In British Columbia: Evangelistic Efforts into the World of Alternative Spiritual Movements!

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

For more than a quarter of a century we have focused our efforts on global evangelistic endeavors. I was only 16 years of age when I embarked on my first international evangelistic mission in the West Indies. Though only a teenager; I was filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to proclaim the gospel in open air meetings. Over the years, as I continued serving Jesus throughout the earth, I was led to many precious souls from various spiritual backgrounds —Buddhists, Hindus, Animists, Muslims and adherents of various alternative spiritual movements that exist in our day. God blessed me with the unique opportunity to effectively minister to those enslaved to these movements and have brought thousands of them to salvation in Jesus Christ. 

Last night, was no different, I was once again given an opportunity to lead, in this case, a Sikh, to peace with Christ! More on this remarkable miracle and how it played out in our public meeting here in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, in a moment. However, prior to arriving into Vancouver, we held another public meeting at the Temple of Salvation in Hollywood where for many hours we drove out numerous demons in the name of Jesus. It has been a special time for me in Southern California these past few months as I have traveled throughout the Western region of North America ministering to those held captive by Satan. Many hundreds have been deeply touched by the Lord Jesus in our many public and private meetings resulting in souls being saved, cured from sicknesses, healed from brokenness and freed from evil spirits. 

Before beginning the public ministry, I was encouraged, once again, to hear of the many disciples who testified of being freed from demons as a result of our efforts. Many hundreds are now equipped to go forward to minister in the authority of Jesus Christ! I’m believing as a result of these meetings many thousands of souls will be delivered by these newly equipped saints. I have been astonished, to be honest with you, by the participation and interest of those in the greater Los Angeles area. 

As I began to pray for those bound by demons, many evil spirits surfaced and battled me, including some very strong spirits of Santeria within a lady, perhaps in her 30’s, that was seated in the very back of the jammed packed sanctuary, with her husband. The demons shook this woman violently and growled like a wild beast. It gnashed her teeth and started speaking in aggressive demonic tongues –it was cursing me. Moreover, it was lifting up her hands and attempted to send fiery darts to me. It was furious in that it was exposed to the light of Jesus! 

For many minutes these spirits went on speaking in ancient demonic tongues with violence of speech. Some in the sanctuary were shocked by this demonic display of fury. It took some time to get the demons to cooperate but once they did, the holy angels assisted me in bringing this woman’s demonized body up the front of the meeting hall. We discovered these were demons rooted in Santeria. Furthermore, we also discovered, that these demons had been in the family bloodline for more than 5,000 years as a result of ancient pagan rituals of this lady’s ancestors. No wonder their supernatural strength and powers. 

At one point these destructive unholy beings chomped on my Bible with their teeth. I learned a lesson, to not place my fingers near the mouth of those controlled by murderous spirits. So, I simply used the Scriptures and it drove the spirits insane whom sought to cannibalize me. They resisted and strongly opposed me. I asked the holy angels to carry this demonized woman’s body up to the front of the meeting hall; which they did so I could minister effectively to her.

It was a stunning display, demonstration in the sanctuary. The demons of Santeria battled me openly, a servant of God. I used spiritual weapons; they did also. I employed the holy oil of fire; the enemy utilized curses. The spirits were seen attempting to utilize their own spiritual weapons; I resisted using the weapons of God. It was epic spiritual battle between the forces of evil and forces of good. Eventually, the Santeria spirits succumbed to the prevailing power of Jesus and all of them were sent directly to the abyss. As you can imagine, this precious saint was really happy; relieved. Many others experienced deliverance from demons and received healing of body and soul as we continued ministering deep into the night.

After concluding the evening meeting I rushed back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep and then traveled back to the airport for another flight into British Columbia where we held a evening public meeting at the Empire Landing Hotel in downtown Vancouver. We were meeting in one of the small conference halls nevertheless nearly every seat was occupied with those desperate for spiritual intervention. One man, perhaps in his 50’s, shared with the crowd that he literally wept when he discovered I had cancelled a earlier public service in Vancouver back at the beginning of the year due to some severe winter travel difficulties. He came back when I was in the city a few months ago but didn’t have the opportunity to minister to him; this time it would be different. Before sharing his miraculous deliverance; allow me to share with you the beautiful conversion of a woman, perhaps in her late 20’s, who was a Sikh (5th largest alternative spiritual movement/religion on earth). 

