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Parents Restrained Demonized Son from Attacking Me; Boston Meeting Friday!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


The past several days I have been here in Alaska teaching and ministering. Earlier today, in the small coastal village of Seward, I tried to intervene in the name of Jesus. A desperate family reached out to me on the behalf of their 31 year old son who is being terribly afflicted by demon powers. I made the proper travel arrangements for the long journey into Alaska from Canada. The first night I was given an opportunity to teach at a small group home meeting; which was well received. However, earlier this afternoon, during a ministry session, with the 31 year old son, named Dave, the meeting did not go well.


Dave for the past dozen years or so have been enslaved to various video games including the insidious sorcery-drenched Warcraft (I have dealt with scores of individuals who got demon-possessed as a result of playing this game) and Diablo (Spanish word: devil). These games are serious entry points for evil spirits to invade bodies and souls. Millions are no doubt demonized as a result of these various games that are embedded with occult-themes and the glorification of witchcraft.


That’s only the beginning. Dave is also a idol-worshipper (confessed to worshipping the Moon-demon god) and a ardent supporter of the infamous master of the dark arts –the late Aliester Crowley. A former member of two satanic organizations and a student of demonism. Dave actually confessed to having conjured up spirits and allowing them to enter his body. They invaded; destroying his life. It gets worse.


He’s actually made deals with devils. These devils speak to him all day long; he’s struggling with murderous desires. Don’t be surprised; many in our modern day have made deals with demons for power, pleasure and wealth. Politicians, celebrities of all sorts, and your average man walking down the street have danced with the devil. I have encountered many through the years. Some want to renounce the pact; some don’t.


Interestingly, demons have offered to make many deals with me over the years (in Luke 4; the devil offered to make a deal with Jesus), during exorcisms. I have been offered millions of dollars and supernatural powers. I have rejected the deals. No deals with demons. I serve Jesus alone. I’m here to send them (the demons) to the pit!


Sadly, Dave didn’t want to renounce the pacts with the demons. He mocked the Lord instead. Moreover, he allowed the demons full control resulting in him, at one point, actually getting physically aggressive with his own parents. His parents actually had to physically restrain him from harming me (trust me murder was surfacing, a killing spirit); as the demons wanted to attack. I was threatened and mocked.


I am used to violent encounters but it was a new-low seeing this young man physically attack his Christian parents who love him and want to see him free. Horrible.


The demons manifested from within him; acted like animals. At one point, he literally slid on the floor like a snake, acted out like a chicken and a Native American Indian spirit surfaced who made strange noises.


I wasn’t willing be set up myself so I ended the ministry session and left. Sometimes, a disciple must move on. Especially with those who seek to mock and blaspheme; with no desire for repentance.


Haver you directly or indirectly made a deal with a demon? I encounter many disciples who have! I have spoken to many men who, in a momentary moment of weakness, asked the devil for sexual pleasure. I have spoken with many women who, in a momentary moment of weakness, allowed for a devil to give them self-empowerment and inner strength (many women cooperate with the spirits of Jezebel on this dynamic). Directly or indirectly; many have made deals with devils. You cannot drink of the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. Jesus calls for Lordship. Repent and renounce the devil in Jesus name.


During this witchcraft season, here in North America, many are making deals with devils, witches and ghosts. We must worship the Lord Jesus Christ alone and serve Him!

Ordaining Freedom Fighters in Canada; Teaching in Alaska

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. One sacred responsibility I have, as an apostle, that I take very seriously is being sensitive to the Holy Spirit when he raises up a man or woman to the five-fold ministry that is described in Ephesians 4:11. The list of the offices of the church is clearly denoted; the apostle Paul describes how some are called by God to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Yes, as disciples of the King; we are all called to evangelize but not all of us are called to the divine office of the prophet; for example. Some are and I need to recognize those whom have.


I have held special holy ordination services throughout the earth –in Africa, in Latin America, in the Caribbean, in Australia, throughout North America. It is an honor to do so. Well, we conducted another holy ordination service this past weekend while in Ontario, Canada. It was my privilege to ordain in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit –Pastor Ron Heres (pictured above; left side) and Evangelist Pedro da Silva (pictured above; right side) whom the Holy Spirit has raised up and I merely acknowledge the ones whom God has already ordained.


