with her mother was stunned by the public exorcisms that were being demonstrated. In fact, she had mentioned that her mother had not even told her what kind of meeting she was being taken to. As you can imagine this young lady was stunned to see us drive out demons in Jesus name. She exclaimed, “I have never seen such a thing in my life!” 

All of these miracles really opened her heart to the love of Jesus. Not only was she saved on this night but she also experienced some deliverance from demons. It’s been exciting to see so many salvations in our last several meetings. This mission is evangelistic at it’s core and we are always trying to find ways to effectively proclaim the good news of Jesus! 

We also ministered to a lady who is nearly 70 years of age who powerfully manifested spirits of Baal and Jezebel. For a long time I battled the demons within this woman. They were defeated as I used the cross, Holy Communion and sacred oil upon them. They begged, “Leave us alone.” 

I didn’t leave them alone. I pressed harder on them. They screamed very loudly as I tortured them with holy weapons. They twisted her body and thrashed her head violently. They held her captive in so many areas of her life. It was sad to hear. These vile spirits held her spiritual gifts in an attempt to render ineffective as she sought to serve King Jesus! Many of the demonic spirits, who held her, were generational as her ancestors practiced witchcraft and idol worship. They have been in her bloodline for more than 4,000 years and I discovered not one follower of God had ever confronted them. 

We did confront them in the power of the Spirit of God. I called forth the holy angels and used the blessed water to utterly weaken the demons. They bowed before the cross of Jesus. They revealed they had been holding captive many broken parts of her heart –they were forced to release the broken heart parts. All of the evil spirits were driven out of this precious woman and she exclaimed, “Wow! I feel really good, Jay! Awesome. I’m healed.”

She was indeed healed by the power of Jesus. Instantly she was healed from numerous pains and afflictions. She was so happy too! 

We also ministered to a woman who had suffered through more than 15 abortions. This is sad on multiple levels. My heart went out to all of the babies and to this precious lady who endured so much hurt and pain. I prayed for her and God displayed His grace and love. She encountered the deep lovingkindness of Go that brought such deep healing into her life.

It’s difficult to keep track of all of the miracles that have been taking place. There’s been that many! Countless hearts parts supernaturally healed, thousands of evil spirits cast out, numerous souls physically healed from various kinds of sicknesses and afflictions and many souls saved by Jesus! 

After our public meeting in Arcadia we traveled, for more than 5 hours, onward to San Jose (near Oakland/San Francisco) where we held another public meeting this evening. For the past several days our meetings have been averaging more than 7 hours. I’m getting somewhat tired and need your holy prayers to be sustained. 

Here in San Jose, we ministered for more than 8 hours. Again more souls saved. More hearts healed and untold number of demonic spirits expelled in Jesus name. It’s been very interesting, that here in California, we have encountered the spirits of Jezebel, Baal, and Moloch consistently and in each encounter she was been defeated in Jesus name.

After teaching from the Scriptures for several hours, I led everyone in Holy Communion and began to pray for the sick and afflicted. Immediately, the Holy Spirit directed me to a young lady originally from Korea. As I ministered to her numerous ancestral worshipping spirits surfaced along with Jezebel and Baal. Moreover, powerful witchcraft spirits surfaced and battled me. They terribly shook the woman and convulsed her. Many of them were present because of her ancestors participation in sorcery. Not only were there many demons but there also many afflictions. All of them were driven out and defeated in Jesus name!

During our public meeting many were being freed from demonic torments but simply joining me in the mass deliverance prayers. It was beautiful to witness. So many demons driven out in Jesus name! Moreover, many hearts were healed and bodies repaired. We prayed for those with various kinds of cancer and physical afflictions.

One lady we ministered to deep into the evening was originally from Russia. She was abandoned by her parents here in the United States and has been living as a prostitute. The hurt was very evident. This woman as so many ladies who have been entrapped in prostitution was tormented by demons. We encountered numerous broken heart parts that were sent to Jesus for healing. Also, powerful demons of Jezebel, witchcraft, blasphemy, death and Baal surfaced. They fought me fiercely however God’s holy angels were called upon and many arrived and greatly assisted me in striking the demons with their swords and spears resulting in the weakening of the demons. There were also petrified of my holy cross that has been used mightily of the Lord in recent days as we ministered to demonized. All of the demons were driven out in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Even well after the public meeting concluded, at midnight, I was invited to pray for many others needing deliverance and divine healing. Towards the end of this extended meeting I was becoming exhausted. More souls though were miraculously healed by Jesus. I am very happy to see what Jesus as done in our midst. I’m now back at the hotel here in downtown San Jose. Now, in a few minutes (4:30am) I’m back on the road to the international airport for a flight into Vancouver, British Columbia for a yet another public meeting tonight. I hope to see all of the friends in British Columbia later today. 