Prior to the ministry; I inquired if anyone needed to be born-again as Jesus required from John 3. One young Asian man testified of needing to be born-again; I led him to Jesus, before the small crowd. Then this lady, a Sikh, inquired about this spiritual experience. I briefly shared the gospel; she resisted and opposed me. However, I learned long ago, not to engage in a debate but to pour out love on those needing salvation; which I did. The love of God was melting her heart. At some point in the meeting she leaves angrily. But something supernatural happens as the night continues on….

As the evening went on we prayed for those afflicted with demon powers. One man, perhaps in his 50’s, the man who wept when it was discovered I had cancelled a meeting earlier in the year, manifested strong spirits that shook him violently and caused him to fall down on to the ground withering. His body was being twisted by these evil forces. Calvin, it was discovered, was employed at a local psychiatric hospital as a janitor, thus submitting himself to various kinds of strange spirits such as insanity and madness. These kinds of demons surfaced as I prayed. These invading demons were not alone there were many others such as Baal, Jezebel and Death. 

We continued ministering to Calvin. Many of the demons quickly flew out of his body and were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Some of the demons fought back but were defeated by Jesus. With loud cries and much vomiting the demons departed. His smile and peaceful disposition spoke volumes. This man was finally experiencing peace with God; the torment had left. Calvin even sent me a email yesterday; thanking me for the deliverance and shared how he slept peacefully for the first time in awhile. 

Interestingly, in the middle of our public meeting more than a dozen people shared they had been spiritually hit with head pain by demons. Very strange that this many people would be feeling this kind of pain all at once. I had them stand up and I commanded the pains to depart –immediately 10 of them were healed and set free from the demonic pains. The other two took some time to remove the pains. Moreover, during the meeting many dissociative identities were surfacing  –little boys and girls who were carrying deep pain and hurt. They were quickly guided to Jesus for healing and peace. Many heart parts were being healed by Jesus. Furthermore, several people with various kinds of afflictions were quickly supernaturally healed by Jesus. 

For more than 10 hours I ministered –5-6 hours of public ministry and another 4+ hours of private ministry. Even well after the meeting concluded I was ministering deep into the night. One man stayed after the service inquiring of spiritual assistance. He shared how his wife had drove out 2 demons from him but had difficulty driving out the others. She encouraged him to attend our public meeting. As I prayed many spirits surfaced including a spirit named Viper. It was a snake spirit hell bent on destroying this man’s family and marriage. With the holy angels assisting me; we drove out many of these Viper spirits out of his body in Jesus name. He was so happy after his deliverance from these wicked spirits. 

Guess who walks in after this deliverance? The argumentative Sikh who wanted to debate during the public service. She walks in convulsing badly. The Sikh spirits did not want her to approach me. Guess what I did? Did I engage in a debate and eloquently defended the faith with my knowledge of apologetics in the field of world religions. Nope (though there are times defending the faith is necessary). Didn’t need to. She was hurt and needed love and compassion. So I gave her a big bear hug and allowed the love of Jesus to channel through me to her broken heart. The love melted her heart and all of the desire to engage in a debate with me drained out of her. 

Much can be said about this. I think apologetics is necessary at times, however, I believe a more effective spiritual weapon is the weapon of love. Souls, trapped in world religions and metaphysical sects are hungering for love. They are not necessarily interested in hearing a carefully crafted defense of the Christian faith. I have seen this throughout my international travels; ministering to those in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. 

As this precious lady experienced the love; her body crumpled and her rigid body gave away to acceptance to this love; her heart opened up and she readily agreed to pray with me to confess Jesus as her only God and Lord! Amen! What a beautiful conversion. Many of our meetings are filled with those from other faiths and we are reaching many of them with the gospel. Did you know a few years ago while in the Islamic-dominated Pakistan I was honored to lead ENTIRE crowds, in our meetings, which consisted of many Muslims to Jesus. I can recount many experiences where I have seen this take place –Jesus saving those enslaved to alternative religions. All because of God’s love being extended. 

Even after the public meeting we ministered deep into the night. One family came to our meeting from the Middle East for deliverance and training. I was honored to visit this family in Oman (south of Saudi Arabia) a year or so ago and ministered deliverance to the captives. We were up until 2 or 3 in the morning. 

I am in awe of God’s mercy, grace, and love being extended to so many hundreds on this most recent North American mission.

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