Kansas City: Hours of Obstacles then Miracles; Blindness Healed

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I just arrived into downtown Kansas City, Missouri, where I am scheduled to conduct another public deliverance mission. Earlier this morning; around3:30am we concluded our service in Omaha where I ministered at a jammed packed house church where precious souls came in from all over the region for prayer and ministry. Many also came to be equipped. 


For more than 4 hours I taught from the Scriptures and trained the saints. That is correct. 4 hours of teaching. Not one single break either and not one single soul left. The Body of Christ is hungering for the ministry of miracles. After more than 4 hours of teaching; I led everyone in Holy Communion and soon thereafter demons began to manifest. 


To the right of me a lady, perhaps, in her late 50’s, began to vomit out many demons. This went on for some time. Afterwards she testified of feeling much better and lighter! 


 As I stood before the small crowd gathered, in this home, I noticed many other demons surfacing and glaring at me with hatred and torment. I continued on praying for healing and deliverance and a lady on the second floor of the house that overlooked the living room where we were meeting; began to manifest evil spirits also and started to vomit. I went upstairs and began to pray for her. Demons surfaced.


 “I’m Jezebel and we are here to destroy her,” Jezebel boasted to me.


 Ah, Jezebel once again. This wicked spirit is conducting her nefarious deeds everywhere on earth. I brought this woman up to the front of the crowd and began to demonstrate the power of God over the evil one.


 “We have been making her sick and her kids!”


 I commanded the demons to take upon the many infirmities they had brought to this woman’s body and soul. I also brought forward her two sons (ages 13 and 20, I believe) to the front. The demons revealed the unholy spirits within the both of them and I quickly commanded the demons to leave both of these young men. The demons departed swiftly and both testified of feeling free and healed. Amazing Jesus! 


The oldest son was really being touched of the Lord and just sat in a chair allowing the peace and love of Christ to overflow his being. This global mission is marked by it’s love! We are dedicated to extending the love and the compassion of Jesus to those suffering around the world. Hurting souls need love, need compassion and mercy. Yes, we preach repentance and seriousness to the things of God however we focus on God’s love as He is love! 


 As we minister throughout the earth, God is flowing His unfailing love through me to many tens of thousands of souls that I personally minister to. Many testify of feeling the supernatural love of God deeply ministering to their hearts as I embrace them with God’s compassion. It’s this love that rescues souls. 


 Jezebel had no chance tonight. She was easily defeated along with the spirits of death and others. All of them were commanded to the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the demons departed, little heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. They were guided to the Healer Jesus. It was beautiful to witness. Then this precious woman testified of feeling so relieved and healed after so many years of satanic bondage. 


 While driving from Omaha to Kansas City this precious woman of God sent me a email. I would like to share a portion with you:


 “Hi Jay this is Jennifer and I am writing you to tell you thank you and thank you again for helping me with deliverance last night or this morning rather in Omaha, Nebraska; for me and my children. Words cannot express how much I love you right now brother for what you did from me and my family and how grateful we are all of this. This was an answered prayer for us; you are such a gifted man and I cannot wait to see what the Father does with your ministry and where he takes you next. I have experienced the best rest. It’s been such a long time. I woke up with a clear mind and I could do anything but get up and then praise God in bless the Lord at all day. I’ve been crying and and praising God and just thanking him for the deliverance I received last night. I am serious about learning more about the deliverance ministry. I believe in my heart that’s where I supposed to be. I have to wait and see what God says about that but that’s what I believe and as you know it had to be his will and His will only. Please be safe you and your family will always be in our prayers, your ministry will always be in my prayers. God’s blessings; thank you again. I love you brother.”


When I read this my eyes teared up. Our God is gracious. He restores. I’m telling you my friends, people respond to love. If you love people, their hearts will open to the ministry you offer. If you are void of love then you will never be able to connect with hurting hearts. I have some minister friends that have difficulty ministering because they lack the expression of love to hurting souls. Sure, they are great teachers and evangelists but Bible knowledge will only take you so far in ministering to bruised souls. We need to love people.


 This mission receives testimonies like this every week from around the earth. People being saved, healed and freed from evil spirits and are now wanting to serve Jesus in ministry. Is this not what ministry should involve? I look forward to being a conduit of God’s love to reach your hurts in Jesus name!


 Jennifer’s deliverance was only the beginning of ministry. All night long we broke generational curses and drove out demons. Another precious saint we ministered to was to the left of me. He had the “look;” the look of torment. Immediately I forced the spirit of torment up and he spoke to me. He growled and battled me. I fought back in Jesus name. I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit and directed the fire upon the invading demons; this man’s suddenly jolted and the demons moaned in pain as they suffered from being burned by God. 


 “I will fight you as we are not leaving him,” the demons revealed to me.


 So I began to use other weapons and had two powerful holy angels draw out their swords and strike the invading demons. The demons shrieked with great pain. They began to beg me to stop as the suffering was too great but still wanted to battle me. I brought out my holy cross and used it also. It burned the demons and again they begged me to stop.


 “But we will still fight you! We’ll ram that cross of yours into your head,” the demons warned. 


 I could see that these demons were quite serious and were desirous of murdering me. So, I continued using the spiritual weapons we possess and finally the demons gave up and released this man from the torment, the OCD and all of the bondages they had brought into his life. He was delivered and was shocked to see the difference. He was lighter and peaceful! Jesus truly healed him!


 We continued on the ministry of healing and deliverance and came across some very stubborn Jezebel spirits. Despite the opposition God still delivered and healed precious souls and so many were refreshed and encouraged. I believe it was around 3-3:30am we finally concluded the ministry –more than 8 hours of ministry. 


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