War with Voodoo in Florida!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

In all of our many missions throughout North America it seems to me that we encounter more voodoo spirits here in Florida than anywhere else. Obviously, Florida is much closer to the Caribbean and thus the spiritual influences from voodoo and witchcraft dominated areas such as Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Jamaica will be be felt here in this region. Every time I travel into Florida we usually come across very strong demonic spirits. This trip has been no exception.

Much of our meeting in Orlando was involving spiritual warfare with violent Santeria and witchcraft demons. In West Palm Beach, more of the same. Though we were small in number the public meeting was explosive. Souls were powerfully delivered and healed. After teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those in the meeting hall. To the left of me was a young woman who attended my last West Palm Beach meeting, last year, with her sister. During the meeting last year she was so attacked by demons that she departed from the hall early. This time, I pleaded with her to fight. She did and obtained victory. 

Immediately, the demons within this young Haitian lady manifested spirits. It was revealed that they had gained access into her life due to her ancestors participation in voodoo and witchcraft ceremonies and ritualism. The admitted they had been tormenting her and keeping her from sleeping. This precious woman had shared with everyone earlier that she had been unable to sleep for many years due to her demonic oppression. She looked tormented and tired. I battled the demons and was able to drive them out in the name of Jesus. Immediately, my dear Haitian sister came out of her demonic trance and SMILED with deep satisfaction and joy. Click here to see the post deliverance smile. It was amazing to witness! Another example of the fruit of the deliverance and healing ministry. 

After seeing this woman freed from powerful multi-generational witchcraft and voodoo I began to pray for the others in the meeting hall. Another Haitian lady surfaced voodoo demons and the spirit of Jezebel. While battling these demons we discovered that these spirits held captive a number pieces of her broken heart. I drove out the monsters and the parts surfaced quickly and was able to communicate with them. I sent them to Jesus and they experienced some deep healing. However, there were some spiritual issues that this woman had to resolve before being able to assist her into driving out Jezebel. I can tell you this though, Jezebel is wounded and weakened. She tried to fight me. She convulsed her the woman and tried to utilize spiritual weapons but was utterly defeated by the power of the Cross.

We were also able to minister to this woman’s mother who was also present in the meeting. She had been suffering from epilepsy and a host of other afflictions. I began to pray for her and immediately strong generational spirits of voodoo and witchcraft surfaced and fought against me. However they were no match to King Jesus! I commanded these many voodoo spirits to take ahold of the epilepsy and the other afflictions they had brought into her life. They obeyed and all of these evil things were cast out of this mother in the name of Jesus. You should have seen her face!

“I can’t believe this. This is AMAZING! This is AMAZING! WOW!,” the lady kept on saying over and over again. She was utterly surprised she had demons and that they came out rather quickly. She looked stunned. “I feel healed and free,” she shared with me.

It didn’t really surprise me as she was a very strong Christian woman that just simply needed some assistance from a fellow disciple. That’s all it takes my friend…all of us doing our part to intervene in those who suffering from demonic attacks. You will be surprised also how easy it can be. Jesus is Lord and is power is available for you to flow in today.

Speaking of deliverance. I just received an incredible miracle testimony I would like to share with you:

“Hello Jay, I am the woman from the Atlanta session that had the Jezebel and witchcraft spirits released from me (the lady that did the jumping jacks). PRAISE BE TO GOD. I am now able to work in the gifts that God has given me. I received a Word from the Lord this morning of being a Warrior and that many battles have been won due to my praising God in song. I also have begun to minister to woman who have a disassociated heart and I am called to bind up the broken-hearted. I praise God who allowed me to be at the meeting in Atlanta and you can be reassured that when you come to Atlanta you will have to get a bigger meeting place because I will be bringing those to experience the freedom that I have been so graciously given. God Bless you and I will be praying for you as you go into Haiti.”

WOW! Awesome!

This is again the fruit of our mission. Tens of thousands of transformed lives through a quarter of a century of service to King Jesus. I am humbled and look forward to serving you soon wherever you may be. 

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