Boston Area: Out of This World Signs & Wonders, Legions of Demons, Hearts Healed, Bodies Cured!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Somebody isn’t happy with me!


After a thrilling supernatural night of signs and wonders; I travel back to my hotel room and check my emails. Guess who I receive a email from?


A demon.


That’s right; a wicked spirit within a lady, who lives in Europe, who took control of this woman’s body and typed out a death threat to me. The demon writes and tells me:


“I’m going to slice your face and hack your hands off with a butchers knife! You deserve nothing more than my disgust! This will be my time and your end.”

I must be doing something right if the demonic forces are furious with me; with this kind of intense hatred directed to me. I thank God I’m counted worthy for the cause of Christ!


For more than 8+ hours I taught from the Scriptures and battled legions of unclean spirits. For more than 4 hours I taught from the Word; then signs and wonders followed. Now, prior to the ministry session, a number of individuals were sharing how they were instantly physically healed of various ailments as a result of attending and participating our series of meetings here in the Boston area; specifically Buzzard’s Bay which is very close to Cape Cod here in Massachusetts. 


The sheer number of miracles that took place tonight was stunning! Over the next few weeks I’ll need to share more and more miracles that have taken place here at the River of Life Church. My dear pastor friend, Bob, is already looking forward to us returning to conduct even more meetings. Our meetings here have been well attended. Tonight, we were jammed packed with precious souls hungering for deliverance from demons.


Many were healed of a broken heart. Many bodies were cured from various ailments and afflictions. Many thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name! Just when I thought last night was spectacular; the Holy Spirit pushed us to another entire new spiritual level. The holy angels were arresting demons in an dramatic manner. Placing the demons hands behind their backs and binding them. They were striking the many demons with their swords; thus greatly weakening them. The fire of the Holy Spirit was burning demons in unusual ways. The power of the blood of Jesus defeated so many demons.


In fact, one of the first families we ministered to was the one pictured above. Josh and his wife Amber traveled a good distance to be present for a deliverance and healing. As I began to pray for him; numerous spirits named “Insanity” surfaced and spirits named, “Love of Money.”


When the demons of insanity surfaced from within him; they grotesquely twisted his body and contorted his limbs. They confessed to bringing all forms of pains and strange ailments within his body.


“Yes, we torment him. We have been here a long time. We entered because he participated in witchcraft,” the demons informed us as they growled out of him.


It was true. Josh has delved into all forms of the New Age movement and metaphysics (and mind sciences) resulting in his demonization. Moreover, he had been having a issue with love of money resulting in the spirits of greed invading him.


As Josh repented and renounced these sins and curses; the demons were removed in the name of Jesus and experienced instantly healing of his body –he reported of feeling zero pain! It was beautiful to behold; seeing Jesus perform such great miracles in our midst. Now, Josh was living, finally, in some peace and joy!


That was only the beginning as one miracle after another took place. I look forward to sharing the many signs and wonders that took place in our midst. Jesus to be praised. I leave, in a few hours, for New Orleans, for another public mission. I need urgent intercession for divine strength.

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