In Australia Driving Out Spirits of Witchcraft!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s great to be back in Western Australia seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We are currently in the city of Perth conducting nightly services at Concordia Lutheran Church where my dear sister and Australian mission coordinator pastor Joan Smale has been organizing meetings for me. I travel here twice a year and this local Lutheran Church has always been supportive; in fact I have even preached in their Sunday morning formal service and conducted public deliverances.


Last night, we had another powerful meeting where demons screamed out of their victims and entered into the pit! Though we were small in number; the power of God was demonstrated in spectacular might. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began ministering to those who had assembled in the sanctuary. One of the first ladies we ministered to was a young lady sitting to the left of me who began to convulse as the demons within her were being agitated.


I brought her to the front and powerful spirits of Baal, Jezebel, death, and witchcraft surfaced. They shook her body violently and screamed out of her!


“We are here from 7 generations ago because her family participated in idolatry and sexual immorality,” the spirits of Baal revealed to me, “We are here to torment her and to afflict her with pains.”


These thousands of evil spirits were hell bent on battling me to stay within this woman. In response, I called forth the mighty holy angels of God and 4 of them arrived (one young sister in the Lord, who was present, is gifted in seeing the spiritual realm and revealed their number). I asked them to draw their swords and to strike the invading spirits. The demons moaned and groaned in response.


“NOOOOOOOOOOO,” they screamed as the holy angels were directed to strike the invading demonic spirits, “We give up, we give up, we give up.”


The power of God was too much for them and they confessed their defeat and acknowledged before all that Jesus was indeed Lord! Powerful, spectacular manifestation of God’s might over the demonic! At one point, I even brought out my holy cross and had the demons embrace the cross.


The demons violently shook and convulsed as the power emanating from the holy cross was too much to bear. I commanded the demons to take all of the pains, the torments, the curses and the many fiery darts they had implanted into this woman (there were, perhaps, dozens of darts removed from her on this night) and to enter into the pit in Jesus name! All of the invading demons screamed out of her loudly and she was set FREE!


It should be noted that not only were demons removed from her but also many heart parts were healed by Jesus. As this young woman encountered the risen Jesus; she testified of being freed from the various pains that had vexed her body. She even mentioned that her vision had improved. She could see even more clearer now. All praise to King Jesus for what He has done!


That was only the beginning! Others were prayed for and encountered a mighty deliverance and healing. Many hearts parts were communicated with and were powerfully healed by Jesus. Many pains and torments were driven out in Jesus name. One lady, the Holy Spirit directed me to, was the young lady pictured above. She had attended some of our services in the past and experienced a mighty deliverance and healing. In fact, because of her freedom she was actively serving the Lord at a local university and evangelizing among the Muslims. Thus, she became a target of the enemy and was starting to come under great spiritual oppression.


As I began to pray for this young lady, strong evil spirits of witchcraft surfaced and spoke out of her. I inquired how they gained access into this Godly woman.


“There’s 9 of us. We are here because she was cursed by the Muslims she evangelizes to,” the demons of witchcraft confessed to me, “We are trying to hinder her and her gifts.”


As a result of evangelizing among the Muslims; some of the Muslims began to curse her and send witchcraft curses to her. Whenever she became physically weak the curses were able to effectively work within her and oppress her; thus her demonization.


On this night I confronted the witchcraft curses and spirits and drove them out of this precious woman in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Immediately, she testified of being relieved and freed. Moreover, she was filled with God’s Spirit and sang a song of victory. What a beautiful praise! It was well after midnight and God provided victory to many. I’m believing for more mighty miracles in the days to come here in Perth, Australia. Thank you for praying for these meetings.

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