Defeated Witchcraft Cult in Los Angeles, Souls Saved!

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

From Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where we were able to reach thousands of souls for Jesus and see hundreds find deliverance and healing, we traveled back into Ft. Lauderdale, for a very long layover, so we used the opportunity to get some much needed rest and enjoyed Miami’s South Beach. Great weather and great time at the beach. From the Miami area we traveled across the continent to Los Angeles, California, where I was scheduled to minister at the Temple of Salvation in downtown Los Angeles that is made up of some Russian and Ukrainian Jewish disciples. 

For several hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and then led everyone in Holy Communion. We had a good crowd and people were still arriving into the meeting a few hours after the meeting had started. Souls were hungry for salvation, healing and deliverance from evil spirits. Prior to leading everyone in Holy Communion I asked how many people needed to be saved by Jesus. Quite a handful of souls responded and had the wonderful honor to lead these precious people to the Savior. Ah! The greatest miracle of all! Then I began to pray for those bound by demonic spirits.

Immediately demons were surfacing within many in the assembly. One lady we ministered to surfaced powerful Jezebel and witchcraft spirits that were rooted in generational blood sacrifices. Her ancestors practiced human sacrifice that allowed them entry into their lives. Mind you this lady is a strong believer in Christ along with her husband. Yet, because the generational curses of witchcraft and blood sacrifice were never formally renounced they held on to her family. The demons screamed in agony as the holy angels were called upon to punish the demons. Ah! On this night there were dozens of holy angelic occurrences of their divine intervention that greatly assisted me in ministering deliverance to the captives. As the curses were broken and renounced I was able to drive out the many demons in Jesus name. This precious lady was so happy! She was not only delivered from demons but also experienced physical healing and emotional healing. 

It was very strange to see that as I ministered to this woman; other woman with the Jezebel spirit surfaced and immediately a number of woman stood to their feet in the meeting hall and were talking with one another and causing a disturbance. I had to ask the ladies to sit down so we could bring order within the meeting. There was so much confusion and distractions taking place. It was if all the Jezebel spirits were communicating with one another and drawing strength with one another with the hopes of stopping the meeting. The others in the hall were shocked to see what transpired. I continued on fighting the demons of Jezebel. They were defeated by the blood of the cross.

As I brought people to the front to receive ministry many others were being freed from demons. Some were coughing, others vomiting, others yawning and burping. These are means by which demons exit their victims. Dozens received a measure of freedom tonight just by being present in the meeting hall. 

Another lady we brought to the front was the pastor’s daughter who was experiencing strange physical attacks as I taught from the WORD. Her body would go numb thereby losing feeling of her limbs. Unusual attacks. I could tell her she was being terribly afflicted. I began to pray for her. Demons surfaced from within. 

“We are spirits of witchcraft and we were sent to her by a group called Star Cross who targets pastors. This girl was targeted because her father is a pastor and he favors the Jews. We are the ones that brought the needles, the pins and the arrows into her to torment her,” the evil spirits boasted. 

It was exposed that a local Los Angeles witchcraft cult here was literally targeting this Russian pastor in attempt to destroy him and his ministry. Though they couldn’t directly attack him so they went after a vulnerable member of his family –his daughter! They directed their attacks upon her and they were somewhat successful. For duration of this exorcism we removed satanic spiritual needles, arrows and darts sent from the enemy. I literally had the demons remove the various darts from her body. 

Many of you are victims of witchcraft curses and spells. Do not be naive there are thousands of occult sects that seek the destruction of Christians by the utilization of satanic curses and spells. Place yourself under the holy atoning blood of Jesus and be pro-active and counter the witchcraft with the commands of Jesus. 

