From Witchcraft to Jesus Freedom; Delivered from Hundreds of Thousands of Jezebel Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Over the years I have discovered that it’s difficult, many times, to ministry in institutional churches than in home churches. In the institutional church there are so many obstacles to the work of the Holy Spirit that hinder the ability to effectively minister to those who are hurting and needing deep ministry. This is why I absolutely love visiting and ministering in home churches around the world. As these house churches seem, generally speaking, much more open to the work of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it seems the presence of the Holy Spirit is much more tangible in these environment; this is what my heart desires.
I’m feeling revived and strengthened by the events that transpired last night as I ministered in a home church here in Western Australia. The Holy Spirit truly visited us in His holy power and was honored to be present. I was invited to lead the people of God in Holy Communion and in the ministry of healing and deliverance. This beautiful home church, here in Perth, was jammed packed with precious disciples who desired to serve King Jesus. The worship and the fellowship was sweet. The meals were incredibly tasty and fulfilling and the ministry was satisfying to the spirit, soul and body. What more could a disciple ask for?
Interestingly, the Holy Spirit directed me to formally ordain, with the agreement of the people of God that had assembled, the leader of the fellowship. He was to become the pastor of this house church and his assistant; an evangelist. What an absolute joy to lead the people of God in Holy Communion and into an ordination service where we laid hands upon these pastors and dedicated them onto the Lord. It was a powerful time of the Holy Spirit. The energy of the Spirit of God in the room was tangible and mighty. There were several of us who saw heavenly visions. God was truly in our midst.
After the ordination service, I began to minister to a 38 year old mother of three, by the name of Julie, who had been involved in witchcraft and the occult. She actually participated in satanic ceremonies and rituals. As a young girl she had been sexually abused and traumatized. As a preteen she was forced to participate in lesbianism, orgies and perversions of all sorts by a witch. By sixteen years of age she was already involved in prostitution. This precious lady had encountered deep pain and hurt. However, Jesus intervened and rescued her. Though she was saved; she was still needing some assistance in expelling the demonic forces that had invaded her.
I am thankful I was there to help and to intervene in Julie’s life. Almost immediately, the demons surfaced and battled. Many of the demons claimed to have brought into her body various kinds of cancers, kidney problems, diabetes, blindness and a host of physical and emotional afflictions. Moreover, they had even implanted a number of fiery darts within her body to bring forth great pain.
“We have been here for thousands of years; we are staying here!” the demons informed me, “Her ancestors killed, participated in idol-worship and pagan sacrifices.”
No wonder Julie had so many spiritual problems. Ancient death curses had been placed upon her life as a result of her ancestors involvement in sorcery and participation in killing in demonic sacrificial rites. For many generations, no-one, sadly, broke off the satanic curses thus the demons flowed freely. On this night, however, things would be different. The evil curses were broken, the fiery darts removed, and spiritual rights were renounced in Jesus name!
At one point, the demons of murder, death, Moloch, Baal, Jezebel witchcraft, perversions, lesbianism attempted to fight. I called forth the mighty angels of God and they arrived in power. I asked them to strike the demons; they did. The demons groaned in agony. I also directed the Holy Spirit fire to fall upon the spirits; the fire fell. The demons greatly weakened. These invading evil spirits had no chance. God’s power was too great.
As the spirits of lesbianism departed, a great amount of vomiting occurred. The others shortly left thereafter. Some of the demons such as Moloch and Baal held captive a number of ancestral dissociative identities and a few human interjects by the name of Sasha and Jenny. Sasha was only a pre-teen but was able to access this mother because of her forced participation in lesbianism as a young girl. This soul part was removed as was the demon attached to this human interject. Moreover, Jenny was able to access Julie because of a soul tie that been created years earlier. Jenny was a witch (that lived in the neighborhood) and forcefully reached out to Julie to recruit her into the occult and witchcraft. She was successful and thus was able to invade Julie’s soul nature in attempt to control her.
In summary, Julie, was battling a number of fronts:

  • A handful of ancestral dissociative identities, including one born in Scotland in 1820 who witnessed a murder in her front yard as a young girl thus creating soul fragmentation. I spoke to this little one. Deep pain; grief, and hurt. I guided this little one to Jesus for healing. 
  • A handful of dissociative identities that were present to carry the bad memories and pain as a result of early childhood sexual abuse. All of these were guided to Jesus for deep healing.
  • A handful of pre-natal dissociative parts. One little pre-natal part spoke to me and said she recalled hearing daddy say mean things. This brought deep pain and hurt. These little ones were sent to Jesus for comfort and healing.
  • A few human interjects. One from a young Russian girl whom she was forced to participate in lesbianism with. This young Russian girl soul part was sent to Jesus. Another interject was present due to a forced soul tie that was created by Jenny, the neighborhood witch. I spoke with Jenny and forced her out of Julie in Jesus name!
  • Hundreds of thousands of spirits of Jezebel.
  • Thousands of Moloch, Baal, and witchcraft spirits.
  • Ancient death curses.
  • Numerous implanted fiery darts sent by demons.
  • Numerous kinds of cancers; waiting to be activated by the demons. The spirits revealed: “We are waiting for fear be held onto by Julie. All cancers stem from fear!” Very interesting statement. Fear involves torment; cancer is a torment. Think about that for a moment. Perfect love (which is Jesus) casts out fear. This is the answer to cancer –the Lord Jesus!

As you can see, there were many spiritual wars needing to be fought. We fought them. Jesus was victorious. Many hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits (along with all of their devices, curses, afflictions, etc) were swiftly expelled in Jesus name and directly sent to the pit! This woman experienced a mighty deliverance, inner healing, and physical healing! Her face shined before all and testified of feeling so much better and lighter. Peace, joy, and love!
What a beautiful night of ministry where Jesus brought freedom to a family. I look forward to more meetings this week here in Western Australia. Hope you join us for one of the meetings.

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