Miraculous Wonders of God in California

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Thus far on this mission we have traveled 20 days out of the past 24 days crisscrossing the North American continent preaching the gospel, driving out demons, healing broken hearts and ministering healing to the sick. We have held large and small meetings and in more than 7 cities we have seen the Holy Spirit fire reach into so many lives. We have seen marriages restored, disciples equipped, believers inspired, ministers ordained, broken hearts put back together, souls experience salvation, bodies repaired, and individuals set free from evil spirits. It’s been a phenomenally blessed trip. I am very blessed. I am humbled and honored to serve YOU! 

These past several days we have been conducting a series of public meetings here in California. In each meeting we are experiencing the miraculous wonders of God that have blessed everyone who has participated. 

Last night was incredibly powerful at the Temple of Salvation where we saw Jesus conquer demons and witchcraft powers. This Jesus power was unleashed here in the city of Arcadia as we held another jammed packed meeting. Again, even after several hours into the meeting people were still arriving into the meeting hall to receive a miracle. God did not disappoint. 

After teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those who had assembled. The Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to me and directed me to those needing prayer. The first person I ministered to was a young man, only 20 years of age, named Jeff, in the back of the meeting hall who was manifesting demonic powers all night. I brought him to the front and began to battle some violent and murderous demons. Moreover there were many witchcraft spirits within his life. They shook his body violently and at one point the demons had him backing him far away from his for in my hands as my sacred cross and they were petrified of the holy cross that I held. This is CROSS is stunningly powerful, filled with the might of God. 

The demons growled and groaned as I used the cross to weaken him. Jeff was desperately needing deliverance and God spoke to my heart ever so clearly about this man being delivered on this night. After breaking the generational curses of witchcraft and violence, the demons were truly destroyed. I drove the demons out in Jesus name and immediately a huge smile came upon Jeff’s face that brought everyone deep joy and satisfaction knowing the enemy had once again been defeated. After his deliverance numerous heart parts surfaced and they were supernaturally healed by Jesus. 

It was awesome to see so many souls obtain freedom and spiritual release just simply being present in the meeting hall. Many were experiencing deep emotional and spiritual healing as I I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. Moreover, while leading everyone in prayer there were a few people present who had never surrendered to Jesus so I took the time to share the gospel with these precious souls and in each case they willingly opened their hearts to the love of God found in Jesus Christ! These were Russian ladies who just recently found out about our ministry work and decided to check out our public meetings. Over the past few years we have seen quite a few Russians attend our meetings and experience the miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance. The Russian community has opened their hearts to our work. One young Russian lady who came with her mother was stunned by the public exorcisms that were being demonstrated. In fact, she had mentioned that her mother had not even told her what kind of meeting she was being taken to. As you can imagine this young lady was stunned to see us drive out demons in Jesus name. She exclaimed, “I have never seen such a thing in my life!” 

All of these miracles really opened her heart to the love of Jesus. Not only was she saved on this night but she also experienced some deliverance from demons. It’s been exciting to see so many salvations in our last several meetings. This mission is evangelistic at it’s core and we are always trying to find ways to effectively proclaim the good news of Jesus! 

We also ministered to a lady who is nearly 70 years of age who powerfully manifested spirits of Baal and Jezebel. For a long time I battled the demons within this woman. They were defeated as I used the cross, Holy Communion and sacred oil upon them. They begged, “Leave us alone.” 

I didn’t leave them alone. I pressed harder on them. They screamed very loudly as I tortured them with holy weapons. They twisted her body and thrashed her head violently. They held her captive in so many areas of her life. It was sad to hear. These vile spirits held her spiritual gifts in an attempt to render ineffective as she sought to serve King Jesus! Many of the demonic spirits, who held her, were generational as her ancestors practiced witchcraft and idol worship. They have been in her bloodline for more than 4,000 years and I discovered not one follower of God had ever confronted them. 

We did confront them in the power of the Spirit of God. I called forth the holy angels and used the blessed water to utterly weaken the demons. They bowed before the cross of Jesus. They revealed they had been holding captive many broken parts of her heart –they were forced to release the broken heart parts. All of the evil spirits were driven out of this precious woman and she exclaimed, “Wow! I feel really good, Jay! Awesome. I’m healed.”

She was indeed healed by the power of Jesus. Instantly she was healed from numerous pains and afflictions. She was so happy too! 

We also ministered to a woman who had suffered through more than 15 abortions. This is sad on multiple levels. My heart went out to all of the babies and to this precious lady who endured so much hurt and pain. I prayed for her and God displayed His grace and love. She encountered the deep lovingkindness of Go that brought such deep healing into her life.

It’s difficult to keep track of all of the miracles that have been taking place. There’s been that many! Countless hearts parts supernaturally healed, thousands of evil spirits cast out, numerous souls physically healed from various kinds of sicknesses and afflictions and many souls saved by Jesus! 

After our public meeting in Arcadia we traveled, for more than 5 hours, onward to San Jose (near Oakland/San Francisco) where we held another public meeting this evening. For the past several days our meetings have been averaging more than 7 hours. I’m getting somewhat tired and need your holy prayers to be sustained. 

Here in San Jose, we ministered for more than 8 hours. Again more souls saved. More hearts healed and untold number of demonic spirits expelled in Jesus name. It’s been very interesting, that here in California, we have encountered the spirits of Jezebel, Baal, and Moloch consistently and in each encounter she was been defeated in Jesus name.

After teaching from the Scriptures for several hours, I led everyone in Holy Communion and began to pray for the sick and afflicted. Immediately, the Holy Spirit directed me to a young lady originally from Korea. As I ministered to her numerous ancestral worshipping spirits surfaced along with Jezebel and Baal. Moreover, powerful witchcraft spirits surfaced and battled me. They terribly shook the woman and convulsed her. Many of them were present because of her ancestors participation in sorcery. Not only were there many demons but there also many afflictions. All of them were driven out and defeated in Jesus name!

During our public meeting many were being freed from demonic torments but simply joining me in the mass deliverance prayers. It was beautiful to witness. So many demons driven out in Jesus name! Moreover, many hearts were healed and bodies repaired. We prayed for those with various kinds of cancer and physical afflictions.

One lady we ministered to deep into the evening was originally from Russia. She was abandoned by her parents here in the United States and has been living as a prostitute. The hurt was very evident. This woman as so many ladies who have been entrapped in prostitution was tormented by demons. We encountered numerous broken heart parts that were sent to Jesus for healing. Also, powerful demons of Jezebel, witchcraft, blasphemy, death and Baal surfaced. They fought me fiercely however God’s holy angels were called upon and many arrived and greatly assisted me in striking the demons with their swords and spears resulting in the weakening of the demons. There were also petrified of my holy cross that has been used mightily of the Lord in recent days as we ministered to demonized. All of the demons were driven out in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Even well after the public meeting concluded, at midnight, I was invited to pray for many others needing deliverance and divine healing. Towards the end of this extended meeting I was becoming exhausted. More souls though were miraculously healed by Jesus. I am very happy to see what Jesus as done in our midst. I’m now back at the hotel here in downtown San Jose. Now, in a few minutes (4:30am) I’m back on the road to the international airport for a flight into Vancouver, British Columbia for a yet another public meeting tonight. I hope to see all of the friends in British Columbia later today. 

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