Delivering Souls from Tormentors!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s well after 5am and I’m still up. From New Orleans I traveled onward to Atlanta, Georgia where I am currently. We have a series of public and private meetings here in Georgia and I look forward to meeting you this week!

In recent days, I have been receiving many testimonies of souls encountering instant physical healing, deliverance and restoration as a result of attending our recent missions throughout the world. Hurting people who have been rescued from their tormentors. Allow me to share some with you:

From Boston:

“I thank God for you, Jay, your ministry; for assisting the Holy Spirit, for delivering me from my tormentors. Friday night, in Boston MA; you helped freed me of many demonic bondages of the enemy. I praise the Lord for you! I have no racing thoughts! I am calm, confident, content and happy. I no longer fear! But, now I sleep well and peace within my self and can feel the presences of the Holy Spirit in my life! I expect good news soon in my relational department! You and your wife will surely get an invite when I plan to marry! I believe in Jesus Christ name it’ll be much soon! Amen.”

From Toronto:

“May God bless your mission of salvation Jay! Meeting you at Mississauga was eye opening and perhaps soul awakening as well. Truly a blessing in life you have been to repair lives in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The meeting was extraordinary, and your teachings truly helped in my understanding of salvation.”

God is pleased to bestow His power upon our mission. Please stand with us today in financial support so we might continue this work of the gospel!

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