Demons Bowed as Jesus Visited Us!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 My friends this international mission is blessed. In many of our meetings now we are encountering the ascended Lord in a very tangible manner. Yes, we know He is omnipresent. He fully understand He is present everywhere however He is visiting us in a very real manner. His love, His power, His deliverance is being manifested in many of our missions.

 Years ago, I was honored to see the ascended Jesus in Pakistan with my very own eyes; in His ascended state among the clouds; as He reigned over all. Over the past few years we are seeing the increasing amount of holy visitations of Jesus in our missions. This is perhaps the greatest of the signs and wonders we are encountering –witnessing the tangible presence of Jesus in our midst! He is actually walking among us; the demons are screaming out of their victims as a result. They are petrified of HIM!

 The past year we are seeing King Jesus display His power in unusual ways. We take these holy encounters very serious as He is pleased with us —to visit us in this manner. Tonight, here in Atlanta, Georgia, was no exception. To give you some idea of the ministry that took place; allow me to share what took place in the life of those whom we ministered to.


  • 100,000’s of evil spirits were driven out, of a young man in Jesus name!
  • Spirits of death, Moloch, Baal, Jezebel, Voodoo, Freemasonry, Anti-Christ, & many others defeated and sent to the pit by King Jesus.
  • Demons behind human sacrifice, animal sacrifice, sex with animals, and unholy blood oaths were destroyed by the cross of Jesus.!
  • Tens of thousands of ancestral dissociative identities were removed in Jesus name.
  • Encountered numerous human interjects; they were removed and sent to Jesus.
  • Ancestral curses that stemmed from thousands of years ago were renounced.
  • One demon, generational unworthiness, held captive more than 5,000 ancestral heart parts (the demons were forced to release them; they were guided to Jesus for healing). I spoke to a few (within a man, perhaps in his 30’s) including a 65 year old man who died in a car accident.
  • Numerous physical afflictions were cured by Jesus! One lady was so dramatically healed that she testified that she had been in pain for more than 20 years and NOW Jesus had healed her!
  • Numerous dissociative identities (broken heart parts) healed by Jesus.
  • Numerous miracles took place as we utilized the spiritual weapons such as the fire of the Holy Spirit, mighty holy angels, the Sword of the Spirit, consecrated objects and the love of Jesus!

It was stunning to witness; the supernatural power of God being unleashed among God’s people. It started off pretty quickly. I taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion; then proceeded to minister to those who had assembled.
Within seconds, demons manifested. Some rather violently. Some were screaming. Some were twisting limbs; some were shouting.
One demonized woman to my right; surfaced with great fury. The spirits shook the body of a lady who had traveled more than 6 hours to be present in our meeting. I spoke to the demonic forces; as so many surfaced. We are speaking of many, many thousands from within her surfaced and spoke to me.

Many were rooted in ancient voodoo ritualism and blood sacrifices. These were vicious spirit hell bent on battling me. So I battled back with the spiritual weapons we possess.
“You are too strong for us,” the spirits confessed.
I reminded them it wasn’t me they had to contend with but rather Jesus. As I mentioned that –the Lord Jesus walked into the meeting hall resulting in the demons bowing quickly to Him. They screamed as they could see HIM!

The disciples of the Lord could feel his presence also; many of us bowed before Jesus. We continued to battle these demons and expelling many. Many broken hearts then surfaced as they were held by these demon powers. They were guided to Jesus for healing.

This was only the beginning, as the night continued more and more miracles took place. Spectacular miracles took place that stunned the audience; as many had never witnessed anything like this before. Other souls were miraculously physically and emotionally healed. Others were supernaturally set free from demons.

Even well after the public meeting ended a small group of us continued to minister deep into the night; well after 2am. In the small group meeting a precious lady we were ministering deliverance to saw the risen Jesus! She fell down to her knees crying with joy; Jesus entered her (she was in utter shock that this occurred) and began to speak to those of us who had assembled. He reminded us of the need to reach hurting souls, to preach His Word, and to not grieve the Holy Spirit. Many others things were spoken by Jesus that we treasured in our hearts.

My friends, we are encountering the heights of the miraculous. We give all praise to Jesus for He is the miracle workers and Lord!

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