Miraculously Healed of Blindness in Tennessee, Many Set Free in Houston

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Life is a blur at times for me. As many of you know I keep a very hectic mission schedule that keeps me wondering how do I do this? But by the grace of God, I say to myself. It’s staggering. Since January I have been on the road for nearly 90 days conducting more than 80 meetings. In fact, this week alone, while traveling and ministering in multiple cities, we must have conducted close to 20 public and private meetings seeing many dozens healed and freed from demon powers. 

Some of you might recall I was last ministering in Tennessee where I was conducting some ministry meetings for the Mennonite community. Our many ministry sessions were filled with the power of God setting the captives free. I would teach in the early afternoons and then conduct mass deliverance services in the evening. In each session precious Mennonites were liberated from evil spirits. We also held some private sessions resulting in more miracles including seeing a young 20 something year old lady healed of blindness.

This young lady whom I’ll refer to as Julie was terribly vexed by demons and was desperate to be cured of her demonization. Her life was mess:

  • Called upon demons starting from childhood
  • Offered toys to demons
  • Bowed before demons
  • Communicated with demons
  • Killed a little kitten
  • Drank her own blood as a result of her self mutilation
  • Worshipped a demon that possessed a buffalo head and duck feet

This was only the beginning. Her life was shattered. Much of her demonic issues were generational but not all; as many demons revealed they had entered because she actually committed the spiritual offense of idolatry. The first 6 verses of Exodus 20 is quite clear about worshipping other so-called gods (in other words; demons). We are forbidden to. These kinds of sins open doorways to demons. 

Julie spent a few days intently listening to our teachings and opened up her life to receiving ministry. It didn’t take long to discover the many demons had invaded her life. They spoke to me and battled me. There were spirits of insanity, madness, depression, suicide, Jezebel, Baal and many others. One spirit that surfaced was named, “I don’t know.” I faced this kind of demonic spirit before. A few years, while ministering at a Catholic retreat in Florida, I encountered a spirit by this name, that had invaded a precious 9 year old girl. In both cases, both young ladies had often used this phrase during their daily lives. It is a word-curse if you think about. Anyway, all of these evil spirits were removed in the name of Jesus. At the end of the exorcism, I discovered there was a group of Native American demons and they confessed to being behind the blindness that kept her bound to her glasses. 

“We began to afflict her eyes at the age of 3,” the spirits revealed. 

While ministering to Julie I took off her glasses and expelled these spirits behind the blindness. When Julie resurfaced she discovered she could SEE! Without her glasses. Mind you, she was incapable of seeing distinct images from a distance without her glasses. She revealed that could only see some color but that’s all. However, after the blindness departed she could SEE clearly and I tested her healing by asking her to read the front of a book that I had lifted up for her to read as I walked over to the other side of this small meeting room. She read the book without hesitation. What a beautiful healing! Not only was she very happy obviously but so was her mother who was present and witnessed this incredible miracle. As many of you know we have seen quite a few people healed of varying degrees of blindness in the past few years. It’s been remarkable recalling all of the miracles we have seen in this area. Oh, by the way, she left the glasses behind and the rest of my time there I noticed she no longer resorted to her glasses; Jesus healed her eyes and now she could SEE! 

There were so many ministry encounters so it’s difficult to recall all of the stories but I do recall ministering to a young couple that were being terribly vexed by demonic spirits at the meetings. The man, whom I’ll refer to as Ken, couldn’t figure out where the physical attacks were coming from as he was committed to Christ and couldn’t recall anything that could have led to the demonic afflictions. After spending some time counseling this couple I began to unravel the mystery. The demon attacks were rooted in his wife. Because of his oneness with his wife the demons were easily able to access him.

In particular Jezebel was hell bent on destroying Ken. She confessed to throwing numerous fiery darts that brought about the pains he had been enduring through. I had Jezebel remove the darts and all of the pain. Instantly, Ken was healed and testified of feeling no more pain. There was also a demon named Baal that entered through the ancestral bloodline many generations ago due to human and animal sacrifices that her ancestors participated in. These curses were broken in Jesus name and these demons were cast out in Jesus name! Though Ken had been following Jesus for some time, there were a number of animal spirits within him stemming from some bestiality that he had participated in as a young boy. These spirits were driven out in Jesus name. Speaking of bestiality during our series of meetings within this community we discovered quite a few of them had participated in this grievous sin. We uncovered sodomy, sexual contact and intercourse with a variety of animals including pig, goat, dog, cow, and horse. We are discovering more souls enslaved to this kind of perversion in our ministry sessions. 

From Tennessee I traveled onward to Houston for our monthly Church of the Cross gathering where many souls had gathered to hear from God’s Word and to receive ministry. I landed into Houston, Texas, exhausted. I had been up basically all night ministering the previous night. God was gracious and allowed me to minister for nearly 6 hours. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers; many experienced some measure of freedom. We ministered to some young people who were freed from demons. We also ministered to some who never realized they had demons until attending the service; as their demons surfaced. Astonishing if you think about it. What a divine wake-up call. 

One lady we ministered to at the end of the service, perhaps in her late 50’s, was having a difficult time and I knew it. I started to pray for her and immediately very strong spirits surfaced named, Deceiver. There were thousands of them within this precious woman. They contorted her body and spoke in very strange tongues (they confessed they were cursing everyone in the meeting hall in their own language). I called forth the holy angels of God and they stood around me. I asked them to strike the invading demons and they did with great force causing the demons to weaken. I also called upon the holy fire of the Spirit of God to rest upon my hands; which it did. I then threw the fire into the demons and again they greatly weakened. I eventually brought out my holy cross and used the cross and they weakened to the point where I could fight them effectively and drive them out of her body in Jesus name. 

This lady was so happy and rejoicing in her new found freedom. We also discovered many broken heart parts. I communicated with a little 9 year old and was able to send this part to Jesus who appeared to her. Moreover, many other broken hearts parts were able to run to Jesus for deep healing. This lady not only testified of her deliverance from demons but also of a inner healing that brought joy to her face. 

This powerful demonstration of Jesus over demons touched many in the meeting hall including some of the young people that were attending the service with their parents. One young man attending this meeting just wrote me a email describing his thoughts on this powerful healing:

“Hello Jay, I attended your open door deliverance. It was such a great experience as I saw people being set free from demonic oppression. The lady on the front row who had a demon named the deceiver related to witchcraft was such a powerful experience. I have never been in the presence and witnessed powerful demons like that manifest. It brought me great joy to see her become set free. It brings me a lot of hope with my situation.”

See how this works? Someone gets free but then encourages and inspires others in the process –this is a key component to conducting public deliverance ministry. I want to reach not only the one I’m ministering to but also the ones watching as many of them need encouragement and inspiration.

These past few weeks have been amazing –souls saved by Jesus, demons cast out, hearts healed, and bodies repaired. My vocals have largely held up but needing to rest them; so I’m here in Clearwater Beach, Florida, now resting and enjoying my family. 

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