Jezebel to the Pit; Supernatural Healing!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Already this year we have been eye-witnesses of stunning signs and wonders. We know God orchestrated this Florida mission to reach hurting souls for His Kingdom. As I shared in my last email update, we have been ministering recently in South Florida, reaching souls for Jesus. In the city of Ft. Myers, just several days ago, one of the ladies we ministered to was a precious lady (pictured with me above; post deliverance) who is married to a pastor. She found out about our meeting, while browsing the internet, while we were in Miami. Incidentally, she’s from Miami but she found out too late as we were ending the meeting; so she made the decision she would follow us over to Ft. Myers. She was determined to get freedom!


Jesus did not disappoint. The very first lady I ministered to was this precious sister; whom I’ll refer to as Sheila. While breaking the bastard curse; demons rose up from within her and battled me.


“Yes, we are here. We cause all sorts of problems for her like body pain, sleep difficulties, mind control,” the spirit of Bastard boasted to me, “We are not alone; there’s hundreds of others who hold her heart.”


I demanded the demon of bastard to reveal the other demons. At first, it wanted to be stubborn. It wanted to fight me. So, I called for the holy angels of God and used multiple spiritual weapons to weaken these vile demonic beings. The demons weakened and revealed their master was…Jezebel!


So, I called up Jezebel. She surfaced with rage. She was not alone. There were so many others. One group of spirits that surfaced were a army of demons named, “Divorce.”


“We came through her husband,” the spirits confessed, “More than 13 generations ago. Our plan is always to drain the people of God; thus causing many couples to divorce. They don’t have the will to fight because we drain them.”


AH! Spiritual vampires! We discovered there were hundreds of them within Sheila. Allow me to share about these kinds of demons –spiritual vampires. In each church, in each Bible Study; in each fellowship, these vampires exist. These demons are in many souls looking to drain God’s people. Most of these people, who have these kinds of demons, are unaware they have these vampires and are being used. However, the reality is –they EXIST!


I’m constantly aware of these vampires. They seek to drain you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Be on guard of the vampires. They seek to drain marriages, relationships, and ministries. It is prudent to create boundaries to prevent these vampires from overtaking your life.


We also discovered these spirits of divorce had caused many divorces through the generations; resulting in many drained individuals. They laughed knowing the deep damage they had caused. Horrible. However, on this night, they were destroyed in Jesus name. Many heart parts were released too; including a little 2 year old whom I spoke with and guided to Jesus for healing.


All of these generational curses were broken and all of the evil spirits were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Immediately, after Sheila’s deliverance, she experienced a physical healing. She was able to move her neck freely without any pain. For YEARS, Sheila had suffered greatly but on this night she encountered Jesus and was healed! She reported no pain and was able to move her neck around –previously she wasn’t able too. She did this for all to see. She was stunned. So was many in the meeting hall.


As many of you know. I do not merely report someone healed. I want ALL to see one is healed by God –by offering a public demonstration of God’s healing power. It’s exciting to see Jesus heal so many through the years and to see many offer up their lives to Jesus as a result.


Trust me; it was a spiritual war. I was drenched with sweat battling these demons. Jesus prevailed and all of the demons were sent to the pit. Furthermore, after her deliverance, I noticed her face was happy. She was smiling and thanking God for her deliverance and incredible healing.


Appreciate all of your prayers and support. It means so much to me. We need to raise substantial funds for our many international missions in the weeks to come. Please consider investing into the work of the Kingdom today!


By the way, last night, speaking of physical healing, little Ford (my little son) hurt himself by playing with Sahara (my little girl). His leg was bruised. Immediately I placed my hand upon it and rebuked it in Jesus name! I moved my hand and the bruise was GONE!






Ford looked at me in utter shock and wondered what did I do?


To be honest, I WAS STUNNED TOO! Pleasantly stunned. Even Sahara was shocked too. All of us were just sitting there looking at Ford’s leg and couldn’t locate any bruise…and yet 3 seconds ago it was there. The pain disappeared immediately too. Seeing these kinds of miracles build up faith in our Supernatural God.


I never get used to it….tens of thousands of miracles and yet I still get tickled to see how God works wonders! I felt like a little kid too.


Please don’t get me wrong….I’m not against medicine or seeing physicians. I’m not saying everyone gets healed in such a quick manner either. However, why not start believing for supernatural healing; even in the little things like when your kid gets a little hurt. Try it my friends; you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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