Teenager Freed from Tens of Thousands of Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I have conducted thousands of exorcisms thus far this year. What we witnessed in Boston last weekend was among the top ten exorcisms we have conducted in 2014. A young man, originally from Haiti, attended the meeting with his mother. I’ll refer to him as Thomas. While I taught from the Scriptures and ministered I didn’t notice anything unusual from this young man. He sat quietly with virtually no response. However, as I would soon find out, deep within Thomas, waged a internal war for his soul!


This internal war manifested externally as vicious and very violent demonic entities surfaced from within him. I had the holy angels literally spiritually arrest the demons and immediately the angels forced the demons into a literal position of having been arrested by God Almighty! The angels literally carried, without any human aid, this young man up on stage so I might be able to minister to him effectively.


The evil spirits had so twisted and grostesquely contorted his body that it shocked many who had assembled in the sanctuary. The demons growled, spat, blasphemed, and threatened me. They were extremely strong too. Tens of thousands of various kinds of demons were within this young man; many rooted in voodoo and witchcraft. They had brought all kinds of various maladies within his body and mind. In fact, while casting a group of demons from him; the spirit of cancer departed his body. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, many thousands were sent to the pit. This young man was really excited about encountering Jesus and His freedom on this night. It was extraordinary in that while we ministered to Thomas, Jesus tangibly visited us (the demons went insanely berserk knowing Jesus was present with us) and bestowed unusual amount of grace and power upon me. The demons even remarked at one point how they noticed I was given a new spiritual weapon.


They were actually SCREAMING out of him; as they could see Jesus giving me this new weapon. They were utterly petrified of me –because of this weapon! They glared at me with, threat amount of trembling, knowing this weapon would be used against them. 


“That weapon over your left shoulder is HUGE,” the demons screamed, “Please don’t use that sword on us.”

AH! I knew I have access to the swords of the Lord; however, this was a very special weapon given to me that slung over my shoulder. Since it was there, by faith, I took hold of it, with my right hand, and struck the invading demons. You should have seen the response of the demons!

They literally flew backwards and immediately with great spiritual force hit the ground. Actually, crumpled to the ground; fatally wounded! The demons were no match to the Sword of the Lord! 

Interestingly enough, not knowing what transpired on this night (as I’m sharing this encounter the first time), a Australian sister in the Lord, emailed me this evening, as she saw this vision of me:

“Jay–I saw you riding on a white horse with Jesus riding a white horse beside you. Swords raised high, charging into battle – the enemy easily trampled and destroyed as you and Jesus laugh heartily together. Not even looking at the enemy, your eyes are fixed on each other. So, I release an increase in fun and ease into every facet of your life. That everything would be an act of intimacy, fun and adventure with you and King Jesus!!”

WOW! What more can be said? I look forward to using this new weapon I have, that is slung over my shoulder, in many more battles throughout the earth. Thank you Lord for this gift!

Thomas was significantly healed and delivered from demons (some more ministry needs to take place) and praised God as a result. It was a very intense war, involving many hours of ministry but Jesus prevailed! I have given him my small Bible (Thomas, pictured above with my Bible) and believe for mighty works in this teenagers life!

Actually, I am not doing proper justice sharing what transpired on this night. It was that stunning! Jesus truly visited us in His holy power.

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