The demons within this young lady revealed that had brought numerous physical afflictions within her body they named perhaps a half dozen or more physical ailments they brought into her body to torment her. I had the demons take upon these afflictions. Not only the physical afflictions but also various heart parts they confessed to having held captive. There were 5 of them ranging from 10 years of age to 21 years of age. I spoke o each of them. They were released in Jesus name. They were so happy to be freed from their captivity as they had been held for many years. One was present because of childhood fear. One was present because somebody had said that she had “devil’s eyes,” (a word curse). Another was present because she witnessed her parent’s fighting. 

As you can see there was deep hurt and pain present in this young woman’s life. Each part was led to Jesus and experienced supernatural healing and restoration. Moreover, the parts were able to see Jesus and experience His amazing love. It was beautiful to witness. Mind you this young lady had no idea she had dissociation and yet while we ministered numerous broken heart parts surfaced and communicated with me. 

Ancient spirits of Jezebel, Baal, Moloch were present within this woman. These are very high level demonic beings that had invaded this pastor’s daughter. They battled me. I fought back. I called upon the holy angels.

“There’s 33 of them here,” the demons groaned. 

I could feel their holy presence and asked them to help me in freeing this woman which they gladly consented to. At one point I had the angels draw out their swords to strike the invading demons to weaken their resolve. I counted to 3 and we struck the demonic forces. They SCREAMED in agony and begged for me to stop. I continued to torture the demons. I brought out my holy cross and they backed up in total terror and fear. They had touched it at one point and they screamed, “It burns!” I had the demons remove their jewelry, their crowns, their armor, their rings (“we want men to see that she is taken,” the demons informed me), their ropes, their chains, and other demonic items. 

The POWER of God was very tangibly present and the work of the Holy Spirit was on display for all to see. At another point during the exorcism, I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to come upon my hands. The fire came upon me and I threw in the direction of the spirit and it was overcome with power and fell to the ground. The miracle working power of Jesus was very strong within me. 

“We see Jesus in you. We think you are a fool. We are scared of you,” the demons revealed to me. 

Does not the Scripture tell us that Christ in us is greater than he that is in the world. It does and we rest in that promise. 

All of these high level demonic beings were humiliated before the public and were defeated by the cross of Jesus! They all pronounced their doom and took their afflictions with them to the pit! The deliverance was dramatic and intense. They screamed out of her and she was freed! The joy, the peace and beautiful smile spoke volumes for all to see. She was free and healed. She testified before all of her new found freedom. As you can imagine the pastor was extremely joyful seeing her daughter liberated from demons. 

So many others experienced freedom and healing. Many heart parts were brought to the risen Jesus. Many sicknesses and afflictions of all sorts were removed from many minds and bodies. We look forward to returning later in the Summer.

Daughter Can’t Stop Talking About Her Deliverance!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

We are still receiving some incredible testimonies from our recent Newark and London public meetings. Despite the death threats of the enemy we pressed on and victory was achieved through the power of the cross of Jesus. Allow me to share a few testimonies with you. 

“Hello Jay It was truly a wonderful time. My daughter was delivered of the demons of I don’t know how many. She could not stop testifying of her experiencing and she can not wait to learn more from your Holy Spirit inspired teaching. I was totally convicted that next time you come over my whole family has to come for deliverance.”

“Hi Jay, it was an absolutely incredible weekend in London. Thank you so very much for visiting us here in Europe! I praise God for everything that happened.”

“Dear Jay, thank you for such an amazing weekend in London. To see the Lord set so many people free was wonderful.”

“Thank you so much great man of God. I and my wife expresses  our sincere thanks to you for your kind gesture toward us and allowing us to participate along with you in the meeting, we are so blessed. The meeting was one of a kind, grace with the Holy Spirit , filled with miracles signs and wonders. We have learn a lot and filled with more anointing to share in the world around us.”

“Hello Jay, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to the UK. You all have been a real blessing to my family and I. My daughter who has autism responded to you quicker than any other new person she has met. It normally takes weeks or longer for her to build trust but within a short while on Saturday she completely trusted you which has never happened beforeShe was even taking notes when you were teaching us and that has never happened before. She has shown no interest in listening until today when you spoke. When she came home she wanted to know more so we will go through what you have shown us again as a family. My son Max who struggles with fear came home joyful. Not one sign of fear. Even though he’s only 9 years old he wants to know more and understand it so he can use it. The Lord has given a real heart for prayer and I feel in my spirit that this will be a huge thing in his life. He has a real love and compassion for others and has always been like this. As for me, I want to thank you. I can see you have a lot of love for all of God’s children and you are a wonderful example of Christ’s love. The Lord has used you to change me which I am so grateful for. I pray the Lord will use you.”


