Physically Attacked by Nazi Death Demons in Seattle

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What a joy to be here in Seattle, Washington, once again to conduct another public deliverance meeting. For more than 7+ hours we confronted and expelled thousands of demons within many in our small meeting –spirits of Jezebel, All-Seeing Eye, Rejection, Abuse, Baal and so many others. Moreover, we witnessed Jesus healing so many broken hearts and bodies. It was also encouraging to see a few students who have enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center present in the meeting. One precious lady assisted me in driving out powerful secretive spirits from her own husband that were rooted in ancient Egyptian pagan rituals. In many ways there were some challenging exorcisms to conduct as several people in the room were battling doubt and unbelief which is always a recipe for spiritual disaster. 

The night started out with some teaching from God’s Word regarding our position in Jesus Christ. Many of the saints were encouraged and refreshed by the transformational truths offered from the Scriptures. However, as I taught, the demons were definitely being stirred up and were being provoked. They began to surface and glared at me. After partaking of the Holy Communion we began to minister mass deliverance to those in the hall. As we did, many were confessing that they could feel the evil spirits depart from their souls and bodies. This is a significant aspect of our ministry –seeing souls instantly delivered just being present and participating in our mass deliverance prayers. The prayers of a righteous man avails much

Though there were some receiving deliverance I did notice some were experiencing some inner opposition from the demons and needed intervention. The first lady I ministered to was a precious disciple with a background of witchcraft and idol-worship. While ministering to her she could feel the demons departing quickly from her body and soul. She renounced, in public, the idol-worship and the witchcraft thus allowing great liberation to take place in her life. Another lady we ministered to also experienced swift deliverance from demons. Then we ministered to a 52 year old lady by the name of Julie who was sitting towards the back of the hall that manifested very aggressive and murderous demons hell bent on fighting with me –literally and spiritually. Powerful Nazi Death demons surfaced.

As the powerful demons surfaced they attempted to get her to leave –as they approached the back door I placed some blessed water on the door handle thus keeping her from opening it up and leaving. I’ll be honest with you it was a tough battle. These were very strong demons. Jezebel surfaced and some Nazi rooted Death spirits surfaced. They threw a Bible, they threw down the holy water, they pushed me and were quite aggressive physically.

 “You have no idea who are messing with,” the demons warned me, “We have killed; helped kill many babies.”

It was discovered that the demons had been passed down through the generations as one of Julie’s family members served with the Nazis during the Holocaust and actually served in one of the infamous concentration death camps in Germany where so many children were killed. So, as you can see, we were confronting a very strong spirit hell bent on murdering.

Interestingly, these death spirits ended up within Julie and drove her to having a number of abortions thus furthering their claim to the ancestral bloodline and deepening their roots. It was a intense war requiring the usage of many spiritual weapons. I called forth the holy angels and they assisted me battling the demons with their holy swords. The demons however fought back in great numbers. They were greatly weakened as I turned to the Holy Communion cup (the blood of Christ). They were disgusted with the taste of the blood of Jesus. Eventually all of these weapons wore down the demons. 

“She’s ugly, she’s fat, nobody loves her; we are staying as she needs us, she needs the control,” the spirits of Jezebel and death told me. 

There were a few times Julie would resurface and doubted this was actually taking place –she was shocked to discover all of these demons were operating within her. She also questioned the love of God and her worth. So, I explained that God loved her so much that He was willing to supernaturally heal her of any physical ailment she was experiencing.

“Well, I do have intense left knee pain that has been with me for a very long time,” she revealed to me.

I explained to Julie that God was going to heal her and was willing to test this. I began to pray and Jezebel and Death resurfaced. They admitted to causing the pains in her left knee. I separated them from her body and brought back Julie from her demonized trance. 

She was stunned! You could see it on her face! 

“I feel zero pain, Jay. I’m serious, zero pain. This is incredible.”

She was utterly shocked. This miraculous healing literally rocked her world however it caused her to believe in God’s love for her as she experienced His love in a tangible manner –by receiving a rather swift healing. God loves us so much that He desires to display His healing power in our lives. We have witnessed this thousands of times over the years. 

Now with Julie’s faith strengthened we were able to deal, more effectively, with these very strong spirits of Jezebel and Death. They were cast out in the name of Jesus as Julie renounced all of the sins and ancestral curses that held them in place in her life. She was instantly healed of numerous afflictions and infirmities. Furthermore, many heart parts surfaced and they were also guided to the Lord Jesus for healing; some of them testifying of being able to see Jesus. 

This is how our meeting took off and from there we spent many more hours battling demons. There was yet another lady present that had Jezebel and many Buddhist spirits. Many thousands of these spirits were expelled in Jesus name. Moreover, we encountered a large amount of dissociative identities that were in great pain and hurt. They ranged from 3 years of age to her 20’s. They were all sent to Jesus for deep healing. Incredible inner healing took place.

There was one man present that was terribly attacked by demons. A powerful Illuminati spirit surfaced named, “All-Seeing Eye,” that was rooted in blood sacrifices from ancient Egypt. These spirits had been hiding through the generations. Many of these spirits were holding on to the ancestral curses and sins of orgies, drunkenness, and ritual sacrifice. Some of these spirits were even attached to the eyes thus causing him to posses sight difficulties. As the demons were expelled; his sight became somewhat better. However his faith needs to be strengthened to believe thus bringing about more healing into his eyes. He did reveal he felt much better and lighter. I could easily tell he was feeling much better as peaceful smile could be seen on his face. 

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