Defeating Jezebel, Idolatry, & Islamic Demons in Atlanta!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Another powerful meeting here in Atlanta, Georgia, we were once again jammed packed with hungry souls for Jesus! However, at the start of the meeting, a confrontation transpired where a man was furious with me as I called him and his wife out for not participating in our mass deliverance prayers. The entire time they were in the meeting hall they were angry and were in opposition. I am tired of seeing infiltrators attending our meeting and disrupting our services with their unbelief, mockery, and outright opposition. All year we have witnessed this take place in meetings all across the world. The enemy is really furious with me and desires to destroy. I’m fighting back in Jesus name and will call out those who seek to undermine and bring destruction.


These particular individuals eventually left however not until he pointed to me and told me in uncertain terms we was very angry with me. He ended up walking out. Then moments later his wife. I even inquired why they even attended our service and was never given an answer. Strange but unexpected. Remember it’s pre-Halloween and the forces of evil are in full force. We felt it.


We pressed on in Jesus name! One of the first individuals we ministered to was a young lady, who is really fired up for Jesus, she came to our last public deliverance service and was significantly freed as we drove out thousands of Buddhist spirits. This time around, God directed me to her, once again, this time, she was needing deliverance from Jezebel. She growled and sought to battle me. Jezebel was there along with spirits of idol-worship, mind-control and some serpentine spirits. They were all driven out in Jesus name along with numerous sicknesses and pains they had been bringing into this woman. She encountered freedom and healing; take a glance at the picture above and see for yourself!


Another lady we ministered to, was a woman, who had been invaded by a number of spirits of rejection. They even held her broken heart. These heart parts were released and were able to see Jesus for healing! Spirits of rebellion and Freemasonry were encountered and were rejected on this night. In the name of the Lord Jesus we drove out many of these demons to the pit!

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