In Haiti: Preaching the Gospel to Thousands in Plaza

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, conducting open air gospel meetings that is reaching many thousands for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our flight into Port-au-Prince from Ft. Lauderdale was pleasant and our process through customs was without incident. It was good to be back in Haiti. However, I do not enjoy encountering the worse poverty one can experience on earth. Haiti’s impoverished conditions are perhaps even worse then that of India and Western Africa, regions of the world I have ministered in. By many humanitarian organizations’s account, Haiti is considered one of the poorest nations on earth. I would concur drawing from my international travel experiences. The infrastructure is dismal, the poverty rate is nearing 80% of the population and the spiritual oppression is intense as this nation, is perhaps, the only nation in modern times, to actually have dedicated their land to Satan. Moreover, the traffic….I have traveled all around the world and have yet to find a place where the traffic is as chaotic as it is here in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A few places would be close such as Lagos, Nigeria, Bombay, India and Bangkok, Thailand but here in Haiti it’s stunningly insane. For more than 3.5 hours we battled the crazy traffic as we traveled from Port-au-Prince to the city of Gonaives.

Many of you might recall all of the natural disasters this small nation has suffered through in recent years too. It’s horrific. This is why we believe the Holy Spirit sent us to intervene in those suffering from demonic powers and infirmities. Many churches have been unified and are committed to seeing the gospel go forward in power. Many churches were represented last night desiring to be in fellowship with us. Last night, in the city of Gonaives, I honored and distributed ordination certificates to 16 pastors. Moreover they stood with me in prayer as I ascended the platform to preach the cross of Jesus. 

As soon as I was introduced I felt a surge of Holy Spirit power flow thru me. I was thrilled to stand before many souls desperate for the power of God. As I looked at the people who had assembled in the plaza I just knew many needed salvation. Not only was every seat taken in this plaza (it was a standing room only crowd) but there were a few thousand souls outside of the plaza who had assembled. I preached on the benefits of knowing God from Psalm 103. Then I centered on the cross of Jesus (and actually brought out my holy cross as I preached for all to see) and called people to repentance. Many souls were saved on this night as I could hear so many souls call upon Jesus as Lord! Then I invited everyone who needed divine healing and deliverance from demons to quickly come to the front of the platform so I could pray over them. 

I felt the power of God immediately come down when I called for the Holy Spirit to carry the souls forward. As the Holy Spirit descended multitude of souls –hundreds– came rushing down for healing and deliverance from demons. As the praise band led everyone in worship I prayed over every single soul that rushed down to the platform. I made the cross on each forehead and as I did numerous demons manifested –many of them shook the heads of the Haitians as if the demons were saying “no,” when I was commanding them to depart in Jesus name. Many of the deliverances were quick and demons departed quickly. Many of those delivered were so happy and praising God.

Only eternity will reveal the massive amount of souls touched on this night in salvation, healing and deliverance. I’m just thankful for God’s grace and power. As I expected, I was very excited to preach and perhaps overextended myself in the preaching and ministering. So, today, I’m resting my vocal cords and body. Furthermore, we are spiritually protecting us as we have been cursed by many. We can feel it and the Holy Spirit has warned us. Grateful for your prayers for divine protection.

We are still receiving so many testimonies from from who were deeply touched by our ministry in recent days. While in Atlanta, so many were miraculously cured from various afflictions and the victory reports are edifying. Allow me to share a recent one; from a young Chinese lady who was delivered from more than 5,000 years of demonic curses of Buddhism and ancestral worship. 

“Hi Jay! Brother! Thank you so much again for helping to deliver me from ancestral worship/ generational curses! I’ve been telling my friends of how God used you to deliver me, and I am sooooooooooooo thankful!  Thank you for being obedient in helping me!  I feel so loved by Daddy Jesus that He would call me to come to your meeting and that He would deliver me!  So thank you brother! God really used you!  And, I did as God had showed me earlier and what you confirmed… I stayed up til 6:00am in the morning and anointed the whole house and especially over that statue that you said I needed to pray over.  I prayed over that and anointed it in Jesus name!!