What was really special about this ordination was both of these men of God are enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center! Both of these disciples are already performing great wonders –both are casting out demons in Jesus name!


I would like to see more workers raised to carry on the work of the gospel throughout the earth. Billions of souls need to hear Jesus saves, heals and delivers! Pray for these men and for those whom God is raising up to make impact in our world.


I’m currently in Alaska, but moved on from Anchorage –a 2.5 hour drive across some beautiful terrain to the Alaskan coast where I’m currently in the village of Seward (pop. 3,000) where last night I held a small group teaching session; instructing the saints on our authority and position in Jesus Christ! One young pastor, who has only been in the ministry of a few years, was clearly impacted by the teaching.  More meetings today!

Deliverance from Witchcraft Curses in Alaska

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,



I’m looking outside my window this morning and I see snow covered mountaintops here in Anchorage, Alaska, where I’m scheduled to conduct a private deliverance mission. Alaska has been on my heart for some time now. I haven’t visited in a long time. In my last visit to Alaska we conducted some thrilling evangelistic street ministry events that resulted in many souls being won to Jesus!


Since I was here, for a month in my last visit, I had some downtime and was able to travel some and enjoy some white-water canoeing. Mind you, we are canoeing down some treacherous (and very frigid water) remote rivers in the interior Alaskan wilderness. I’m quite adventuresome and we (a ministry partner of mine) picked one of the rivers with some wild Class III rapids.


I have fond memories of my grandfather (Ford) of taking me white-white canoeing in New York near the Canadian border when I was a little boy. My grandmother would be so upset because my grandfather would push the limits. Ha! Mind you, my grandfather was a gunner in World War II and a daring pilot (he would later purchase his own plane to fly around) so he was always looking for something thrilling. Riding the rapids has stuck with me for all of these years and I still enjoy canoeing. In fact, have taken some family for some crazy canoeing adventures. Any rapids we tipped through; we went back to the shore and walked back and re-tried until we succeeded. Ha!


Anyway, the Alaskan rapids were incredibly enjoyable, the rush of the rapids is addictive. However, my friend and I underestimated the strength of the rapids and our canoe tipped over (and furthermore we damage our canoe); we lose some of our gear including one of the oars. Moreover, my friend gets pinned under some rocks and is quickly experiencing hypothermia. Trust me the water was arctic-like.


I was able to rescue him; pushing him back on shore. We were really stuck now! Lost an oar, our maps and some of our gear. What a mess! We ended up continuing (we had no choice in the matter as we needed to move forward). Want to talk about some risky canoeing. Because the canoe is damaged, it begins to fill up with water. We ended up lost in the vast Alaskan wilderness. It was frightening in many aspects. We hiked hoping to find something…somebody to help us. It was getting dark so we pitched our tent. The next day, we continued to hike, finally on a remote path we found someone! We were rescued.


So, being here in Alaska brings back some memorable experiences –ministry and life encounters. I look forward to the ministry the next few days and believe for mighty miracles to take place in Jesus name!


By the way, that picture above is Angie; post deliverance smile. She traveled in from New York to our Toronto meeting over this past weekend and experienced a tremendous deliverance from evil spirits. She had mentioned to me over the weekend that her ancestors were warlocks and witches; some were even burned at the stake in New England during the infamous Salem Witch Trials of the late 17th century.


As I prayed for others during our meetings, she rocked violently and made strange animal-like noises. Since I was ministering to others I didn’t have the opportunity to minister to her directly, however, while I was casting demons out of others, she received deliverance too! Demons were departing her body swiftly.


This is why I encourage and plead people to come to our public missions. Though I might not be able to minister to you personally; you can still receive a mighty deliverance from evil spirits by merely being present. Thousands can attest to this reality.


Angie was significantly released. More ministry needs to take place but she even told me afterwards that she really felt good. Her facial disposition spoke the truth. She was full of light and her smile spoke of freedom.

9 Year Old Little Girl, Filled with Jesus, Casting Demons Out in Public!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Tonight was a tougher night, spiritually, than last night, as stronger spirits were surfacing throughout our meeting hall. Our meeting hall was completely full tonight; in fact we had to bring in some extra chairs to accommodate the many families and individuals that arrived for deliverance and healing. I’ll need to come back before too long as I only scratched the surface; the needs are immense.


