Standing Room Only Meeting Witnessed Signs & Wonders in Atlanta!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The entire month of October was intense! Usually is; due to the Halloween season where the demonic activity increases. Consider how God sustained me on the October mission:


  • Spent more than 21 days on the road; visiting 10 different States and 1 Canadian province.
  • Traveled nearly 14,000 miles (nearly 20,000 kilometers) visiting dozen or more cities.
  • Conducted more than 30 private and public missions; reaching many hundreds with the ministry of deliverance and healing.
  • One phase of the journey consisted of traveling from the Eastern province of Ontario, Canada to the other side of the continent –Anchorage, Alaska (then from Anchorage I traveled by car another few hours into the village of Seward, AK).
  • Most of our meetings consisted of encountering violent and aggressive evil spirits; God sustained.
  • Most of our meetings were, at the very least, 5 hours long. Many lasted 7 to 8 hours. Our last evening service, in Atlanta, consisted of 13+ hours of teaching and cast out demons esus name!
  • We conducted many dozens of exorcisms where millions of demons were expelled; tens of thousands of ancestral dissociative identities were guided to Jesus and tens of thousands of dissociative identities were were supernaturally healed by Jesus! Moreover, many human interjects were also removed by Jesus!
  • We witnessed many souls won to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ in nearly every public meeting

This gives you some glimpse of the intensity of the mission we are involved in. I didn’t share all of the personal attacks I had to endure; including some death threats. Furthermore, being far away from from my wife and family, during this extensive mission, was tough too! I often don’t share half of what we are involved in.

Everywhere I traveled to; I witnessed the power of God being unleashed in an unusual manner; with greater intensity. My friends, time is so short, before the second coming of Jesus. We must preach the WORD with the signs and wonders following. As many of you know I don’t merely talk; I walk the talk (at least, by God’s grace, I try to). I actually demonstrate, in public, the power of Jesus over the demonic for ALL to SEE!

Our last stop was in Atlanta, Georgia. We are loved in Atlanta. The mission is celebrated and supported in Atlanta. In recent years we have seen the numbers increase. In fact, our last service was a jammed packed service. We literally ran out of seats thus it was standing room only service consisting of individuals and families that traveled throughout the nation (few traveled more than 17-18 hours) to attend and receive deliverance. God did not disappoint; His love rescued so many dozens.

We conducted a teaching seminar from 3pm to nearly 7pm; then after a 30 minute break we conducted a public deliverance meeting until 4am or so the following morning. How does one lead a service like that? Flesh will fail. But walking in the Spirit will allow you to sustain supernatural strength for many hours to deliver precious souls hungering for deliverance.

Many of the exorcisms we conducted were quite violent. Some were vicious actually. Some of the Santeria, voodoo and witchcraft demons were encountered on this night were extremely strong however Jesus prevailed. Like in the case with Maria (pictured above with me) whose family practiced Santeria; performing rituals. Her ancestors participated in ancient blood rituals; including the drinking of blood. These past few nights in Atlanta we encountered many demonic beings that boasted how they held onto the spiritual rights; of those ancestors that indulged in human and animal sacrifice.

When I approached Maria, the demons were berserk! As I approached her; the demons surfaced and chairs flew everywhere. They grotesquely twisted her body and violently threw her to the ground. They spun around insanely. It took great spiritual effort to maintain order. The demons eventually obeyed and were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Maria is changed as a result. She is FREE. The light, the peace on her face said it all!

Not only was she delivered she was also miraculously healed of cancer, tumors, cysts, migraines, and fear. All of this brought upon her life because of these demons within her ancestral bloodline.

“Ha! We entered her because her ancestors offered things to us, they consumed blood, we bring tumors in her body to torment her,” the spirits of Santeria boasted to me, “we go back more than 1,000 years ago because her ancestors practiced idolatry.”

Obviously, before Santeria entered the historical picture; there was ancient idolatry that the pagan nations surrounding ancient Israel indulged in. These hellish practices opened the doors to the demonic. Sadly, we discovered not ONE single believer in these 1000 years ever intervened in Maria’s family; to drive out the evil spirits. Thank God we were there and we did intervene and witnessed Jesus prevail!

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