And, I even told my mom that I prayed about it and did not believe that my “great grandmother” was visiting her in her dreams, but rather that it was a familiar spirit.  So, please pray that God shows the Truth of not only Jesus but of that to her in Jesus name!  I know God has an awesome plan for my mom and my family. Thank you again Jay! You are a mighty man of God’s love through deliverance!  Thank you and I want to bless you and your team and your family in Jesus name!!!”

War with Voodoo in Florida!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

In all of our many missions throughout North America it seems to me that we encounter more voodoo spirits here in Florida than anywhere else. Obviously, Florida is much closer to the Caribbean and thus the spiritual influences from voodoo and witchcraft dominated areas such as Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Jamaica will be be felt here in this region. Every time I travel into Florida we usually come across very strong demonic spirits. This trip has been no exception.

Much of our meeting in Orlando was involving spiritual warfare with violent Santeria and witchcraft demons. In West Palm Beach, more of the same. Though we were small in number the public meeting was explosive. Souls were powerfully delivered and healed. After teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those in the meeting hall. To the left of me was a young woman who attended my last West Palm Beach meeting, last year, with her sister. During the meeting last year she was so attacked by demons that she departed from the hall early. This time, I pleaded with her to fight. She did and obtained victory. 

Immediately, the demons within this young Haitian lady manifested spirits. It was revealed that they had gained access into her life due to her ancestors participation in voodoo and witchcraft ceremonies and ritualism. The admitted they had been tormenting her and keeping her from sleeping. This precious woman had shared with everyone earlier that she had been unable to sleep for many years due to her demonic oppression. She looked tormented and tired. I battled the demons and was able to drive them out in the name of Jesus. Immediately, my dear Haitian sister came out of her demonic trance and SMILED with deep satisfaction and joy. Click here to see the post deliverance smile. It was amazing to witness! Another example of the fruit of the deliverance and healing ministry. 

After seeing this woman freed from powerful multi-generational witchcraft and voodoo I began to pray for the others in the meeting hall. Another Haitian lady surfaced voodoo demons and the spirit of Jezebel. While battling these demons we discovered that these spirits held captive a number pieces of her broken heart. I drove out the monsters and the parts surfaced quickly and was able to communicate with them. I sent them to Jesus and they experienced some deep healing. However, there were some spiritual issues that this woman had to resolve before being able to assist her into driving out Jezebel. I can tell you this though, Jezebel is wounded and weakened. She tried to fight me. She convulsed her the woman and tried to utilize spiritual weapons but was utterly defeated by the power of the Cross.

We were also able to minister to this woman’s mother who was also present in the meeting. She had been suffering from epilepsy and a host of other afflictions. I began to pray for her and immediately strong generational spirits of voodoo and witchcraft surfaced and fought against me. However they were no match to King Jesus! I commanded these many voodoo spirits to take ahold of the epilepsy and the other afflictions they had brought into her life. They obeyed and all of these evil things were cast out of this mother in the name of Jesus. You should have seen her face!

“I can’t believe this. This is AMAZING! This is AMAZING! WOW!,” the lady kept on saying over and over again. She was utterly surprised she had demons and that they came out rather quickly. She looked stunned. “I feel healed and free,” she shared with me.

It didn’t really surprise me as she was a very strong Christian woman that just simply needed some assistance from a fellow disciple. That’s all it takes my friend…all of us doing our part to intervene in those who suffering from demonic attacks. You will be surprised also how easy it can be. Jesus is Lord and is power is available for you to flow in today.

Speaking of deliverance. I just received an incredible miracle testimony I would like to share with you:

“Hello Jay, I am the woman from the Atlanta session that had the Jezebel and witchcraft spirits released from me (the lady that did the jumping jacks). PRAISE BE TO GOD. I am now able to work in the gifts that God has given me. I received a Word from the Lord this morning of being a Warrior and that many battles have been won due to my praising God in song. I also have begun to minister to woman who have a disassociated heart and I am called to bind up the broken-hearted. I praise God who allowed me to be at the meeting in Atlanta and you can be reassured that when you come to Atlanta you will have to get a bigger meeting place because I will be bringing those to experience the freedom that I have been so graciously given. God Bless you and I will be praying for you as you go into Haiti.”