Yes, there were some very strong spirits in the meeting hall however Jesus still prevailed and many thousands of demonic spirits were sent to the pit. Allow me to share what transpired.


After teaching for nearly 4 hours from the Scriptures, I led everyone in Holy Communion, then I had the honor to formally ordain into the ministry 2 disciples into the gospel ministry –evangelist Pedro and pastor Ron (who is serving as my Canadian ministry assistant).


Then we prayed for the sick and demonized. Almost immediately spirits within a 31 year old woman surfaced. The first group that surfaced were Hindu spirits named, Hanuman.  They spoke to me as they shook her body and growled like an animal:


“We have entered her ancestors, thousands of years ago, through idol-worshipping. They participated in blood sacrifices involving human and animal sacrifices. There’s blood oaths. We will fight you.”


Hanuman, is considered a mighty ape god within Hinduism. Worshipped as a symbol of strength, hundreds of millions of people around the world, honor this demon. Make no mistake about it; this is a demon. As I often share with our live audiences throughout the earth, some of the most powerful demonic spirits I have encountered are rooted in the major false religious belief systems that exist in our day –Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. We are speaking of billions of souls enslaved to these three false religious groups alone. These alternative spiritual movements are being energized by strong demon powers such as Hanuman who is a very popular demon-god throughout the Hindu world.


For hours I battled these spirits. There were other Hindu spirits that were rooted in ancestral blood sacrifices. They were quite strong but Jesus set this woman free from so much.


At one point,  during the exorcism, the Holy Spirit directed me to a precious little 9 year old girl, who was enjoying the meeting. In fact, a few times, her parents were needing to leave but she pleaded with her parents to stay and participate. They stayed. Isn’t this wonderful! I love seeing kids like this, filled with Jesus, on fire!


Throughout the night this young girl, who was sitting in the middle of the sanctuary with her parents, was praying out loud for demons to depart in Jesus name! When I inquired about her coming to assist me; she readily came up, with no fear and assisted me in the exorcism of this 31 year old woman. 


The demons were petrified of this 9 year old. At one point then fell down to the ground and the little girl demanded the monsters to leave in Jesus name! They obeyed and many departed for the pit! I really sensed the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit upon this young one. She conducted her first public deliverance at 9! AMAZING! Speaks volumes of her mother and father. This young girl wanted to serve Jesus and see souls free. She had no fear and yet half the crowd tonight operated with unbelief or fear. No wonder Jesus said, concerning the little ones, that the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Not only was this 31 year old woman set free from thousands of Hindu demons but also experienced deep inner healing including a little 5 year old broken heart part that experienced trauma of being locked up in a darkened closet as a little girl. The terror brought about dissociation. I also spoke to a 12 year old that had been created because she watched, “a scary movie,” that brought fear. 

My friends, with kids, all of need to be careful. We need to protect our kid’s hearts. It doesn’t take much to traumatize their little hearts to bring about dissociation. 

All of the little heart parts were guided to Jesus for healing. This woman truly experienced a deep healing and deliverance from numerous demons. She was really happy and joyful! Her smile tells the story.

So many other miracles took place including the deliverance of demons for many others in the meeting hall. I hope to share more of these miracles in the coming days. I’m needing to rest some as I leave for a very long flight across the continent to Anchorage, Alaska. Please pray for me! 

Battling in Toronto: Defiant Ammon Warred; as Jesus Walked Among Us!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


In the many missions I have conducted throughout this great nation, of Canada, I do not think I have a conducted a meeting like this one –where the Lord Jesus visited us in this extraordinary manner. As many of you know we have been witnessing, in our missions, these special holy moments whereby Jesus visits us in His mighty power and love. Obviously, Jesus is omnipresent; as He is God in the flesh, however, there are times He walks into our meetings and tangibly visits us; as He did tonight!

I’m always deeply touched when this occurs. I really felt it tonight. It’s not like this every night; but there are missions where this occurs. Here in Toronto, we were blessed; to encounter our ascended our Lord. We was present with us in the many battles that took place tonight.

