Charismatic Catholic Supernaturally Healed; More Testimonies!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently back in Seattle, Washington, after spending yesterday, in a small town southwest of Seattle; conducting a private meeting with a family horribly afflicted by evil spirits. My heart went out to this family as they have been terribly vexed by the powers of hell for years. They had been finding it difficult to locate anyone who could spiritually intervene in their lives. Both come from generational Freemasonry backgrounds; the precious wife was sadistically abused by those involved in the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes –a UK rooted-satanic secret society. However this occult sect has branched out throughout the world carrying out their work; including here in North America. Melody was one of their victims. She is now a overcoming survivor in Jesus name.

As we began to minister to this precious 59 year old woman, named Melody, demons jerked her body and violently shook her head. After a long period of battling the demons with various spiritual weapons, I was able to locate a little 4 year old dissociative identity that was whimpering. This little 4 year old was nearly dead. I breathed life into this little dissociative identity and the little broken heart part gradually came back to life and spoke to me.

“The man with the Buffalo hat hurt us bad. He was a bad man. Grandpa held our hand but man with Buffalo hat placed us on a table and hurt us,” as the little one sorrowfully explained to us.  

This little dissociative identity had witnessed horrific violence; resulting in their near-death. The demons from the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes had held this little one captive for more than 50+ years! Think about the implications to this. It was unfortunate that no-one came along to offer spiritual assistance to this precious lady. God led this woman to one of our meetings in Denver, Colorado, last year and she deeply impacted by the miracles that took place; witnessing with your own very eyes a young girl being delivered and healed of a varying degree of blindness. She could easily tell we were authentic. She wanted to meet us so we traveled to her town and we did what we could to minister to her broken heart.

The little one was guided to Jesus and was visited by the holy angels of God and the Lord Himself. The little one was so happy as you can imagine. All the pain vanished and the demons attached to this heart part was banished in Jesus name.

We also encountered numerous death spirits and demons of witchcraft within Melody. Many hundreds of them were expelled in Jesus name and set to the pit. Even after more than 8 hours ministering to Melody and her husband; more work remains. Thank you for praying. 

I’m very concerned with the amount of people afflicted, that we are encountering in our public and private meetings; as a result of their ancestor’s participation with these nefarious sects such as the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. As many of you know, I was powerfully delivered from the curse of Freemasonry nearly 30 years ago (my father was at one time a Most Worshipful Master within the Lodge) by the shed blood of Jesus! We will continue to do our work in freeing those held in bondage to these occult groups.

Before I close this email report; allow me to share a phenomenal praise report from a dear Catholic sister who attended our most recent San Diego, California mission this past weekend. Our meeting in San Diego was filled with stunning power from Jesus! I’m still getting thrilling reports of miracles occurring in those who attended. Allow me to share this victory testimony:

“Jay–I just want to thank you for coming to San Diego. All I can say is that every Christian should see a deliverance, because then they would actually see the “Power and Might” of the Jesus they serve. How many times did I say, “Jesus is Savior” but until you witness a deliverance and see his saving power in action, delivering someone from the power of the devil and his evil spirits. Wow, that is a Savior. Like I told my sister,…it was the difference between looking at a picture of the Grand Canyon, and then actually seeing it. There is no comparison. I also thank you for taking the time to pray for the healing of my legs. They are healed, I actually went shopping with my sister at Target the next day and didn’t need a shopping cart to hang on to while we shopped. I am keeping my healing. I will be able to fly to NY and visit my daughter for Thanksgiving and walk everywhere!!! Praise God, Thank You Jesus!!!After I saw how Jesus blasted out all those demons at your service, 

I am so relieved to know that those demons of infirmity; 

attacking my legs, were driven–blasted out completely as well. Wow!!!  Again, thank you for coming to San Diego it made such a profound impact on my faith. It was indeed, a divine appointment.”

I just loved reading this; my heart is truly humbled. It’s refreshing to see my Franciscan sisters feel welcomed to our meeting. I invite all of my Catholic friends and partners to attend one of our upcoming missions. We welcome all. We have always been blessed to have a wide range of Christian groups represented in our missions including many Catholics. Many Catholic and Greek and Russian Orthodox groups enjoy our work as we embrace the sacramental life of the church along with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

I am not one to focus on secondary doctrinal issues that divide the Body but rather I focus on the historic essentials we all agree one. This international mission is reaching so many people, with the miracle-working power of Jesus and I rejoice in our great God! I hope you’ll make plans on attending one of our public missions soon. I would love to meet you!

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