Electrifying Mission in Pennsylvania

Dear Friends of Jesus,

All of the miracles I am able to carry out is because of our great God. Case close. It is only through God’s holy power. Throughout the pages of Holy Scripture we see God’s servants performing signs and wonders that brought souls to Jesus. 

In Acts 2:43 “Many signs and wonders performed by the apostles,” then in Acts 5:12, “apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people,” also in Acts 6:8, “Stephen…performed great wonders and signs,” moreover in Acts 8:13, “he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw,” then see in Acts 14:3 “Paul and Barnabas…enabling them to perform signs and wonders,” furthermore in Acts 19:11, “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul…”

God was pleased to carry out His mighty works here in Pennsylvania where I have been ministering to a family troubled by evil spirits. A month or so ago while conducting a public meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, a family arrived and witnessed the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in our meeting where so many souls were set free from evil spirits. This demonstration of God’s power deeply moved their hearts and urgently requested a private family meeting. Thus my traveling here to Pennsylvania. 

These past several days have been electrifying as I have conducted missions throughout the United States seeing the extraordinary power of Jesus freeing and curing souls. From our summer base in Southern California I traveled across the continent here to the Northeastern region of America. The miracles have continued. This time our services were needed for a desperate family who attended our Maryland service as I referred to. The entire family and even some extended members were gathered together as I taught from the Scriptures. After teaching I began to exorcise demons and perform miracles. Each family member was set free and healed. It was a spiritual battle. There were a multitude of evil spirits present as a result of the family’s participation in the following:

  • Shamanism
  • Witchcraft rituals, ceremonies & oaths
  • Eastern Mysticism
  • Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism practices
  • Sexuality immorality of all sorts
  • Idol-worshipping
  • Deep involvement in the occult including the practice of astrology, palmistry, seances, and so much more
  • Spirit marriages
  • International travels to visit pagan temples and to participate in spiritually dark ceremonies

As you see there were a number of major doorways that were opened up to this family for demons to gain access. However, our our great God is merciful and gracious. He desires to rescue and He did on this night.

For more than 12 hours we ministered and witnessed extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit. At one point I called fire from the Holy Spirit down and immediately it came upon my hand and I simply motioned my hand in the direction of a demonized individual and immediately the fire of the Holy Spirit flooded their being and greatly weakened the invading demons…the evil spirits groaned and moaned in great agony as they felt the Holy Spirit destroying their internal work. I also utilized my holy cross and this also greatly weakened the invading demons. I called forth the holy angels of God and once again they came and assisted me in the deliverance of these precious souls. At one point they drew their swords to strike the invading demons. This also helped in defeating the unholy spirits.

“We have been here for nearly 300 years because of occult involvement and participation of the ancestors,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “We are here to destroy and to terrorize.”

Not only was witchcraft powerfully working among the family members as each family member participated in pagan religious practices and sorcery but there were powerful spirits of Jezebel and Baal at work also. Jezebel had even gone as far as to marry her victims –the two sisters– thus placing spiritual rings upon their hands. 

“We bring so many afflictions, we send fiery darts to the others,” the spirit of Jezebel, within the mother, shared under the command of Jesus.

It was discovered that this was so true. Jezebel had fired some darts into one of the daughters thus bringing some great physical suffering. More than 80 fiery darts were within her stomach that had been implanted by the spirits. We removed them and the pain instantly departed. Moreover, it was also revealed that many of these vile spirits had brought various kinds of viruses, sicknesses and infirmities into the family with the hopes of furthering the pain and destruction. In each case, with each family member, we commanded in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the pains and afflictions to depart. Almost immediately all the pains left. 

We were seeing not only souls freed we were also seeing so many bodies being repaired and supernaturally restored. In some cases hellish pains and afflictions that had been within the family for many years were being instantly healed by Jesus. 

One demonic spirit that surfaced during the evening revealed something quite interesting.

“We were able to gain access when she moved to Los Angeles, because she was a open door to us,” one of the spirits of witchcraft revealed.

One of the sisters recently moved out to Southern California in an attempt to start a career in acting. It’s been a disastrous decision due to her spiritual weakness to the power of sorcery. She fell into temptation and obtained a witch for a roommate. It is true; some cities are more hotbed for evil supernaturalism then others. For example, in North America, the city of New Orleans would be a good example. There are many others cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco where powerful satanic sects base their operations out of. Our public meetings in Hollywood, last weekend, reveal as much. 

We also encountered a human interject (a aunt) within the mother and the younger daughter during this exorcism. She actually surfaced (surfacing accompanied with a horrible burning smell; like the burning hair) and spoke to me.

“I sexually abused each of them when they were but babies,” the witch revealed with such glee, “I would sing to them the song Rock-a-bye Baby to them as I molested them.”

Horrific. By the way that famous English rhyme and lullaby that is still sung throughout the English-speaking world is quite pagan if you look at the lyrics. No wonder a witch would sing this song to them. The curses were already being implanted within the souls of these precious souls. Due to the sexual abuse and trauma this aunt was able to insert a portion of her soul within these little ones and I commanded all of these human interjects to depart in Jesus name. They quickly left. 

During the exorcism we also encountered numerous Hindu spirits –such as Krishna, Kali, Ganesha, and so many others. This was a result of the family participating in ancient Hindu rituals. They were commanded out in Jesus name and they aggressively departed with vomiting and deep heaving. 

While ministering deliverance we also encountered a number of dissociative heart parts that quickly surfaced including little ones that had been terribly abused. They were all guided to the Lord Jesus for healing. So many hearts were healed on this night also. 

This entire family was deeply touched by our ministry to them and profusely thanked me. They had genuinely been touched by the love of Jesus. It was beautiful to see each family member receive deliverance and healing. Their smiles produced such gratefulness. 

It’s been amazing mission here to Pennsylvania. I’m about to depart for Maryland in a few minutes for another meeting. Thank you for praying. 


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