Powerful ancient spirits named Ammon surfaced, within a man (pictured below), tonight, from the back of the meeting hall that was hell-bent on warring against me. Even while Jesus walked among us and made His glory known. Ammon was defiant, yes. Remember this same wicked spirit battled the ancient Israelites. It’s battled tested. It was determined to battle me. However, Jesus conquered. Ammon was defeated, again.

It should be noted that the Ammonites were a pagan people, of the Old Testament times, that often fought the Lord’s people. In 1 Kings 11 we see even Solomon embracing the violent demon-gods of the Ammonites.

“Then Solomon built a high place for Chemosh the detestable idol of Moab, on the mountain which is east of Jerusalem, and for Molech the detestable idol of the sons of Ammon. Thus also he did for all his foreign wives, who burned incense and sacrificed to their gods.”

The ancient Ammonites worshipped and honored –the baby sacrificing demon named Molech. This is a very serious demon that we encountered on this night; that warred against me. You’ll need to continue to scroll down and read more about this encounter with Ammon and his defeat.

Like I mentioned it was a memorable ministry night. Our small meeting hall was jammed packed with souls desperate for deliverance and healing; including this woman pictured above. She wasn’t able to get to our last meeting (even the demons spoke out of her at one point; boasting how they hindered her from coming last time). Others traveled great distances and I was humbled by the participation of God’s people. 

I taught from the Holy Scriptures for more than 3 HOURS! I also had the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with those who had assembled; three precious souls indicated their need to be born again. All three were saved by Jesus tonight! I led in Holy Communion and began to pray for those tormented by evil spirits. 

Almost immediately, this disciple who I’ll refer to as Mary (pictured above) surfaced powerful demonic spirits –there were many witchcraft and Hindu spirits. 

“We are spirits of infirmity, we cause her to be sick, we bring pain, we hinder her, we married her,” the demonic spirits boasted to me, “She fought us, she battled us, she was determined to come to this meeting; we couldn’t stop her.”

This woman, Mary, was indeed a lover of God. I saw her determination and God rewarded her with a mighty liberation and healing. It was incredible to watch the Holy Spirit work in our midst.

“We know we must leave tonight; you are a man of God. We know this. You have fire over your head,” the demons told me as they looked over my head.

Ah! The fire of God! I knew it was there; as I could feel it. I grabbed some of that holy fire and threw it into the direction of the demons and they groaned loudly. Begging me to cease. I continued to wear the demons down as many of them did want to battle me.

I was deeply encouraged to witness the extraordinary on this night! What we discovered during this warfare was intense:

~Evil spirits holding unto ancient blood sacrifices from Hindu and witchcraft ceremonies and rituals. 

~Demons were attempting to bring the HIV virus into this woman via her husband.

~The spirits of infirmity were bringing back pain, kidney problems, aging, blood pressure issues and so many other afflictions.

~There were spirits that exclaimed: “We are going to KILL her husband.”

~Some of the ancient Hindu spirits (like Kali) were rooted from the mother’s side that went back hundreds of generations throughout the family bloodlines. 

~They were frustrated as we battled them: “Jesus has saved this woman so many times; we can’t seem to kill her.”

~Many of the demons had implanted fiery darts into Mary’s body; they were removed in Jesus name.

~The demons were really disgusted with this woman as she loved God. They continually said how much they hated her and were disgusted with her: “She’s disgusting to us; she’s not easy, we hate her.”

The spiritual battle went on for awhile as they fought me. I called forth the mighty holy angels and they assisted me in this war. (all night long, the holy angels assisted me and intervened). I had the holy angels strike the demons with their swords; they were greatly weakened as a result. The fire of the Holy Spirit was truly flowing through me powerfully and was able to direct the fire to the invading demons and they screamed in agony! They had been defeated!

As I commanded all of these demons to depart; they screamed out: “Hell is waiting for us!”

That’s right; demons must go to the pit in Jesus name! They did tonight and Mary was dramatically healed of various maladies and afflictions in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards; she was smiling and felt peace! 

That was only the beginning. As the service went on; many more miracles took place including the best of all —the personal visitation of Jesus! Yes, the ascended Jesus came into our room and even held the hand of my Canadian ministry assistant, Ron. It brought tears of joy to my brother. It was quite impactful. 