WOW! Awesome!

This is again the fruit of our mission. Tens of thousands of transformed lives through a quarter of a century of service to King Jesus. I am humbled and look forward to serving you soon wherever you may be. 

Shocking Miracles in Atlanta & Orlando

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in sunny Central Florida where we have been conducting all night exorcisms with those tormented by evil spirits. It’s been very intense the past few days. Last night, while in Atlanta, Georgia, we held a 7 hour public meeting where precious souls traveled great distances to receive miraculous healing and deliverance. The meeting hall was jammed packed, in fact, we had to bring in some extra chairs to accommodate the great needs of those arriving from various locations throughout the nation. I was extremely joyful to see old and new friends. I was equally joyful to hear one individual after another testify of how this mission has dramatically transformed their lives. It was deeply humbling. I know apart from Jesus I can do nothing. All of the changed lives are a result of the work of the mighty Holy Spirit. There were some were touched by our many video testimonies (note: I just placed a new testimony of a fired up a Chinese disciple who was freed from 5,000 years of generational Buddhism curses), some had read our many publications, some were faithful readers of our blog sites. Moreover, some were even recent graduates of our Freedom Fighter International Training Center. Then there were those attending the meeting who had been set free or healed in one of our previous meetings. One young 17 year old brave disciple of Jesus who was present testified of still maintaining his miraculous healing in our last meeting in Atlanta. In our last meeting, in Atlanta, he was supernaturally healed of a degree of blindness and no longer needed the glasses. It was wonderful to see that this young man is still no longer wearing glasses. Jesus healed him and is now walking in this divine healing. 

Those who attended our Atlanta meeting were very much enthusiastic and passionate about the ministry that was to take place. One family traveled more than 13 hours to be present for deliverance and healing. This is a common occurrence. In many of our meetings there are those present who traveled great distances. It’s humbling and sobering. People see that we are about the exaltation of King Jesus that draws souls. For nearly 8 hours we ministered to those enslaved to demon powers –they screamed, groaned, growled and battled us. At one point, a demon threatened me and threw the Holy Communion at me in utter mockery and blasphemy. Though there were stubborn spirits that fought to stay within their victims, we witnessed once again the victory of Jesus over all of the enemies as dozens were delivered in some manner from demonic affliction. 

One lady we ministered to was terribly vexed with the spirits of Jezebel that had brought numerous physical afflictions and pain. These spirits were multi-generational; that had afflicted her ancestors too. They boasted to me how they held her spiritual gifts and callings. Over these past several days we have heard many demons boast of this –how they hinder a believer’s spiritual gifts to ensure their ineffectiveness for the work of the Kingdom. Moreover, these spirits of Jezebel held captive many parts of her broken heart. They were forced to release the parts and many of the parts ran to the Lord Jesus for healing. In fact, they saw the risen Savior in our meeting hall and literally crawled to Him on their hands and knees to embrace the Savior. It was a powerful time of ministry. Incredible healing took place and as the heart was healed so was the heart. She stood to her feet and did some jumping jacks (she previously could not do this kind of activity as she was racked with pain). Jesus healed this woman on multiple levels and all of the spirits of Jezebel and witchcraft were driven out in the name of Jesus. 

Towards the end of the evening while I was leading everyone in curse breaking a young Chinese disciple was being spiritually attacked and I brought her to the front of the meeting hall to minister to her. This dear lady shared with everyone that for many years she would travel to the cemetery and commune with the dead as her family embraces ancient Chinese ancestral worship. Within seconds of anointing her with sacred oil —demons surfaced. For a very long time through the night I battled multitude of evil spirits hell bent on staying within this woman. It was discovered that she is the first Christian in her entire family bloodline that she is aware of. Her parents and her ancestors are Buddhists and embrace the teachings of Confucius and Taoism. These religious belief systems opened her ancestors to powerful demonic spirits. We also encountered:


  • Generational curses from ancestral bestiality with snakes
  • Numerous snake demons that would rapidly bring thrust her tongue in and out
  • Generational curses from idol worship and ancestral worship
  • Generational curses from idolatry that included the practice of offering food, candles, incense, clothing to demons
  • Generational curses as a result of her ancestors belief in the teachings of Confucius and Taoism

