Extraordinary Jesus Encounters in New England: Demons of Cannibalism Defeated!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s well after 5am (I got so tired; went to sleep. Now it’s 4pm; the following day) and still on a spiritual high from last night’s service here in the New England region of the United States where we witnessed incredible power encounters of the Lord Jesus! We are holding a series of public meetings here at the River of life Church here in the Boston area with my pastor friend, Bob Corderio, who started this fellowship just a few years ago that is centered on bringing healing and deliverance to the captives!


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those afflicted, almost immediately, many were manifesting evil spirits and I was commanding the demons to leave in Jesus name! Some were getting some significant spiritual release (and even physical healing) though others were being hindered.


At the beginning of the service I could feel the spiritual walls –skepticism, unbelief, pride and doubt operating in many who had assembled. One particular man in the middle of the sanctuary glared at me the entire service. He looked angry and inquired why he was so angry and not participating in the deliverance prayers. He replied smugly, “I don’t need to pray; I’m perfect!”


Ah! One of those! I rebuked him in Jesus name. He was an infiltrator from the enemy; hindering the service. At one point, even the demons, within someone else, remarked how they controlled him and were using him. Didn’t surprise me at all. In many of our meetings we are watchful; as the enemies of the Lord seek to undermine and hinder our global missions (this infiltrator ended up leaving the service; immediately the freedom to minister was noticeable). Another demon, within someone, stated, “We will attack this church. We will make sure all of their electricity is turned off,” in which caused the pastor to respond forcefully, “Oh, no you’re not in Jesus name!”


We had some intense opposition but Jesus the Lord prevailed! One lady we ministered to was Sarah (pictured above). Originally from the Republic of Haiti, Sarah was birthed in a family that practiced witchcraft. In fact, her own father was a witchdoctor. As I approached her numerous demons surfaced including hundreds of of thousands of demons named, “Rejection,” who boasted how they had enslaved more than 17,000 ancestral dissociative identities within this woman. I spoke to some of them and was able to gather them as a group; guiding them to Jesus.


One fascinating ancestral part that surfaced was birthed in 1782 and confessed to being a witch and working in communion with demon powers. Her village discovered she was a witch. She ended up dying in a fire that was started by some villagers who were petrified of her witchcraft. This part was sent to Jesus.


Obviously, along with all of the spirits of rejection there were mass numbers of demons of voodoo, witchcraft, and sorcery. We are speaking of tens of thousands of various kinds of demons working within this woman.


“We have been here for more than 600 years! We are here because her ancestors allowed us in. They practiced blood rituals –sacrificing humans and animals. HA! It goes beyond that –her ancestors practiced cannibalism. They ate those who were sacrificed to us,” the many demons revealed to us.


Cannibalism is a serious evil that will allow mass numbers of demons into a family bloodline. However there were many other demons within this woman, there were more than 1,800 spirits of pride, 78,000 spirits of mind control and 15 spirits of hate.


“We tell her all the time, she’s worthless, that she’s dumb, and we bring shame!” the demons confessed to me.


These demons were defeated as Sarah renounced these word curses and spirits. But, there was more. Sarah had also been invaded by the wicked witch Jezebel. The ever boastful and seductive Jezebel.


“I’ve married her and I’m not leaving. I have placed rings on her and I have my crown which is staying with me,” Jezebel informed.


We discovered that not only was Jezebel present but many mermaid and spirit husbands that were boasting how they had kept in bondage all of these years.


“We keep her from getting married, from any relationships, from prosperity and bring migraines, stomach pains and bring arthritis. We weaken her bones and fingers. In fact, watch this as I twist her hands and fingers,” the spirits inform me.


These demons then proceeded to twist her hands and fingers in a unusual claw-like manner. I used the fire of the Holy Spirit to remove the arthritis and pains. Immediately, the afflictions left her hands and fingers. It was beautiful to behold; God removing these demonic afflictions.


As I warred against these 100,000’s of evil spirits within this woman, I called forth the mighty holy angels of God. They quickly came and assisted me. They struck these invading demons with their holy swords and greatly weakened them.


“They Holy Spirit is here in this room; He is moving around,” the demons told me with great fear!


Speaking of the Holy Spirit, I employed the fire of the Holy Spirit and called forth the fire to rest upon my hand. It did. I then directed the fire into the demons. They growled, groaned and angrily told me to stop as: “It burns, it burns!”


To further weaken these many demons, I also employed my holy cross. The demons backed up with utter terror; glancing at my cross. The power of the cross was too great for these demons to handle and was greatly weakened and defeated.


I then proceeded to drive out hundreds of thousands of demons from her body in Jesus name! More then 17,000 heart parts were sent to Jesus! The cures were broken in Jesus name and this woman was FREE! It was amazing to behold. It was incredible, extraordinary deliverance! Sarah was free and she was so happy!


In fact, she was shocked when she came out of demonized state and wondered how she even ended up being on stage. She was in a deep demonic trance like state. But, now she was liberated from voodoo; to serve Jesus for the rest of her life! She also mentioned that she felt no more pain! She had been battling various kinds of pains for a long time. But her body now felt healed!


My friends, it was an extraordinary night. Others were set free from tens of thousands of demons. During the service, even the Lord Jesus tangibly visited us! He could be seen. One lady was even healed of varying degree of blindness (It was tested before all). There’s so much more to tell you! We even saw precious souls surrender to Jesus as Lord! The miracle of salvation!


Can it get any better? Yes! More miracles, more Jesus encounters, even TODAY! I am deeply humbled and in awe of God! He has been visiting us tangibly where He can be seen! I’m honored that the Lord Jesus would visit us in such a manner.


I hope to share more miracles with from this night soon. I discovered I have a NEW WEAPON; I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SHARING WITH YOU THIS NEW SPIRITUAL WEAPON I POSSESS.

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