Jesus moved around the room in His love and power. The demons screamed out of people; like I have rarely seen. The screams were very loud. Ear-piercing. I thought for sure we would be forced out of this hotel conference hall; as it was that LOUD! 

The evil spirits cried out because they could SEE HIM! Their eyes darted around as they followed Him; as He walked around the room! I felt the Lord as did many of the disciples present. The demons screamed in agony knowing He was present and was utterly prettified of HIM! 

I know Jesus prevailed. I have been enjoying this night; in the very hands of Jesus my Savior!

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!

Miracles in Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was wonderful to be back with family at the New Bethel International Church in Scarborough, Ontario where we witnessed the mighty acts of the Holy Spirit. Individuals and families came in throughout Ontario to be part of the public deliverance mission. Many souls were freed from demons and cured of various kinds of afflictions. Jesus prevailed and I rejoice in my Savior!

After teaching from the Holy Scriptures, I prayed for those who had assembled and a precious lady, originally from Uganda, manifested powerful witchcraft spirits. I then approached her and bound the demons in Jesus name. I then proceeded to speak to the invading spirits. I then had the holy angels carry this demonized woman from the very back of the sanctuary to the very front and ministered to her.

We discovered she had been invaded by numerous spirits of witchcraft and spirit husbands. Along with Jezebel. They battled me and I battled back with the fire of the Holy Spirit which greatly weakened the demonic armies. All of the demonic spirits within this woman was driven out and she was set free by Jesus! 

The Holy Spirit then directed me to a young lady (pictured above) who was attending this service with her mother. Turns out this young lady had never given her life to Jesus Christ! I briefly shared the good news of Jesus with her and she readily prayed with me to receive Jesus as Lord. It’s always refreshing to see souls saved (other souls were saved on this night too).


I am in awe of the many souls that are being won to Jesus in our many missions! Lives are being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Take a glance at the below pictures and read about their stories. This mission is making a significant impact globally. We need you to stand with us in immediate support for this mission to continue to win souls to Jesus!

Stunning Signs & Wonders in Baltimore & Houston

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Houston, Texas, where I just concluded an amazing service here at our Church of the Cross gathering where many souls were exorcised of evil spirits. In all of the years of conducting public meetings, in the Houston area, I was really sensing the liberty of the Holy Spirit to teach and minister. Our larger meeting hall was, again, jammed packed. We might need to move even into a larger hall! Stunning; in seeing God move on this Houston mission. The people are really supportive and I’m sensing a great need to do more with the ministry here. We will be retuning in several weeks and conducting another special service where I will be teaching on the “Deeper Mysteries of the Deliverance Ministry.” I will also be providing for FREE many of my publications. Looking forward to seeing where the Holy Spirit will lead this. We might need to start conducting weekly meetings if the needs persist. I’m really in awe. 

(Friends in Houston–pray! If God gives you a vision, dream or a word in the Holy Spirit about the need for weekly services; please share with me.)

Before sharing more on this Houston mission; allow me to share what transpired on our last night in Baltimore, Maryland (Saturday evening). After a difficult Friday service; the Holy Spirit provided a refreshing service that allowed for many more miracles to take place. My dear brother, Horace Christian, offered a powerful presentation before I taught from the Word. Many thanks to my brother for his work in the gospel.

One precious lady we ministered to, Frances (pictured above with post deliverance smile), manifested very aggressive and strong demons of Jezebel. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I commanded all of these demonic spirits to the pit! They swiftly left. 

“Jay, I’m FREE; I’m HEALED,” Frances testified soon after the demons expulsion. She was truly happy. I was happy too. This dear sister had traveled with her friend (pictured above also) from the Bronx, in New York City, to receive ministry. She heard about our work and made the necessary commitments to make that trip a reality and God granted this lady liberation from the powers of darkness. After her deliverance, Frances and her friend shared with us the ministry they are involved in and how God had been powerfully using their lives! 

Also during the service we ministered to a lady that had been invaded by powerful witchcraft, death, and murderous spirits. 

“We have been here for thousands of years! Her ancestors indulged in murder, witchcraft, killing and destruction,” the spirits boasted to me, “Her ancestors killed babies and drank their blood!”