While we battled the Buddhist demons they began to contort her body horribly. They twisted her in a very unusual manner. At one point they laid her over a chair. I was disgusted with how the demons were terribly twisting her body so I called forth mighty holy angels and they arrived into our meeting hall. Without any human aid they angels assisted me greatly in repositioning her in her chair so I could minister to her properly. The holy angels were used by the Lord to assist me in incredible ways. They struck the demons with their swords and battled them thereby weakening them. These past several days of ministry have consisted of dozens of angelic interventions. We are truly blessed in this regard. I should also add so many demons were frightened by my holy cross. They cowered and bowed before it! There is power in the Cross of Jesus!

There were many other kids of demons. Some were spirits of dragon and Satan. There were even animal spirits named Tiger and Lion that roared. Some had very unusual Asian names. Many serpentine spirits. At one point then even bent her body backwards (arching her back in what seems like a nearly impossible physical position for many minutes). I continued to fight, determined to see this young disciple freed from evil spirits. It growled and spoke to me. It boasted how they had been in her family bloodline for more than 5,000 years! Amazing. 

Yes, the evil spirits battled me fiercely however as this young lady dedicated her life to Jesus and broke off numerous generational curses she began to obtain her freedom. In fact, all of these Buddhist spirits along with the many others were forced to pronounce their doom and were sent to the pit in Jesus name! The release this believer experienced was immediate. The joy, the peace and the inner delight was beautiful to see as she testified of not knowing she even had demons prior to coming to this meeting but now finally feeling FREE! Her brief video testimony is quite special!

So many others experienced freedom. I would estimate, perhaps, a couple dozen, stood to their feet during our meeting and broke off generational and personal participation of witchcraft in Jesus name. Resulting in demons flying out of many –some yawned, some cried, some coughed. Irregardless how they came out the fact is they came out! Furthermore, many broken heart parts surfaced in our meeting including ancestral heart parts. They were all healed by our Savior. Bodies were repaired and many disciples were encouraged and renewed. 

What a special night for the work of Jesus to advance. 

From Atlanta I traveled into Orlando where we held another meeting. We were small in number but God displayed his mighty power to overcome the many spiritual enemies that were present. The first man (I’ll refer to as Ken) we ministered to had been invaded by very violent destructive spirits. It was revealed that Ken’s father was involved in the Russian Mafia where a great amount of violence took place. There were deeply rooted however as Ken renounced these generational curses and sins the demons were driven out in Jesus name. Moreover, his 13 year old was also being delivered as he sat next to his dad. My heart was also deeply touched as little parts surfaced from within the 13 year old. They were taken to Jesus for healing. Many demons were expelled from him also.

After Ken’s powerful deliverance this massive man gave me a big bear hug and said, “Thank you Jay. Thank you. I really doubted you at first. I was really skeptical of your ministry. I really see now you are genuine and a man of God.”

Ken was delivered and he knew it! I was deeply humbled and give glory to God. For this is the work of God in our midst. The enemies of the cross have really attacked people in spreading lies about me. They want hurting people to believe these lies so they won’t receive the help we are desiring to offer in Jesus name. I’m not a terrible man as so many can testify when they finally meet me. I really am for the Lord Jesus and His blood.

Also, in the meeting hall, was a young couple from Puerto Rico, that are strong disciples of Jesus. While ministering to those in the meeting hall I was directed by the Holy Spirit to minister to Sandra whose family was deeply involved in Santeria and witchcraft. These were extremely violent spirits that sought to destroy. I called forth the holy angels they came into the meeting hall. They bound the violent spirits and held them captive and assisted me in moving her from the back of the hall to the front to properly minister to her. It was stunning to watch! I never get used to this. It’s always an honor and beautiful to witness. 

“We are here because 20 generations ago her mother’s ancestors participated in blood sacrifices and rituals,” the demons boasted. 

These demons brought horrible afflictions into this family and I was determined to fight back in Jesus name. For a long time I battled these Santeria, witchcraft and occult demons. They growled and surfaced deeply from within her. I used my holy cross and sacred oil and the commands of Jesus. These powerful Santeria spirits were forced out in Jesus name. They screamed out of her and entered the pit. She was so happy and joyful. So was the husband as you can imagine. What a beautiful miracle!