Serious stuff here! However, we have a Jesus that is much more powerful than these wicked spirits. Yes, we had to battle (especially a group of spirit husbands that had married her) but Jesus came out victorious. Numerous evil spirits were cast to the pit in Jesus name and this sister was also happy too! She was experiencing such peace, joy and healing. In fact, she testified of not only feeling free from demons but also being physically healed of many pains and afflictions! Pain free!

From Baltimore I moved onto Houston where Jesus has been moving powerfully in our midst in recent months. I really sense we are about to explode into something very special as we continue to uplift the name of Jesus, preach His Word and minister in deliverance and healing. Signs and wonders are following the preaching of the Word of God! Where do I begin? Not sure? As I mentioned there is expectancy and fire in those attending and we are seeing souls set free as a result.

Many experienced freedom from evil spirits on this night. There were loud cries, demonic contortions, strange demonic languages spoken, and demonic supernaturalism on display, however, the power of Jesus was present in mighty power conquering the powers of evil. There were a few cases that deeply touched my heart including a lady, in the back of the hall, that had demons that twisted her body in a very unusual manner. I brought her to the front of the hall and began to pray over her. Almost immediately a human interject surfaced (an invading foreign soul part) named Jerri (a family member) From what I discovered; this woman had developed a unholy soul tie with Jerri thus giving Jerri an opportunity to invade her. Now, Jerri had experienced dissociation herself thus she was able to astral travel and then invade this dear lady; with the aid of witchcraft demons (she was casting spells and sending curses to her). 

I spoke to Jerri.

“I have been here a very long time; she has tried to get me out but it doesn’t work. I am here to stay!”

Sadly, for more than 40 years this woman has been tormented and nobody has come along to assist and intervene. 40 YEARS! This isn’t right; this is a spiritual crime! My heart grieved for my dear sister and we intervened in Jesus name!

Not only was Jerri forced out but also the many witchcraft spirits that had been vexing her with pains for many years! The spirits of sorcery had boasted they had caused even car accidents and more.

“We not only cause the car accidents; as we want to kill her but we also provoke anonymous people to go to her house to break in; to bring terror and fear,” the demons boasted on this night!

We broke off the witchcraft spells off this woman and sent all of these demonic spirits to the pit in Jesus name! It was beautiful to see this woman finally free after all of the years in torment. Moreover, after her deliverance she testified of feeling ZERO pain! God had supernaturally healed this woman!

Another lady we ministered to was sitting right, in front of me in the very front row, powerfully manifested voodoo and witchcraft demons. They were aggressive and fought me fiercely. Whenever the voodoo demons surfaced; her eyes bulged out in a very unusual manner. They were looking at me fiercely. I fought back in Jesus name! I called forth the mighty holy angels and used my holy cross to weaken these demons powers. They gradually weakened and bowed before Jesus! 

“We have been here for a very long time; her ancestors practiced voodoo and witchcraft; that’s why I’m here!” the spirits of voodoo informed me.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ all of these spirits were driven out and entered that pit. Upon her mighty deliverance; you should have seen her SMILE! WOW! The smile said it all! It was beautiful to behold! She had been delivered and healed!

It would take hours for me to share all of the great miracles that took place in Houston. There were many. Not only deliverance from demons but also many heart parts were supernaturally healed by Jesus. Many bodies were supernaturally healed too. Many saints were refreshed with the Word of God and strengthened. 

Baltimore: Millions of Lucifer Demons Defeated by Jesus

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was difficult ministering last night here in Baltimore, Maryland due to multiple issues; however Jesus did deliver and heal. Moreover, a few precious souls were were brought to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ! Though we were small in number I was honored to be present to pray for those afflicted by the enemy. As often the case, precious families traveled great distances, to receive ministry. Furthermore, there were some former and present Hindus present that had the opportunity to be a witness of the demonstration of the power of God in our midst.


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures (including a special presentation from our friend, Horace Christian) and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to those afflicted by evil spirits. One of the first individuals I ministered to was a young man, that was recently surfing the Internet and came across our mission, manifested a demon named, Lucifer.


“We came in from his father’s side,” the spirits of Lucifer informed me, “There was prostitution, there were soul ties created, allowing all of us to come into his body. We were in many of the women and the soul ties allowed us in. There’s millions of us.”


No wonder the massive numbers of demons! Each soul tie created through ancestral sexual immorality allowed the demons within the women to pass unto the men. There were also many mind controlling demons within him; including Illuminati-type of demonic spirits that spoke to me.


“We controlled him through his watching of television and listening to music. We come right into him,” the demons revealed.


This young man wanted to serve the Lord Jesus so I knew this battle would be won by the Lord and was! We commanded millions of these demons out of his mind and body in Jesus name!


Another person we ministered to was a pastor (pictured above) whom this international mission formally ordained into the gospel ministry last year. Though she had received some powerful deliverance in the past; there were some other demons needing to be dealt with. These demons were not holding onto grievous sin in her life but rather they had accessed this woman through her act of submitting to the unholy laying upon of hands. Sadly, these demons I confronted last night had invaded her through some pastors who had laid hands upon her in the past. These pastors had demons themselves and had not experienced deliverance; thus these demons were using the the unholy laying upon of hands to gain entry into people. Moreover, these pastors held grudges and were cursing this dear woman’s ministry and calling.


So numerous demons surfaced during our meeting and I began to battle them. They twisted this woman’s body, convulsed her, made her fall unto the ground and spoke out of her forcefully.


“We want to destroy this woman, she prays too much. We need to stop her before she impacts the world,” the demons told me, “We hold her gifts and restrict her.”


All too common nowadays; demons restricting believers and their work for the Lord. Thus the need for the deliverance ministry in local churches throughout the earth –so disciples of Jesus can walk in freedom and joy.


We commanded all of these spirits to release her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This precious pastor was freed along with many broken heart parts and she encountered deep inner healing through the power of Jesus!


Others were ministered to and some others experienced physical healing, deep inner healing and deliverance from demonic powers. We are conducting another public mission tonight and hope to see you tonight!

Jesus Delivers: No More Voices in His Head!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

That’s right; billions are suffering various mental maladies that can only be cured through the Lord Jesus Christ. I encounter hurting individuals nearly every day afflicted with various forms of emotional and mental ills; much of it can be traced back to demonic activity in their lives and in their environments. Moreover, some of these ills can be traced back to dissociative identities that have never been properly healed and unified. In our public meetings; I look into the eyes of those assembled and I often see their torment, their fears and and hurts. Sometimes, I even see their demons and heart parts. I know Jesus is the solution. 

Recently, we have come across many precious souls, in our recent meetings, in Australia and throughout North America that have been invaded by demonic spirits that boast to me on how they afflict their victims with various forms of mental bondages. While ministering in the Pacific Northwest, last week, I encountered quite a few, anguished souls, in our private and public meetings. During our public deliverance service in Seattle (though we we were small in number; the testimonies I’m receiving from the miracles that took place during the meeting, have been stunning), one Russian mother who sat on the very front row, had been experiencing mental torment for many years. Sadly, she was wasn’t ready for her deliverance. There was a young man towards the back of the meeting hall, with his father, who was. The Holy Spirit directed me to him towards the end of the service.

As often the case I can detect demonic torment fairly easy, as I’m teaching. That service in Seattle was no exception. While looking out at the audience; I was met with demonic glares and hatred. Especially, from this young man who came with his father. I could see the son’s torment; I could also see the desperate inner cry of a father that truly loved his son. That touched my heart deeply; a father bringing his son to a meeting for a deliverance. God did not disappoint.

I was able to minister to this young man in the power of Jesus and dealt with many demons within him including spirits of torment and insanity. They were ventrally defeated and expelled. They even boasted to me:

“Yeah, we cause the torment; we make him hear voices. We do this to drive him insane.”

But then there’s Jesus! I could share more (and I did somewhat in a previous ministry report) but allow me to share what the father said:

“Dear Pastor Jay,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with such a small group of us in Seattle. I have been reading your emails and watched a few YouTube movies of yours for a few months and was impressed with how you are used of God. I told my wife that I thought you were the real “deal” and that I would like to come to see you the next time you came to Seattle. I have been a Christian since I was a child but have only heard testimonies from others about exorcisms. Then in a conversation with my son, Ken, he mentioned that he had spoken to demons in the past, so I encourage him to come with me while my wife watched his 4 year old daughter. 

Praise the Lord for His love and grace.


I was amazed while talking to Ken on the way home. When you got in his face at first while he was sitting down he said he wanted to punch you. Then you wrapped him in “chains” and he said he couldn’t move. He explained how he felt the demons rising up from his feet to his stomach and then to his head blurring his vision as you questioned them. He said you looked like you had 5 or 6 eyes. He felt himself shaking all over.  It was interesting to me that just before the demons came out of him he told the demons to leave and then they came out.

Praise the Lord. Ken still feels free; no more voices in his head. And yes, he has been sleeping better than he can remember.

I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that you are in my prayers. I have memorized Paul’s prayer to the Colossians (Col. 1:9- and I pray that prayer often for you and others.”

Beautiful testimony! Yep, I’m the real deal; by God’s grace alone. Though there are some who think otherwise. Even Jesus had His detractors and critics. Am I better than my Master? Nope. 

I truly believe in the miracle-working power of Jesus. I think thousands can attest to the authenticity of our meetings; how they are marked with love and demonstration of POWER! 

Mormon Missionaries Call Upon Jesus for Salvation

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What a great day. Enjoyed a nice coffee drink in the morning, read the Scriptures, went biking, on a beautiful sunny afternoon here in Dallas, with the family, leading some Mormon missionaries to Jesus, my evening power walk, and Bible school with the family at the end of the day! 

We have been studying Exodus and was sharing, with my kids, how Moses sought the Lord earnestly and in response to these earnest cries from his heart; God’s glory appeared to Moses as he sat in a cave. Little Ranger told me he wanted to see God too tonight; just as Moses did. So we prayed that the Lord would visit each one in a special manner. My friends, visions won’t do; they want an actual resurrected Jesus appearance tonight. They are excited. Love the hearts of kids! We should be so innocent and wanting to see Jesus too!

As I said –great day! I am really blessed. I want souls more than anything else. I want to see people ministered to even during my daily walk; not simply in some formal ministry meeting (which is fine; but I desire to live out Jesus everyday!) To me following Jesus is an adventure walk; you just never know what will happen. Like what transpired this afternoon on a gorgeous day here in Dallas.

I took my wife and kids to the park for a long ride. We took a few breaks and on one break, two young ladies approached us and introduced themselves. 

“We are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we would like to share with you about our prophet.”

Only if they knew! Ha! No, seriously, I was very kind and loving. Again not really interested in offering up some eloquent defense of the faith but to love on them; to see their hearts melt. It worked! 

Both ladies listened as I shared about a Jesus who loves them. Never move away from the simplicity found in the love of Jesus. People hunger genuine love that only comes from God in the flesh. Yes, I did point out that the Jesus of the Bible is presented as being very God (note: Mormons reject the truth that Jesus is very God). I asked if I could use their Bibles to reveal this (apologetic tip: use their own materials to lead them to faith in Jesus). They were sorta surprised by this; as they had no idea they were walking up to someone who was familiar with their belief system. But, they listened intently.

Psalms 100, Philippians 2, Colossians 2 and Hebrews 1 were my focal points and they followed along and you could see the Scriptures were piercing their hearts. Many Mormon missionaries at this point would simply walk away in defiance to being challenged; not so with these young ladies. They were willing to receive prayer and then I asked if they would pray with me to receive this Jesus, who is very God. They said they would. In this public setting while others watched; they opened their minds and lives to Jesus; confessing out loud Jesus is God! This is HUGE as just moments earlier they could not confess this truth! 

Though I was joyful in their salvation; I could sense there will be challenges. This spiritual jolt will change everything for these ladies. God’s grace will be with them. Trust me it’s not easy departing from one’s ancestral religious heritage. Every day Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and many others are turning to Christ. Many are first generation disciples that will now face ridicule, misunderstanding, opposition and in some cases bodily injury or even death. Please pray for these young bright ladies who will need strength in the days to come.

What I really loved about this Jesus encounter; was having my young kids witness Dad preaching the gospel and leading cultists to Jesus! Awesome; isn’t it! What I really liked was it a daily life experience; it wasn’t Dad doing some kind of meeting but really living out the faith in real life! Think about the real implications of this to a young mind.